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Well, tomorrow is the big day. I dreamed about it since I met her here at SOE, back in November of 2008. It's funny and magical how we met. The first time I saw her picture, I said to myself, "this is the woman I am going to marry." And now tomorrow, I take her as my wife.

After this, I start the immigration process. I gotta say I love Romania, and i love Bucharest. The countryside is gorgeous, with mountains and fields. Sure, I miss America, my friends, my family, my things.........but I NEEDED this journey. It was meant to be. I feel reborn..............

Synchronicity. Never doubt it. I can attest its realness.

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:D this is so great to hear! much love to you both and have a great day tomorrow!!
First of, and very importantly, I'd like to thank Tony for not being able to write a decent ban script and enabling me to stay here long enough to have the privilege to this. ;) lol.

PA, This is the greatest news I've ever heard since I've been here on SOE. It couldn't happen to a better friend. From the look of things, and the little I know of you two, I think you're both very lucky to have each other. You two deserve nothing less. :) here's my, lifting my cup of coffee a proposing this toast to the both of you. :) "To the future my friends, to a future that only gets better with each passing day." and may all flames that find each other reach each other, and be given this gift you were given, the day you two met. :)

This news your bring brings hope to every other flame fortunate enough to have found each other. I may not be in Roumania, but I'll be thinking about you two tomorrow. And how happy you are about to be. :) What a great news it is indeed. You two deserve it so much. :)
This is so, sooooooo lovely!!! I wish you both all the happiness in the world! :D :D :D
Best Wishes!!!!!! Wonderful news... May the Universe shower you both with , love, light and abundance.

My heart goes out to you, dear friends. You are blessed with the spark of joy that makes it worth it all. Along with my friend, MysticalEnigma, I lift my cup and toast to you both "To the future my friends, a future that only gets better and better"
aweeeeeeeee .... XOXOXO ... i am sooo excited for you guys!!! I hope you post pictures!!

Soooooooooooooooo Happy for the both of you may many Blessing shine down on the both of you always
I am so happy to hear such great news for a change in this world..You are both a inpiration to how awesome things can turn out while we are un this mission for the light.Congratulations to the both of you and may your experiences be the best .Love is such a majgkal experience that takes us places we never thought possible.
Best Wishes!
Congratulations on your wedding U are two people of Light ...

When I read this news, I was sure delight ...

P.A. you're the man with an extremely clear vision about the world and Its shortcomings and how you want it to reveal ...

And Marielle you are the woman with great vision about people ...

You learn me the Hooponopono ...

You enlighten your senses, when you see a human in need, your gift is your présences, here and now, that leads ...

To the ultimate bliss called ... LOVE

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