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Well, tomorrow is the big day. I dreamed about it since I met her here at SOE, back in November of 2008. It's funny and magical how we met. The first time I saw her picture, I said to myself, "this is the woman I am going to marry." And now tomorrow, I take her as my wife.

After this, I start the immigration process. I gotta say I love Romania, and i love Bucharest. The countryside is gorgeous, with mountains and fields. Sure, I miss America, my friends, my family, my things.........but I NEEDED this journey. It was meant to be. I feel reborn..............

Synchronicity. Never doubt it. I can attest its realness.

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So much love to the two of you!!
Congratulations! May you have a long and happy life together!
that's so nice to hear :):):) .
Congratulations my Dear friends.
Blessings to both of You.

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