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Mark H on mass arrests/Hague removals: 'accountability'

What follows is a consolidated report on the clearings that took place on the
afternoon of June 15, 2009. What you will read in succession are (1) Mark's
prefacing remarks, (2) Beth Trutwin's report, (3) Mark's report, (4) Kauwila's
report, and (5) Terrence Staton's report.

Please note the significance of Beth's comment that the day's activities were
about "cleaning out anything dark and arresting those who will be shipped to The
Hague for trial." What you are reading is a phase of the accountability
round-up that we have all been waiting for.

(1) Mark's Prefacing Remarks

What a night! Huge thanks to Terrence Staton, Kauwila, Elizabeth Trutwin and
Rama Berkowitz for their great inputs and accomplishments.

Thousands of arrests taken to The Hague. This will make the other steps much

Ashtar may now or soon decide to turn the dial on the bridge and erect the
firmament. Terrence explained the strategy behind the different aspects of the
mission tonight.

Together we are victorious. Resistance is futile. Love will prevail.


(2) Beth's Report

Hello, everyone.

Tonight we were going into certain areas of government to help with cleaning out
anything dark and arresting those who will be shipped to The Hague for trial.
When the group would enter each new industry, building, or location, we would
flood them with love. This would have the dark ones on the run.

Angels helped gather these dark ones up. They were taken in large groups to Lord
Ashtar and he sent them all away. Their time here is done. As soon as the dark
ones were gone, the arrests of those left behind started. Anyone who willingly
put people in harm's way, tortured people, unfairly jailed people, or otherwise
caused irrefutable harm, was arrested, rounded up and sent to The Hague.

When we went to each new group, we sent tremendous amounts of love and it
touched every part of this group in all areas of the world. If it was a National
Organization, every office, every subsidiary was cleared. If it was a world-wide
organization, it was cleaned out at every level.

If it affected another industry, that too was cleared. There were thousands of
arrests tonight.

We went to the following groups:


All Drug Companies


Homeland Security

Federal Reserve



Health Insurance Companies



Air Controllers


City Police

County Police

State Police

All Jails


Diamond Mining Industry

Thank you everyone who helped tonight. There again, were millions of ships in
Earth's atmosphere standing by and helping us.

(3) Mark's Report

Yippeee! I formed a heart-shaped beam with each of us holding a position
anchoring and focusing the beam of unconditional love. I placed Mr T [SB: I
believe, Tom the Paschat] at the center of the beam...for fine focusing. There
appeared to be 'collateral love splashing' that I took to be the passive
co-conspirators or active supporters.

Rama went up to the Fortress of Solitude at the North Pole. The Octahedron
crystal rose from the floor and had some controls for magnification or
diminishing the display.

As the image came up he saw a huge triangle over the pole. He recycled the
screen several times with the same results. Then he asked if this Wingmaker ship
was supporting the Op? Yes was the answer.

Next he panned out to see the whole planet. Red-Orange lights almost covered the
east-coast and then clusters of that same image repeated across the planet. The
East Coast looked like a forest fire of transmutation. Fire was flaming

As he was there a black helicopter--Shark Antigravity stealth craft
(Mark)?--flew over his position. He put his hand up and sent the message: You
can't see me, I'm invisible. It was detecting some energies but could not
localize his position.

Before he left he saw a Sirian blonde in meditation inside the Fortress there.
He didn't disturb the adept. Just watched and then came back to his body.

So much joy is going to come from these ones getting suffused with love. Glad
that there will be so many going to the Hague.

This was truly a huge step forward. Fireballs (dragons?) were exploding out of
warrens and being scooped up by Ashtar and removed to beyond the void. Their
time is over!

The intentional contamination of our food supply and people is over.

This will have to be integrated to appreciate the scope and detail of this.

Mahalo to Gaia, Ashtar, KOS, Tom, and the Team and all support forces and to our
own leader, Elizabeth.


(4) Kauwila's Report

To the rocks at the ocean at 4:30PM. Sat on a rock, feet in ocean pool, water
occasionally could reach my body. About 30 feet from the heiau [Hawaiian
temple]. Grounded Self to the Galactic core (NOT the Earth's, as I used to do).
As I reached the heiau, a Hawaiian spiritual warrior family was there to greet
me. I formed a holon of ascension (space ship) and a holon of balance
(octahedron) before beginning.

Went first to the Midwest...St. Louis. Monsanto...saw caves leading out from
there all over the world.

Specifically I was drawn towards Pacific region, including Japan, China, also
Hawaii, always conscious of Midwest.

As the caves were very dark, nothing could be seen at first. My sight turned to
the ocean and the waves. I began to see dragons, long ones, at least 50-100
feet, some of them HAD 50-100 feet.

As I saw or heard the word "Monsanto", this large wave set came in. Over the
ocean these 50-100 footers [dragons] came. Into the vortex at the heiau, I was
directing them. I was not directly hit by any waves, but the waves made a wash
(rush) of water which before was at my ankle level, and now was up as far as my

I held my ground (I was sitting down, but the rush of the water can tend to
knock one over), and stayed upright. The waves got bigger and bigger and then
subsided. As did the dragons. All of the dragons were black.

Next I saw a flurry of gray beings, like rats or big gerbils; may be bats, but
gray. They appeared to be minions, or assistants. I sent them love and peace and
showed them options of going into the vortex for complete removal from the Earth
or going into the waves for forgiveness, release, and transformation into their
new roles. Most chose the latter. I saw no "black" ones.

