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Mass Ascension of Earth Complete!
Posted by Joe Bandel on September 5, 2011 at 4:22am.

I received this communication early this morning:

Mass Ascension of Earth is Complete!

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the ride of your life! Today, Sept 4, 2011, the earth and all living things upon it completed the ascension process into a new state of existence. It crossed the so called “nuclear threshold” or dividing line between mass/matter and energy. Said another way, the old analog version of earth and all life on it has been seamlessly replaced by a digital version, one of pure light and energy, that follows different rules and behaves differently.

As an energy worker and healer I’ve noticed that the effects of a healing or treatment take between 20 to 40 minutes to completely take effect. The effects of this global transition will also take some time to settle in. Expect some real shake ups, but not the mass destruction that so many have feared.

Humanity is currently in a similar position to that of a ghost that does not realize its physical body is gone. It walks, acts and thinks as if it was still in a physical body and repeats the same patterns of behavior over and over again. We have ascended but we need to realize that we have ascended before we can reap the benefits!

We are currently living in a “collective” hallucination or reality. Care must be taken that none are lost unless they choose to leave. Therefore we must find our collective way out of our current limitations and life situations while knowing that in the astral at least, we have already found those solutions and put them into effect. Now we simply have to live them out! We are prisoners of our own beliefs and must learn how to free ourselves from self limiting thoughts and actions. This means being able to live in the present moment while at the same time being aware of the infinite possibilities that each moment presents and be ready to act upon those choices that will lead us to a better place.

For those wishing a better understanding of the new reality they should read the “Amber” series by the late Roger Zelazany. This delightful series does show a similar reality to that which we now find ourselves in. Earth has become like Amber, the one true reality that casts shadows of itself throughout the universe. Those of us that have remained in physical form through this transition have the ability to “walk the pattern” and travel through shadows, through a multidimensional universe.

From this point on, those that “leave” our new earth will find an appropriate “shadow world” that is more suited to them. Please realize that there are those souls and entities that have been “forbidden” to enter this new reality because they are not compatible with its energies.

There will be no mass landing of UFO’s.
There will be no second coming of Christ.
There will be no Armageddon.
There will be no comet Elenin.
There will be no planet Nibiru.
There will be no mass confusion and despair.
There will be solutions found to all of humanities pressing needs.
The monetary system will be replaced.
People will gradually heal themselves of serious illness and no longer require the massive medical and pharmaceutical industries.
There will be free energy.
Communities will become self-sustaining and supportive of each other.
There will be prosperity and abundance.
Those with murderous intent will seek out and kill each other.
Those with love in their hearts will remain safe.

During this short transition period as the physical world catches up with the new etheric blueprint there will continue to be more polarization as some people find their way to a quiet place and others are pulled into crisis. Seek to help those in need but do not allow yourselves to be pulled into someone else’s crisis. These people are energy vampires that have made life choices and refuse to change. They seek to pull others into their insane worlds and draw energy from them. They cannot be helped except by sending light and love to their higher selves. What I mean is, love them, help them stay alive, but do not allow yourself to be pulled into their insanity or placed in a vulnerable position. They will continue to do what they are doing until they learn from the consequences of their actions.

The time for unity is here! We are collectively keeping this 4th dimensional version of earth intact and it is our new reality, our true reality!
The time for separation is past!
The time for a new humanity is here!

These changes will begin immediately and will be finished within one year. The hard work and dedication of each one of you has made this acceleration of events possible and allowed both earth and humanity to avoid the cataclysmic events that have been predicted. Expect to see this message repeated and confirmed as other channelers pick it up. The harvest is beyond belief!

Bright blessings,


This message may be copied and distributed freely. Copyright Joe Bandel

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Thanks Joe ,for this wonderful uplifting message :):):)

...Much Love ,Dear friend. NAMASTE.


In this video of Sanni Ceto, we got confirmation that both Elenin & Nibiru are being intercepted .

.......praying for this info to come tru :)  :

i was looking at the sunset this evening. no second sun, and maybe that's a good thing. :)

I know my life has been more peaceful except for a few hiccups.....Could breaking out in hives for 10 days be associated with this shift....actually I think I just used too much hair dye and my body protested! Also my brand new car (other vehicle) was hit last week.......The universe got my attention and I've started meditating more and taking care of my physical vehicles.  I haven't been here in a long time and I'm enjoying checking out some articles and videos.  I crave more knowledge.  I'm ok with a contribution for hosting this site also.  Not sure how that has ended up....still reading and watching.....let me know if there is a link for that.


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