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Love Is Your Path To Infinite Possibility By Melanie Beckler ... And ... Exploration Of Dimensions 6-9 By Natalie Glasson ... And ... A Message to Lightworkers By Caroline Oceana Ryan


Love Is Your Path To Infinite Possibility By Melanie Beckler & Archangel Haniel

Melanie - Your angels are reminding you today: 

"Your intuition is strong right now as more of your spiritual light and Truth come to the surface. 

Be sure to listen to the soft inner voice of love and encouragement rather than the sometimes loud voice of doubt and judgment that is ego. 

The path of Love will guide you into alignment with the highest and best for you!"⠀

ArchangelHaniel is stepping forward today to support and assist you in reconnecting with the path of love... 

With love and bright blessings, 

Archangel Haniel's Message .....

Beloved one indeed I am Archangel Haniel. I greet you with an orb of healing divine light, which cleanses your mind, body, and spirit and the energetic climate where you are. Cleansing the energy in and also around your being at this time…

As your scientists have observed and learned, a solid object as you perceive it is actually particles flowing around with space between. In this manner, all objects while appearing solid and separate through the lens of illusion, which you view your reality, at the atomic and cellular level, at the energetic level are interwoven together, are connected, are all one energy of the light, which you are a part of and which you are able to co create within.


As you interact and take on, worry and density, fears, thoughts, and perspectives which are not even your own, which ultimately do not serve in the sense of lifting higher and progressing forward, but rather weigh you down and pull you into dramas and challenges. Engaging your ego mind and falling further into illusion, rather than lifting in love on your spiritual path of awakening, of authenticity, and of seeking truth.


And so at this time, consciously focus within on stillness, quiet, and calm. Read these words but release the thoughts of your second mind, the dialogue behind your main point of focus… Your second mind, which is engaged when you are consciously choosing to do something, and you suddenly think or hear, “I can’t do that. I’m not able to do that… What are you thinking?”

Release that voice of doubt now. Let it go.

Video - "Love: Your Path To Infinite Possibility" By Melanie Beckler

Additionally, your angels who are on hand to help release the thought forms of others present in your space… Clouds of thought built up over time from minds left unchecked, untrained, and free to run. Visualize these dense clouds of thought releasing into the light of the Divine, and allow silence, stillness, clarity, and calm take their place.

Your ego, historically and in your own life has served a purpose, but for many is running out of control. Ego is running the show and you, as a spiritual being with your desire to advance, to experience your angels and to experience the authentic connection with your higher self must learn to take control.

By learning to take control of ego mind, to pause its perspective and judgment, you are then able to listen with your heart. Tune into the perspective of intuition rather than ego, and listen to the voice of love and understanding, which comes from your higher self, from your soul, from your guides, and from your angels.

In every moment visualizing a blank slate before you. Clearing the clutter of thought out from your mind and clearing the clouds of thoughts belonging to others away from your energy, creates the sort of sacred silent space, an orb of quiet calm and peace around you where you are then able to hear the guidance which is flowing your way, for it is not filtered out through clouds of thought often built up over years and never released.

There is a purpose for your thought, yes, of course. But remnants of thoughts past, and trains of rapid, scattered, negative thinking adversely affect you in many ways. The lesson here is to return time and time again to present moment awareness, to calm, centered, awareness of your oneness with all and detached from the worries and doubts and fears which flow through you from time to time. Letting yourself be transparent to these types of thoughts, and let them go.

Your emotions, and the emotional storms of others and of yourself act in a similar way. You can be bombarded by emotion if you don't regularly take the time to center, return to stillness, and return to neutral. And then, any time when a challenging emotion overtakes you, neutralizing, releasing it into the light, returning to present moment awareness, non attachment, and non judgment.

Imagine an orb of light around you in which the negativity, and density, and challenges of others cannot cross, and cannot enter. The sacred space of clarity is a sort of doorway for you, offering you the opportunity to lift and to enter in, to link with spirit without the distractions of thoughts and emotions of others. Without the distractions other types of negativity and density and energies of others may bring from within this space.

Feel your energy flowing down, connecting to the earth, experiencing your oneness with earth and with all that is.

