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It has always been our time, and it is especially our time now!

It's hard to know where to invest one's energy in the work of light for optimal results. There are a lot of sub-optimal suppositions. Many things appear to help the cause but do not, such as giving to corrupt charities or donating food aid to warlords in impoverished regions. Other things help in small ways; it helps to donate to animal hospitals or adopt a stray instead of paying for a pedigree, in some small way. Yes, it helps to become a vegetarian. Yes, refusing to buy a new car until the PTB (powers that be) allow us electric vehicles instead of gas-burners also helps. So does, perhaps, belonging to Greenpeace or supporting the Nature Conservancy's efforts to set aside tracts of wilderness as immunization against human consumption.

But the tool of tools for the work of light on Earth is the human being. We're the ones running the bulldozers, killing the whales, burning the gas, eating the beef and using inbred pedigree animals as status trophies instead of rescuing the afraid and suffering ones first, as we should. The problems of Earth are HUMAN problems. It is to humanity, to each other, that we must first attune our efforts in order to best mitigate suffering, cruelty and senselessness.

I see no reason for any boundaries to exist between the New Magi of Light, the Jedi and the Lightworkers. We have decades of noetic science, including NDE research published in The Lancet (the world's premier biomedical journal) to back us up.

The Noetic Order of Jedi has been established as an allied effort to nucleate these resources and this movement into something well-researched scientifically, plausible spiritually and healing for humanity and our Earth, and I very much encourage and look forward to your participation and feedback, as well as to my participation here.

The immediate and daily source of all of our lessons is Nature. We are from Nature and we return to Nature. Yet our civilization has built many walls between us individually, and also between ourselves and Nature. Contemplate, for a moment, how many species on the Earth get along just fine for millions of years in harmony with their environments, in a dance of near-optimal fit between organism and environment. Why can't we be like that? Are the reasons we've been told all that compelling? What is it, exactly, that separates human civilization from near-perfect fit with Nature, in spiritual enlightenment and perpetuity?



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Yep!...i agree with you..Welcome Ebtharan by the way!...all this sufferings have been along history because we separated from a far time we were one..people were so united that they no need words to communicate each other...but we separated and then we get to`s only a suggestion...but i offer you and all that study Kabbalah...give a`s a knowledge how to get to nature is web
Thanks! I will look into it.
Well said, Ebtharan! I concur with all of it. May we encounter many new and interesting things here on FoE. Welcome!

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