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To understand what it is that holds us within any pain or turmoil, we need to step back from what we have been taught, primed and barnwashed into thinking and believing since we were born...Everything we have been brainwashed to believe as normal and

We need to strip away the ego and the belief that money and material posessions are what make us successful. What is it and why is it that we feel we are seen as successful by how much money we have, what job we have, the homes we live in and the car that we drive?? Is it not true that a shepherd looking out upon his sheep, with very little in material possession is as successful as a businessman/woman earning thousands a year? In fact, could it not be said that maybe the shepherd is possibly more successful and potentially more enlightnened as he/she is not living from a view point based on the ego, or any type of materialism.

Take a step back. We are not seperate, not from each other, not from source, not from space and not from mother earth. Our hearts beat in rythum together, in rythum together, with mother earth and our source. I am you, you are me. We inhale and exhale the very same breath.

If we stand back and see the reality that is, the reality that is we are all connected, then all ego and power, possessions and materialistic thoughts should dissapate into the ethers as it is really so irrelevant. So very very unimportant. We are not possessions, we are not the clothes we wear or the latest up do date car that we drive. We are not Gucci, we are not Louis Vuitton. We are divine, beautiful, connected, awesome beings of light who have been given this blessed gift..... ---- ...... understanding.........It is up to us to teach and listen and to understand those around us flailing about in the darkness......It is our job to help and advise them, not to join them. Its is up to us to help any soul struggling to find enlightenment and awakening, that we as souls have found, and that every soul deserves the opportunity to see.

Understanding depression and sadness. From my own isolating, lonely, desperate place. I know..... I understand.

It is because we are focusing on our lack of something rather than what we have.

It is hard, so so hard and if anyone ever told me this when i was in my depths of depression i would have probably killed them.....!

We have ourselves, We CAN feel bliss if we focus hard enough, even in the midst of a dilema. I am not talking material here, I am talking about our inner core. If we connect with it often enough and deliberately enough, we can find love and peace, even in the most diverse circumstances. - and with saying that, i am saying it from experience from my present and last 3 months.

If you can find solace and peace in your own heart, you need never look elsewhere again to find it...... Not in another person, not in money, not at the bottom of a bottle. You will find it when you fulfill your own hear and realise you are one with all. Love and fulfill your own heart, if you do it truly andhonestly, you will always be ok, and you will find in doing so you will attract back all of the same.

If you connect with yourself, you will be connecting with everythinh and everyone, and earth, and source around you. If you connect with yourself like this you may never, need never, will never feel or be alone again.......because when you can connect in this way, you are never alone.........

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And that my friends is the bottom line ;)

Right on, Andromeda. Your on the right track.

And that came from within :)

Much love and light to you
Andromeda BEAUTIFUL stay in the light look at all the past as lesson learned and keep going forward LOT'S OF LOVE !
and my so much love goes to all of you

hehehe my heart is bursting today so theres plenty to go round lol


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