Feel your awareness, your presence, your energy gathering in and returning to you. Your power returning to you in this moment. And now let the light flow up, opening your chakras one at a time, opening your root, sacral, and solar plexus, releasing blockages and allowing the divine light to flow up.

Continuing up, opening your heart, throat, and third eye. Allow the divine light to flow, continuing up through your crown chakra, and now up above your crown, up above your upper chakras, up above the light and into the divine realms, into direct presence with source and all that is. Go up, lift, and bask in the infinite supply of divine light present here with you now.


Feelings of love and joy infuse your conscious thought with power to create in the physical realm. You have this ability, and you are supported by your guides and angels in this.

Simply think or say, “Angels, help me to manifest positive in my life. Help me to align with the intentions of my soul and higher self for this life. Help me to stay in a state of love. Help me to experience magic and the connection with angels. Help me to live empowered.” And so it is.

Now, your road map is open, personally and collectively. Infinite possibility lies before you depending on what you choose to focus upon and to act upon, thinking and setting your intentions and feeling good about your goals and then taking action initiates change.

Keep moving in the direction of your dream to make it so. Balanced intention and action, merged with support from the divine and angels, strengthened by your awareness and presence and mindfulness, shows you that anything is possible.

Love is your path to infinite possibility. Learn how to work with the angels to manifest positive changes in your life through staying in a positive state of love in this free angel message with Archangel Haniel. #angelmessage


Yes, you can. Yes, you are able to. Yes, your time is now, your life is now, to consciously create and to return in the present moment to neutral, to love, and to awareness.

From this awareness, if you notice the storms of thought and emotions and negativity of others, put on this orb of light again. Imagine it around you and within the orb only love remains.

All density, negative thought, or doubt, or challenging emotions are released into the light. Any negative thoughts others which may flow your way bounce off this orb of light and are released. This orb is the energy of unconditional love, which serves you and uplifts you, which empowers you.

In working with love you can do anything. Love is the path of infinite possibility, where you are able to walk forward experiencing growth and experiencing your higher self… Vibrant, enlightened, present, and well in physical form.

At this time, feel your energy connected to the divine and to all that is, flow down in through the crown at the top of your head, through your third eye, your throat, your heart, your solar plexus, sacral, and root. Balancing and restoring these chakra energy centers, cleansing and purifying.

And this light now flowing down, grounds you to the earth, and to the present moment, the point of your power, the point where you are able to create change and make a difference.

Live in love to positively impact your life and all that is. I am Archangel Haniel. You are loved, blessed, and uplifted. I leave you with my blessing and with a final surge of light to cleanse, balance, purify, and rejuvenate your being according to divine will for the highest and greatest good. And so it is. Goodbye for now

Many blessings of love and light,

All the possibilities of your human destiny are asleep in your soul. You are here to realize and honor these possibilities. When love comes in to your life, unrecognized dimensions of your destiny awaken and blossom and grow. Possibility is the secret heart of time.” 
~ John O'Donohue

Video - "How To Connect With Your Higher Self" By Melanie Beckler


Exploration Of Dimensions 6-9 By Natalie Glasson & Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek

Exploration of Dimensions 6-9 by Lord Melchizedek

Lord Melchizedek's Message .....

The definition and explanation I wish to share with you of the dimensions 6 – 9 of the Creator’s Universe is a simple expression in order to encourage you to access, download and experience the energies to aid your ascension. Others may describe the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe differently, they are after all abundant in energy, wisdom, and expression, there is much to draw upon, access and many different ways to explain the dimensions.

Each explanation becomes an expression of truth and an access point for greater exploration. Your purpose with the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe is to access and explore the energies, developing your own understanding and encounters with the Creator, thus recognising the presence of the Creator in your reality in multiple ways.

I, Lord Melchizedek, invite you to feel into the energy of each dimension, for in doing so you will gain your own experience of the dimensions, which will be aligned with your current ascension pathway and evolution, offering you that which is essential to aid your acceleration. In truth, the understanding you gain from each dimension is connected to what you require to take the next step of your spiritual evolution on all levels of your being.

