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look guys no B.S. i whitnessed some for real chemtrails in cork city ireland 23/11/08

i dont have pictures but i dont need to look at em after tonight

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last month we've have had a few lines of chemtrails over here in singapore too. everyday for a week it was sprayed. then i saw sylphs clearing them up. someone had orgonite here it seems. (i have pictures of them in my photos)

why is singapore in this too? i have no idea.. this is really a global thing. no one seems to pay attention to the skies here.
If youre thinking of orgone gifting / tower busting.. you could make your own organite, check:

and the videos of gifting or tower busting:

this wouldnt solve the chemtrails problem but should reduce the reflected radiation from towers... till they are repaired again.


realitycheck said:
I hear people have been having success with orgonite and making chembusters. And for the home, the HHGs are supposed to help shield from EMFs. There are a couple of videos of how to make these in the video archive.
have a look here if interested..
oooh thats nice!

I didnt know that you could program orgonite with intent! in that case it should work.

thanks for the info RC.


realitycheck said:
in reply to Ravi's comment above "this wouldnt solve the chemtrails problem "
Well, it might depend on how you use it....
For example, St Germain mentions that orgonite is a powerful magnifier of intent. I liken it to accessing the zero point field (or orgone). If orgone is the opening to such a field, then the power of focussed intent will then create an outcome while using orgonite.

Using orgonite, focus intent to 'clean up the atmosphere' for example.

St Germain also cautions that because it is a magnifier of intent, one must be aware of one's thoughts. This is probably why we need to hastily release ego and clear out the sabotaging subconscious programs. When using orgonite and something nasty creeps up from the subconscious, or you are simply in a bad mood, then you could create something messy. Remember the Montauk monster?

There might be a way around this however. You could use orgonite for a specific focussed intent by focussign on an intent while writing it on paper. The written intent would then carry that energy. You could then place it on or under your orgonite and see what happens. This would be an interesting experiment to conduct for those who already have a piece of orgonite....
Chemtrails in profusion have been ongoing for at least 10 years in the U.S. They contain very unsavory materials, designed, among other things, to wear down your immune system. The illuminati have numerous malignant agendas in play, population reduction, by any and all means, being among the most significant. Here is one of very many articles on point, and the site, generally, has much to offer in numerous important areas.
Some people are sounding very afraid here. Please realize that if you work on your ascension and raise your vibration, you don't need to worry about things like chemtrails, as they'll have no effect on you. Peace~

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