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We just got a message from the "Nameless Ones" in the Himalayas.

As you may recall from my previous updates, the Chinese are on Red Alert
because of all the ships coming into the Himalayas. They can't stop them
and they are landing.

When we asked: How many ships are arriving to land? They replied:
"Thousands now and possibly, Millions by Mother's Day!" That should help
people to understand the magnitude of this Cosmic Wave arriving with the
Wesak Celebrations.

This has never happened before. Note: These ships are landing on Earth
now. Do you want to call this "First Contact Preview?"

We are on the cusp of very momentous events of the '5th Kind'.

Again, read Celia Fenn and Lisa Renee's messages for May I sent earlier.
Here is more corroboration of these approaching events.

Mark Huber

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Am praying that Mark H will spare sometime to send us some photos and video footage if available. I feel really expectant!
I don't buy it; if alien ships were landing in the thousands you couldn't keep it secret for 10 seconds. That being said I don't expect it to be kept secret so unless some proof of this is provided I would be wary.

I don't mean to be a jerk here It's just that we have had false alarms before.
I have seen some space ships before. everything is possible
you mean to tell me that not one person up there has a camera; come on don't be insulting to the people who live there. Just because you live up in the remote wilderness doesn't mean your backwards.
it's so good to be true =( hope it's true. well i think if this is true, china's gov can't handle it for long. but, why china? =S if they want to show themselves, why not USA? they don't to land here but if they show up by thousands of ships up in the sky. this will wake up the world. =S so i'm doubting a little on this. Hope this is true, so waiting for proof. They still saying everyday, but we can not see any action on everything they say. This is bad =/
OK i don't know if you ever thought about it but china is so large that you can literally say that the majority of earthlings are Chinese (that's right the average person on this earth is Chinese) So it would only make sense really. that being said I don't expect their to be any ships unless we see them soon, You can't land thousands of any thing secretly, especially star ships.
I don't understand why he would go out of his way to lie to people about stuff like this. That would be malicious. Maybe he gets money out of this or something
I have been reading Mark's posts on for a while now. He is the most optimistic person I've read yet with David Wilcock. The only thing, though, who is he? He seems to be very connected, but at the same time, nothing of what he says can be corroborated, at least from me perspective. I wish he is legitimate. A lot of things resonate with me, but some aspects do not. Does anyone can give me a hint on Mark, either good or bad, I really have a hard time figuring out is authenticity. At the same time, if he is not, he has a remarkable imagination and should write novels ;)

L & L
OK I keep hearing every one go on about should we believe it or shouldn't we? well come on, your getting info off of an internet blogging site. it may or may not be accurate but that's what the situation is. I don't take post on this site seriously unless I see evidence supporting it otherwise.

That being said I'm not a total skeptic, I am psychic and I do channel myself and I hold the beings I speak with to the same policy I don't post it (or take it seriously) unless they can give good evidence.

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