6th Dimension  

The 6th dimension, I enjoy labelling the ‘Era of Remembrance,’ as it denotes a period of ascension where you are able to grasp profound remembrance of the Creator and self as the Creator, whether on a thought and understanding level or on an emotional and knowing level.

Remembrance can be your entire being activating, healing and channeling more light through your being. It can be accessing a sense of purpose that is fulfilling especially on a soul and physical level.

The 6th dimension can be interpreted as instigating the completion of ascension. It reveals to you the stages that are essential to complete your mastery and learning upon the Earth, as well as allowing you to break away from the rebirth cycle, accessing oneness with the Creator, while remaining physically present upon the Earth.

Qualities promoted by the 6th dimension are an enhanced inner knowingness, the ability to access divine ideas, expanding divine wisdom and knowledge, inspiration which promotes perceptions beyond limitations and illusions.

The 6th dimension reinforces your connection and communication with your soul, allowing powerful soul discovery journeys and deepening expressions of your soul through all levels of your being. If you are finding it challenging to connect with your soul, or wish to enhance your communication with your soul or receive guidance from your soul - it is ideal to request the 6th dimension to download into your being at the appropriate vibrations to support you.

If you wish to connect on a deeper or soul level with other people in your reality you can request this from the 6th dimension. There are many other requests which can be made, such as the balancing of your spiritual body, clarity in order to remember divine information, wisdom and knowledge to support your ascension or synthesising with your Ascended Master self in order to discover your ascension pathway to completion of your ascension mastery upon the Earth.

If you find your intuition is blocked or you are unable to gain inner guidance, the 6th dimension can support you by aligning you with your soul.  I, Lord Melchizedek, recognise the 6th dimension as the centre of the ascension processes many are moving through at this time. It is so filled with inspiration and tremendous support, it is worthwhile downloading and anchoring into your being and reality, even if you are uncertain of the purpose of your anchoring.

Video - "Explorations Of Dimensions 6-9 By Lord Melchizedek"

7th Dimension   

The 7th dimension in many ways denotes new beginnings because of its ability to activate and instigate new learning and a change of your current perceptions into new ideas which inspire and expand your awareness.

The 7th dimension can feel fresh and expansive as it invites you to detach from and let go of anything that is hindering or limiting your ascension and mastery. The process of detachment is the key focus of the 7th dimension, and much emphasis is placed upon understanding the method and benefits of detachment, which can be applied to all levels of your being.

Detachment isn’t to disconnect or disregard, it is to let go of bonds that cause you separation with the Creator and recreate bonds of love, trust, and truth. It is this process which instigates new learning and even a reassessment of your spiritual pathway, to accept a pathway which is meaningful for your current transitions of ascension.

If you feel stuck in your ascension evolution or unable to see, sense or acknowledge your spiritual pathway forward, the 7th dimension can be anchored to support you. It is important to observe whether there are some people, situations or objects which you are deeply attached to. With this discovery ask the 7th dimension to support your detachment and reforming of bonds of love, trust and truth.

You will notice that your love for the person, situation or object enhances tremendously while allowing you to experience a liberation from any suffering, hinderance, negativity or bond that drains you of energy.

A speciality of the 7th dimension is aiding the acceptance of and alignment with your soul group. When requested, many activations and alignments can be instigated within your being to further your remembrance of your unification with your soul group.

8th Dimension   

The 8th dimension is a powerful space to exist within and access as it allows you to experiment, test and explore divine concepts, new ideas and even the manifestation of intentions before they anchor physically. This means that if you wish to manifest a certain outcome in your reality you can trial it in the 8th dimension, assessing whether it will truly serve and fulfil you.

Often that which we believe will create fulfilment in our realities does not always satisfy us in the ways we expect. The 8th dimension allows you to explore during meditation and sleep time to support you in accessing the ideas, concepts, and intentions that will truly support you in experiencing fulfilment on the Earth and within your spiritual ascension.

You can request to download and experience the 8th dimension energies during meditation. Then hold your focus and attention on your intentions or that which you wish to create. Visualise, sense or acknowledge the unfolding and development of your intention in your reality.

