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this is very interesting

Numerous galaxies, near and far, have heard about your grand destiny and wish to share these events with you.  In effect, you are to become a prototype for peace, prosperity and unity! Many ships from these galaxies are here now, watching and assisting us in your ongoing transformation. In returning to the status of physical angels, you have given many the vision of how the divine plan unfolds in its miraculous ways. This gives all in this enormous fleet much joy.

Nassim on giant UFOs using Sun's star gate...

NASA's Stereo spacecraft monitoring the Sun began registering huge spherical UFO's in the vicinity of the Sun around January 18, 2010. According to one observer, the UFOs "appear to be moving as they are in different positions on many [of the NASA Stereo] photos, and are huge possibly at least the size of Earth. If the UFOs were planets or some type of huge asteroid comets, they would already have been pulled into the Sun by the strong gravity the Sun produces as in the case of the recent comet."


been happening since time immemorial but these days they allow themselves to be seen, that's the difference :)

Ismail said:

this is very interesting

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