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[The question for Mark was. "While it can happen at any time still, do you have
any thoughts on what delayed the French actions of


There is an exopolitics 2 day convention starting Saturday.

Friday night many dragons all over the world were removed.

Summary Saturday.

We just finished a 1Hr Op we'd been waiting to begin all afternoon and
evening. Big Family of 13 Dragons.

Mark Huber

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none of mark hubers fairytales make sense, dont worry about it
What exactly doesn't Dusty. Exopolitics? Dragons? You would have to read the rest of the postings and possibly go to his archives to catch up with him. Andy, how are you my friend. Good thing is that you still read the fairy tales. Thats important because uuuuuumh, it will give you the reason to dance naked on the streets of your home town, when these things begin to materialise into reality. Nemaste.
Thing is I read them to put a smile on my face, you must admit what he says is getting silly
Andy while you are naked will be slashed on your *ss. :)
Haha. Looking forward to getting naked with my nesara buddies. No doubt mark will say todays drop in the dow will be the start of nesara coming. Let's see
Im looking forward to getting naked too ;)
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I too shall await the day of nakedness.
Sweet! Nakedness all round!
Totally sexified!


R.L said:
I too shall await the day of nakedness.

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