You may feel as if you are imagining or making it up, this does not matter, the key is to recognise whether the intention you are focusing upon serves you. If you discover it would serve you, then continue to focus upon it in your daily reality... if it does not serve you, then erase it and create a new intention, testing this in the 8th dimension. 

The 8th dimension specialises in enhancing your conscious awareness of your soul group, thus allowing you to embody your soul group consciously within your physical body and reality. This can be requested from the 8th dimension.

9th Dimension  

In the 9th dimension you are supported in surrendering to the divine intelligence of the Creator. In doing so you are able to obtain, access and allow the entrance of new divine concepts, ideas, inspiration from the Creator. You are able to connect with higher aspects of the Creator’s Universe, downloading these into your awareness and remembrance.

The acceptance of co-creation and the divine influence or guidance of the Creator is a key aspect of the 9th dimension. This dimension truly fuels your spiritual evolution by supporting you in accessing an abundance of inspiration, enlightenment, and divine truth, while enhancing your ability to surrender and connect with the Creator.

The 9th dimension energies and ideas can be downloaded into the 8th dimension in order to be more fully explored and to evaluate how the energy would be experienced on the Earth. If you feel stuck, confused, wish to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and all that is the Creator, wish to expand your awareness or connect on a deeper level with all that is the Creator, the 9th dimension can support you.

 The 9th dimension also aids your conscious awareness of your Soul Group and your Soul Groups spiritual evolution of working with and integrating with other Soul Groups in order to aid the divine will of the Creator.

During meditation you may wish to call upon each dimension individually, 6 - 9, requesting a download of the most appropriate energies, qualities, and wisdom to be grounded into your being.

Take time to observe the influence of the energy upon your being. Some dimensions may feel more impactful than others, allowing you to understand what your body, mind, and soul require in your current stage of ascension.

With sacred support and love for you,

Lord Melchizedek

More Lord Melchizedek -

Free audio download of Natalie's message -

Video - "Experience Your Infinite Love & Light Self By Melanie Beckler"


A Message to Lightworkers – July 19, 2019 By Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week's guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are happy to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today we wish to answer a question sent in by a reader, who wrote:

All our migratory birds are massively depleted due to EMF frequencies, as are our our small song birds. There are so few birds left, apart from the big ones, i.e. crows and magpies. We won’t even mention the bees.

All our trees are already dying. Native plants and grasses really struggling this year. As an empath connected to Mother Earth, I find this so distressing. 

The idea of 20,000 satellites in space bathing the whole Earth in these frequencies and slowing killing the planet and humanity, I just find so upsetting, I can’t tell you.

THE COLLECTIVE: There is great beauty, and the power of Love, in your concern and compassion for Earth and all Her beings, dear one. 

Yet we assure you, events and occurrences on your planet are not so out of control as you believe. 

For one, you are not in this alone. As you call out to higher dimensional beings and energies for assistance, you are always answered.

You are always heard, and all you need do, in addition to stating your request and requirement for assistance for the planet, is to say, particularly to your Spirit team: 

“What do I need to do, to fulfill my path on this issue? What help can I offer? Show me, and give me the strength and the resources to fulfill it.”

Photo by Michelle Kidd

There is no panic in that request.

There is no depression or fear, or sense of hopelessness or futility, because none is needed, for one. 

And because those lower vibrational emotions tend to reap what they announce, for another.

We encourage you to do all you can to dive deeply into higher vibrational emotions of Joy and fulfillment, even if you feel those have absolutely nothing to do with the well-being of the planet.

We assure you, they have everything to do with it.

Awareness has been raised of 5G in many places around the Earth, yet not purely for reasons of increasing concerned action.

As we noted in last week’s Message, much is being spoken of now in the media that in past would have been kept under wraps.

These disclosures are being made for the purpose of alarming and upsetting people, and reaping low vibrational human emotion, including hopelessness and a feeling of passivity.

We greatly value and honor your love and concern for the Earth.

Yet we would never encourage you to spend your days and your life energies feeling upset and distressed, either about the 5G situation or the seeming apathy of others.

We agree that merely to “keep ourselves safe” while others suffer and the planet wilts is not a very high ethical grounding.

And Nature’s beings have already suffered from exposure to toxicity, absolutely. 

