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My real name is Cathy, but I am kinda ‘the cosmic cat’. I have always questioned the generally accepted view of 'reality' dished up by the media and today's society in general. I am committed to the task of assisting humanity to ignite the fires of love and compassion to burn away the greed, consumerism, racism, species-ism and all other toxic ideas founded on fear. My aim is to uncover truth, especially of humanity's ancient origins and political deceptions and to follow technologies that are newly emerging. I am interested in the physics and mechanisms of Ascension as well as the esoteric aspects, the evolution of Mind, other dimensional realities, cosmic consciousness, ufos, alien civilizations, time travel, crop circles, history, environment and animal welfare.
I believe a shift has begun in the hearts of people at this time as we rapidly approach the Event Horizon in 2012 – a time when the incoming energies will transform everything to a higher frequency causing our DNA to be upgraded and we will have powers beyond our present imagining. Our solar system and planet will be upgraded too!
My focus is on love, compassion, healing, meditation, Buddhism, research, collecting and circulating audio/video material to help move us out of the Darkness.
My children are grown up - I am single, a vegetarian, and live on a mountain not far from the coast in the state of Queensland, Australia, in a sub-tropical area with magnificent national parks and wildlife. I enjoy drawing, painting and writing poetry, living simply and sharing my space with two special cats.

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Welcome to SOE cozmikat! Hope your stay here will bring you joy, knowledge and wisdom...

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