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29. June 13th.

Hello my friends. As I was tuning in … I was presented with a velvet red rose, which then turned into a pink one. I saw the dew on the petals and I became so very peaceful. Assuming that was you guys … thank you.

Dearest lady, we wish for you an abundance of pink flowers. If one was to imagine being surrounded by the petals of the pink rose and allow the senses to smell of their sweet scent, one would find almost immediately that their persona would be transformed from that of a weed to that of a beautiful rose. Those upon your planet are being made more and more aware of the necessity to focus on all that is of Love. And yes, we have spoken that EVERYTHING is of Love, but you understand do you not that we speak of concentrating on all things that bring pleasure to the heart? We have discussed with you uplifting of your planet. You are gradually realising that this is brought about through pure thought form that is manifested into your everyday reality. Therefore one now begins to understand the ‘method’ that we speak of… is showing you ‘how’ your new planet shall make its way into form. The more of you that ‘get this’, allows the quickening to speed up!!

If for instance … we were to take you to a place of extreme beauty and leave you with yourself for just one of your weeks … you would return to your planet with thoughts of this beautiful place that you have visited. Within those ‘new’ thoughts you would be rebuilding your planet. What we ask of you now in these current days, is to imagine a world that you had not yet conceded to be. Take into your viewing within your minds eye an image of an exquisite land that is of magic and bliss and an energy wherein only the Highest level of LOVE and understanding exists. We say to you in TRUTH … this is a land you know of well. And now we are asking you to ‘bring’ it into your minds … then into your hearts … in order to ‘bring’ it in to your world. It is your world. It is already there. It is simply a matter of ‘bringing it forward’. WILL it forward. Allow yourselves to FEEL the resonance of such a land and to FEEL the heart beat of its very core. Again we say … as we have done so in past days … take the time to become One with the very core of your Mother Planet. When an unborn infant lays gently within the womb of its parent … it’s comfort … its resonance … knows only of the regular heart beat of the soul that is providing its very nurturing. It relies upon the FEEL of that heart beat … to know that all is safe and well. It is ‘at one’ with that pulsation … for it is feeding from it in the knowledge that it can Trust the harmonic rhythm in order to be sustained and fulfilled. We say to you that this is no different from how we wish you to relate with your Mother Earth. Be at ONE with her heartbeat. The more you take the time to vibrate along with her, and to feed on her milk, the faster your growth shall become. And what does a young infant give in return ? Take a look in the eyes of a child. Look into the very windows of their soul. They ARE LOVE. They give LOVE. A Mother gives of herself freely asking nothing in return, yet a smile given in appreciation is worth more than any of your words can express. You are a family of LOVE. Every one of you. At times … your siblings may not always conduct themselves in the manner you are in alignment with … yet they are BEING who they are … and in the acceptance of who they are … YOU … another part of you … you are allowing the flow of what simply is ‘life’ to emanate its rays of experiential upbringing to teach and learn all in the same breath.

Many of you are where you are now, because you came to assist. You have become the self expression of yourself … and you have expanded your knowing into a place where there is no more learning’s to endure. And yet, upon your planet you are not always able to recognise the lifetimes of learning’s you have received … and it is that oft’ times your feelings of lack … turn you into something that you are not. You allow your selves to be downtrodden, not just by another’s actions … but by your own. You are your own worst enemy as you say in your world. If we were to put you behind a screen that removed all physicality and revealed to you the Light that you are … the True energy that you are … when you are not encumbered by your doubts and disbeliefs of yourselves … you would be so astounded at your beauty. You would not forget the colours of your soul. You would FEEL that Light … those colours … for the rest of your days, and when there were moments of melancholy we would remind you of your True identity and immediately your soul energy would ‘perk up’. You would … as your dear friend White Cloud so cleverly expresses … have ‘turned up’ your dimmer switch. That is all it takes. We spoke recently to you of turning on the Light switch to your world. You have now done so have you not? So now we would like to offer the visualisation of turning up the dimmer switch to your planet. Slowly … Bit by bit, so as the eyes can adjust to the Brightness at a level that is suitable.
We wonder if you fully appreciate the wonderful position that you are in. YOU are IN CONTROL of your PLANET. YOU are the ones who determine in which direction it is going. WE KNOW that the majority of you desire to take it upwards into the beauty that you KNOW IT IS. Your world has experienced far too many rainy days. It is now time for the sunshine to radiate its warmth into the very heart of your Mother earth.

Recall how it feels when you have what seems like endless days of miserable weather … and then … the sun peeps through the clouds … Lighting up EVERYTHING. The flowers shake off the water, the grass turns a deeper green, the puddles of water turn into rainbows that glisten as crystals upon the snow. Dearest ones ... This is the privileged time you are living in. When YOU have chosen to be where you are in order to bring back the sun. And you will recognise too … that as your flowers and trees and all things that are planted as seeds within your Mother Earth … that it is because of the rain … that one has received sustenance throughout and given one the inner power to grow into the fullness of who/what it Truly was designed to be.

YOU ALONE AS ONE ARE BRINGING THIS ABOUT. You can feel it within you can you not? This Higher vibration that you have allowed into your being? It is changing the way you ‘see’ … the way you ‘hear’ … the way you ‘understand’. It is changing YOU … and YOU are changing your planet.

What a glorious plan is now unfolding.

You have just shown to me a treasure map. And as if from every possible angle there is a road leading up to the treasure. And that there are markings to show that on all the roads the X marks the spot is so very close to where the travellers have travelled. (For want of an easy way to put it). Interesting how the bold type when I looked was shown on the words ‘x marks the spot’ as to my knowledge I hadn’t intended it to be that way, or pressed any keys to make it so!

You are aware that ‘time’ in your world does not exist in ours. Therefore when we say that excitement is building at a phenomenal rate we ask you to accept that we shall be together in a manner discussed many times in the not too distant future.

And I DO know that you do not have ‘time’, so I’ll simply keep the kettle at the ready and may be even put the tea in the teapot. I guess as long as we have everything prepared and in place, we won’t be taken by too much surprise when you knock on the door. A sort of ‘Oh DO come in … We’ve been expecting you!!!”

It is now time for us to retract from your energy dear lady. We ask all who take the time to read these words to ponder upon the pink rose. It will do you well do to do so.

Then indeed I shall! Many thanks people. Love your work. Until next time then … Golden Rays your way. Although I expect you live within an abundance of them. How nice must that be!

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