Next came the word "Cargill". As it came to mind, another large set of waves
came in, and again a set of dragons (not as many as I recall from Monsanto) went
into the vortex. Gone.

I was not aware of any smaller minion entities that came through.

Somewhere in here I was directed to Europe, specifically got southern France,
Mediterranean side, then Russia, I sensed, but immediately went to Romania, and
Transylvania. Draculae (Draculas?) erupted from there, only to be disappeared
(not via my local Hawaii vortex).

At this point I was moved to stand in a different pool. I stretched out my arms
in gratitude; then looked at the caves. They were lighted and clear. Then I was
said hello to by a local Hawaiian here who cares for this heiau, with his 3
dogs. I got that my work time was over. I had not seen this fellow (Paul) for
months. Now I know he was here to affirm the work we had just finished.

After, I found another pool, closer to the ocean and sat down for clearing and

Aloha, Love, and Peace,

Kauwila (Kau'ila)

(5) Terrence Staton's Report

I was assigned the task of closing down the portals.

There were a few locations that were being used as back entrances in to the
world. Lord Ashtar needed these closed before he could turn on the 5d firmament.

The portals would have bypassed that protection so all portals needed to be
closed. These portals were scattered across many locations on the planet. The
smaller ones acted as quick jump points from one side of the planet to another.
The larger ones enabled jump points between worlds.

Lord Ashtar want the criminals surprised and caught. The phase of the group I
was in started after the confronting of the military industrial complex by the
rest of the team. In essence the first op was a distraction so they wouldn't
notice their exits being closed behind them.

One of the major portals was in the catacombs under Paris, France. Here there
was an infernal machine that twisted everything around it to the dark. I called
in Archangel Michael to destroy as it was beyond my ability to do so.

Once the machine was destroyed the portal could be taken down easily. The next
portal was located in America. This one was being used by Faction 2 where the
first one was mainly for Faction 1.

This one was in a top secret location. The portal was so huge that it literally
sucked in everything around it. I had no chance to even close this portal with
Love and Light. I could not channel enough to close it on my own and with the
help of those around me.

I again called upon Archangel Michael to assist. He pulled out a large sword of
light and literally cut the portal in half. Then we could all easily close the

The third portal was located in South America. We were able to locate it by
reading the smaller portals and where they were linked. This was a very ancient

We quickly realized this was a location the Annunaki had been using for millions
of years. They noticed we were coming and attempted to flee through the portal.
Archangel Michael appeared before the portal and cut them off.

I notified Lord Ashtar and he began rounding up the criminals. Lord Ashtar was
very pleased to finally have captured them. He said this was the last of
renegade Annunaki.

He didn't know the location of their final hideout until now. It had been hidden
and undetectable.

After we finished clearing out the last Annunaki stronghold I could no longer
feel any more portals. I requested a clearing from Archangel Michael and he
channel amazing Love and Light through me.

I was done.

In loving service,


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It means it's over, we can now get over with the secret wars and bring our the truth to the front. I think this is when these begin to manifest in the physical. Exciting times I say!
The arrested people are now being guarded in the hague by the gate keeper trolls and nesara wizards, elvis even popped in to give his support to the angels. Thanks for this magnificent report, looking forward to the day that st germaine and ashtar release the magic unicorns on washington to round up the remaining holograms that are controlling us. Namaste
Hee hee ian.
That man is getting more mentally unstable by the day :)
Do people really believe this bs?
Archangel michael cut the porthole in half with his sword of light hahahahahaha. Lmao hee hee hee.
Black dragons, greys that looked like big gerbils hohohohoho this guy is taking the piss out of us all.
He is a complete and utter raving fruitcake, lost the plot totally.
Its like reading a jrr tolkien book. Hahahahahahahaha. Hehehehehehehehe
Hoohoohoohoohoo :). Omg that was funny. Made my day Thanks :)
I don't know what to think about all this. I work in a court where there are about 60 judges. They're all here today. Did I miss something or are the "arrestees" supposedly being replaced by holograms?
Sounds this for real?
I read this story about a guy by the name of Michael, who resided in a place called heaven. In there, there was another guy called Lucifer, who was a rebel to the authority of the King of that place. The story goes that Michael actually tossed Lucifer all the way to earth and said, stay!!. Would you believe such a story??

Kihanyaking said:
I read this story about a guy by the name of Michael, who resided in a place called heaven. In there, there was another guy called Lucifer, who was a rebel to the authority of the King of that place. The story goes that Michael actually tossed Lucifer all the way to earth and said, stay!!. Would you believe such a story??
Mark H is the first to say that when you read his information, take what resonates with you and disgard the rest. As Lightworkers, we would serve others better if we didn't judge or make unkind statements. We are all One.

I agree with that sunbeam, better than someone saying BS to every single post.

sunbeam said:
Mark H is the first to say that when you read his information, take what resonates with you and disgard the rest. As Lightworkers, we would serve others better if we didn't judge or make unkind statements. We are all One.

da da da ................................................................and again da da da..............................
Andy, buddy, actually that story about one guy throwing the other out of from the bible. Explains why Satan doesn't reside in heaven any more...though he may visit to have a chat with God.

Sunbeam, love bratha. I wont dishonour your statement by making any additions to it. You are spot on. Cheers man. Let your light shine.

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