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** UPDATE** As of 10:45pm PST, I just got this update from Mark:

Mark: The Dow closed at 7465.95, a 6 year low, today. That is only 265.95 points away from 7200 level that KOS [King of Swords] has cited as the point at which he would stop all worldwide trading.

They are meeting now to determine whether we are ready to let it fall to 7200 or whether we need more time for ‘other things’…like financial house cleaning and Karl Rove’s testimony before we can have arrests…a precondition for the safe flow of funds that NESARA will bring.

That appears to be undecided at this moment.

If they prop up the market tomorrow, they can keep it limping along for another week; if not they must decide when enough factors converge to close it.


Big NESARA information here. Without further adieu…

1. Question asked February 18, 2009: Dow closed at 7565.95 or thereabouts today. Lowest close in 6 years. They’re prepping for the big event! Mark, is this a controlled drop to reach 7200. Your comments in another post suggested announcement at 7200. It would seem to be a controlled drop, maybe oriented around removing devalued money from the system?

While we can not say exactly what will happen next, we can say that Mother Sekhmet tonight [February 19, 2009] said that it is possible that the StockMarket may take ‘a break’ tomorrow around 1 PM.

She did not go any further.

That is a very awesome possibility of which she gave us a heads-up hint.


[The following is another post from Mark earlier today.]

Today we had several items brought to our attention. As you all know, we are on the threshold of very major changes.

On Thom Hartmann’s Air America Radio Show, this AM, Thom had Dr David C Korten, an economist, speaking about the bankruptcy of “Phantom Economy,” based on fiat paper.

He called for an immediate change to Precious Metals Backed Currency, leading to a “Wisdom Economy“.

He then said, on the air, “I will not answer any questions on when NESARA will be announced or when disbursements will occur. All of that is speculative and I will not answer those questions.”

Dr Korten previously discussed these matters on Democracy NOW, with Amy Goodman.

That was interesting enough, all by itself, but there is more.

Rama received a phone call from a female…”Nameless One”… [in another post, Mark has identified the Nameless Ones as “Diana and Dodi”] who was enroute to a monastery somewhere between Nepal and the Takla Makan in Tibet.

She told us that she is going there to study and read the Canon of O:N:E: [see below] and the Manichean Texts, which go back to the original teachings of Yeshua and Marian (from Syria), who belonged to an Essene sect.

According to their beliefs, Jesus and Mary sent another elect member here to unify the teachings of Buddha, Essenes and original Christian teachings. That one was Mani who incarnated around 214 AD.

Mani was so successful that followers spread the teachings around the region and world and outnumbered the Pauline Christians/Catholics. The location to which she was enroute has those original scrolls and sits over a vortex being raised in frequency in the coming days.

[The Nameless One’s] reason for calling was to say that it is all coming down now, as the old economic order is in complete disintegration, and must be replaced with NESARA, which will move us towards a Wisdom-based economy that will support our Ascension unification progress.

It is an old saying that when you find the same subject raised in highly different places and venues, it’s time to pay attention. The 3rd mention usually precedes actions.

Mark Huber

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The Dow closed on 7465.95 points yesterday (19 feb) which was a drop of over 89 points, being just a bit over 1.9 percent in value. Sadly, I doubt that stock markets can be divinely inspired, however it is interesting to see what happens today and next week.

The reason this is so interesting is simply because the index has crossed the psychological barrier of 7700 points. When it was close to this barrier last week, and actually hit 7699.50 at one point, there was a huge rally in the last two hours of trading to restore some of the confidence, and the Dow closed at 7850. However, last Tuesday, that barrier was crossed, and aside from some speculative trading in the first hour every day, there has been a massive drop in trading and a massive loss of value across the board. In short, as if most investors have given up on the Dow, and the 'bottom has dropped out' of the market.

Most major markets (FTSE 100, Dow Jones, Nasdaq) have gone from 'marked decline' into 'uncontrolled descent'. Interesting times ahead.
Dow is at 7356.43 right now..
Dow have fall to 7356.43 right now
Well not long then, currently 7283, if nothing happens when we reach 7200 then we should all disregard anything mark h says in the future, if somwthing does happen I will make a public apology
Dow Jones hit a low of 7250 points at 1:30 PM today, before rallying and closing markedly higher at 7365.67.

However, after losing 22.31 percent of its value today, Citigroup is now only worth 1.95 per share. This is down from 26.8 in May last year, and a clear indication that despite promises and bailouts, investors are not at all convinced that hard hit banks are capable of surviving this crisis. They are once more returning to the safe harbor of gold bullion.
End value of the Dow after a very negative trading day: 7114.78

Despite positive news about Citibank, Citigroup was only able to consolidate 0.22 points and when mentioning that this was the best relative result on the Dow today, I believe I've painted the whole picture.

It was unthinkable last year that the Dow would ever drop below 10000 points. Last month is was unthinkable it would ever drop below 8000 points. Tomorrow we may see it drop, for the first time in well over a decade, below 7000.

When in previous year the sky was the limit, I fear that at the moment the only limit there is to the potential drop in stock value is absolute zero.

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