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Hi all .. been like ... a year since iv been here last?

Iv grown alot and i am starting some really big things; one of the things im looking into is magnetism.  It is widely known that too much exposure negative magnetic fields (created by computers, TVs, mobile phones, and pretty much anything electric) - this is also known in some circles as Orgone energy - DOR for negative POR for positive.


Whats the general recommendation here? im looking at maybe playing with some magnets with my crystals, and see how that goes; any thoughts?



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Glad to have you back btw! Ive done little research into orgone ol though it does raise my curiosity. im a big fan of crystals and i have been meaning to get an orgone pyramid for a wile. Let me know if your research yields any results :)

Great cartoon Bishop .If it were only that simple ,I know orgone energy exist and have had first hand experience with DOR orgone energy I made a small stove pipe ,water powered cloudbuster and turned it on and then made the big mistake of holding on to the stove pipe holding it had made me respect the power it had I obsorbed DOR and took a good day to recover its like taking a heavy duty,fast acting tranquillizer so I know haqve the greatest respect for this energy that is so easily dismissed as nothing but a over active imagination .The point I want to say is be careful when using some of these devices that attract DOR Orgone it will not be a pleasant feeling if you get a dose.And for any who have doubts will learn quick by making the mistake I did by underestimating the powere it has .  

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