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[The question for mark was. I know you always remind us of no doomsday
and these have been canceled but I was wondering when we talk about
ascension of the Planet and us with her, what are the physical space
conditions in which the ascension happens? For example we know the
Earth is now bombarded by energy photons which is helping this process
but what will happen around 2012 that makes this transition? Some say
the Earth will enter the spiral center of the Galaxy. The Earth will
enter it and will come out of the other side and this is the big, main
reason for our ascension because we will be in a new dimension with
different fundamental physics.
In this regard I can also refer to preparations for us in the Inner
Earth and on GFL's ships in messages from different sources, even in
Sheldan's new message especially when they talk about our metamorphosis
while the Earth surface undergoes a vast reconfiguration. This makes me
think that something of a physical sort will happen but there are
different stories and we're not
sure what to believe. What do you think?]


When you read several sources you will find each one has different
filters and different resonances with some of what is happening. As you
know we are not interested in dissing anyone's views as they will each
attract those whose discernment is in-process of sharpening and deciding
what more closely represents the energetic pictures with which they most

That's as it should be, so that everyone will begin to trust their own
'get' on these matters.

We can share what our sources have shared with us.

The most personal message I can share is that We, each, are the
instruments of ascension. That means that it is what is happening within
our DNA that matters.

As we continue, and there is no stopping it, we will notice our physical
and subtle awareness changing into a lighter and more radiant
presence.That will be reflected in every particle of matter and will
continue to expand our awareness and remembrance of our individual
connections and expressions as Source Presence, all equally endowed,
from the beginning!

Some have remembered a bit more than others and are now beginning to
share what they experience and remember, which is assisting all to
remember more. There is an analogy of the "100thCosmic Monkey" effect.
Notice I qualified that with the descriptor of 'Cosmic'...because what
we are talking about is our 'Junk DNA'--which contains all our
off-planet knowledge and experiences. That 'Junk DNA' is activating
through 24 Codons which will restore our expanded identities--especially
our cosmic Self connections.

Asa critical mass of us access and utilize our expanded abilities there
will be a point where everyone else activates those same abilities and
awarenesses. All catastrophes have been canceled!!! Therefore, what we
will be experiencing is a smooth and seamless series of upgrades.

There will be no need for going into the inner earth or any of the other
disaster modes for us or the planet!!!

As our own star-families decloak their ships all over the planet we will
all experience a half-step increase in spiritual awareness which will
help us to remember a lot more of our next missions and expand our
heart-mind expansion so we can feel with our minds and think with our

That results in a more holographic,multi-dimensional or Cosmic
perception no longer restricted to 3D Matrix illusions.

Since this will be a planetary 'happening', all particles of matter and
spirit will participate to the extent of that half-step upgrade. If one
is at 3.7D they will upgrade to 4.2Dawareness. 4.2 will upgrade to4.7D;
5.0 will go to 5.5D awareness. Notice, nobody went anywhere!

Associated with and accompanied by this will be the announcement of
NESARA and all the criminals being arrested and removed to the Hague for
prosecution for War Crimes.

Since this will be a planet-wide happening, everyone will get the
upgrade at the same exact moment. To speak of what happens to our inner
awareness is to describe 6.7 Billion responses and would not assist
anyone. It will be very personal and different in some aspect as
everyone is more or less prepared.

3D vision is very different than 5D vision...which involves the whole
body, not just the physical eyes. In fact, in 5D we will have an
estimated 125+'receptors' to augment our physical 5 senses.

The person asking this question and the person writing this answer will
NOT be who we are after that upgrade occurs. Oh, yes, we will still have
all our same memories and look substantially the same but we will be
truly a more aware and be seeing more of the greater wondrous color sand
aspects of what has seemed constricted or scrunched down and separate.

The most important experience will be our heart's opening to our core
self awareness.

That will be like 'being Home' and most will rejoice and allow the tears
of joy to flow as they will know that the long wait is over.

I could discuss going through the Eye of AN(Middle star in Orion's
belt)into the Positive Anti-matter universe which mirrors this one and
then curving back in towards the Great Central Sun adjacent to the
Pleiades sun, Alcyone.

I could tell you that we will then have moved from quadrant 9 to
quadrant3 which is permanently located in the center of the Photon
belt--2000light years wide--and that we will then have 9suns all around
us, and our axis will be tilted zero degrees which will provide24/7
light and a year-round temperature of 70 degrees and full vibrant health
without disease.

That will actually happen and is in process and some initial resolutions
of long-standing conditions will be effected in this year. The ships
will land within 10 days of our announcement,in various protected areas,
and they will provide many technological healing and other devices to
jump start the cleansing of the planet's air, water, and soil and will
announce new power modules that will replace our existing power sources.

We will be experiencing the full power activation of the new planetary
grid which will include a new 'firmament', 5D force field, as a result
of Ashtar's turning up the ZPMs to100% full power, in the Mideast with
the help of the Gulf of Aden Star Gate's effects. Another stargate may
be activating off Miami Florida later this month, if current reports are

Between the May 9-11th Wave Impact and the Summer Solstice on June 21
will be a lot of legal and other changes including beginning reversal of
our current aging that,during the June 21 window we will be
raised again in vibratory rate so that we will be in resonance with
Terra Nova's vibration.

This is the best answer I can share at this time.

Mark Huber

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very hopeful words, thank you!

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