Yet we cannot agree that all is lost—that all trees are dying, or that outer action is always what saves the day.

Those who speak of developing and raising their own consciousness point to more than they are aware of.

As you Ascend to higher levels of consciousness and overall frequency, you blend far more easily with your higher self, and with those beings who do not live under the presence of the powers-that-were.

You are then able to work with them far more efficiently to restore Earth’s wellness, wholeness, and beauty—far more than you now currently imagine.

Understand as well, that in addition to etheric beings who are working day and night to assist in Earth’s Ascension and overall wellness, there are many millions of extraterrestrial beings doing the same. 

In your sleep state, you and many millions of Earth beings work with these beings to detoxify, cleanse, purify, and restore Earth, Her beings, and all Her elements.

We would not call this a lost cause, nor grant that 5G or any other modern contaminant has the power to irretrievably harm your planet.

The decision has already been made collectively, by humanity, that Earth will not be destroyed, or compromised to an uninhabitable degree.

Those same media outlets and information sources assuring you that 5G will be the eventual death of life on Earth are not disclosing the full picture. 

You must go much further, dive much deeper for the Truth, which will be hid from you until you deliberately look for it and call it forth.

Let us explain as well, that the Earth and the vast majority of Her peoples would have been destroyed long ago if not for the interventions of those we have mentioned, including you and your soul family, with whom you work etherically, and many other soul groups powerfully bent on achieving full well-being for your planet.

To say that others don’t care enough, and that physical action is what is needed, is again to not look far enough into the issues we speak of.

Video - "Judy Satori's Past Life Meditation" -

There is no substitute for sitting down with your Spirit team each day and asking what you can do today to assist in Earth’s well-being, and in your own well-being and fulfillment. 

Your own well-being and the Earth’s are inextricably bound up in one another.

Do not consider them separate issues!

When you suffer, Earth suffers—the planet, who is a living Being, feels your sadness, your despair, your refusal to believe that help has already arrived, or to accept that you are part of that team of healers doing all you can to assist in purification and healing.

You and your planet are so much more than what meets the eye, dear one!

If you cannot accept that—if you continue to feel that you are a one-person army facing down an insurmountable threat, and to hold in your energies images of loss and destruction—then you will experience such. 

That is the co-Creative Universe you live in. What you believe and feel to be true, becomes true, at least in your experience.

If however, you are determined to steep yourself in positive feeling and experience regarding your planet’s well-being, you contribute powerfully to that very reality occurring on all levels of Earth life.

Which timeline—which interpretation of “reality” will you choose? 

Your planet is not so unaware of your energies and expectations as you imagine. She responds first to vibration, not outer action, unless it is inspired by high vibration.

And miraculously, the more you praise Earth’s well-being to the skies (which are currently full of ships containing loving, compassionate beings doing all they can to assist, without usurping humanity’s free will—then the more well-being you birth for Earth and everyone.

And then, amazingly, like a great heavy door swinging open, miracles occur.

You find yourself meeting others who fully love and honor and revere this Earth as you do, and who join with you to spend time imaging only wellness and healing for Her.

You find ideas and solutions for how to increase group and individual empowerment amongst humans, plants, and animals. 

You find ways to share those solutions and breakthrough moments, so as to assist in Earth’s sovereignty and freedom from any destructive influence.

And you assist your own soul path, because you did not come here to suffer or despair.


You came to break out of hopelessness and anger and passivity, not give way to them. That is the true challenge you face.

Photo by Lynne Newman

And so we encourage you to engage in forms of energy clearing and energy healing for yourself whenever possible, to release what is really an old argument you have been having with the powers-that-were—one born in other lifetimes and continued in this one.

Yet we can assure you, argument is not the point of this particular moment on Earth.

Freedom and Joy are, and a powerfully positive vision of wholeness. 

So pick these up—your tools for engagement in the planet’s well-being—and know you have brought these forward from a higher dimension for the very purpose of freeing yourself to know the power of your own soul. 

And that Now is the best possible time to live that out.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.


Video - "Vital Force Meditation- Recharging Your Core With Pranic Energy" By Steve Nobel


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