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The below article caught my eye, I then came accross a free download for the book mentioned in it.


Here is the free link download.


Just click on the download tab top left, you are then asked to sign up. After signing up the download continues. You receive the book in PDF format, printing it now.


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Here is the article.


All that we have ever been hearing from the Galactics is “The Time is Now”.

“NESARA has already happened – Now.”

“Decloakings have happened.  Now.”

“The Arrests have been completed.  Now.”

“It’s a done deal.”

Ok, what the heck is going on?  I don’t see NESARA, decloakings, OR any arrests.  Do you?  Am I missing something?

Well, maybe what we’re missing is right in front of our noses.

You can go and read through the entire book above but I am going to give you one very simple equation that I want you to keep in your head throughout this article.  Ready?  Here it is:


Simple, eh?  Do you get it?  Hmmmm… let me elaborate.


Ok, ok.  I know that you’ve ALL heard that one MILLION times and maybe you’re sick of hearing it.  But look at that sentence.  Feel that sentence.  You know it to be true.  There is no future and there is no past.

Here’s an example.  You’re reading this blogpost right now but you have to go out later to get something from the grocery store.  That’s the future.  RIGHT NOW when you’re sitting at the computer reading this post, you AREN’T at the grocery store.  IN THE NOW, you are NOT doing anything but BEING. You are simply “being”.  Just “being there”.  So that future POTENTIAL doesn’t exist (because come on – that’s all it really is – potential.  What happens if your best friend comes over and you start having a cup of tea or a bottle of beer and you don’t make it to the grocery store?  Ah ha!  Quantum physics.  That grocery store future never happened).

Make sense?

Ok, how about the past?  Again, the same thing as above.  You can envision going to work yesterday but is that happening in the NOW?  No, it’s not.  So just in the exact reverse of the future example, the past doesn’t exist either.

Tolle sums it up perfectly in his new book “The New Earth”:

Even past or future moments only exist when you remember or anticipate them, and you do so by thinking about them in the only moment there is: this one.

So what are you left with.  THE NOW.  Simple.  That’s IT.  NOTHING ELSE EXISTS.

Ok, yeah that’s cool, but how do I live in the Now?

Simple.  Just concentrate on being there and nothing else.  If a thought or emotion enters your head, simply watch the thought or emotion.  Don’t react to it.  Just watch it.  You’ll find it will dissolve almost instantly.

Try this.  Feel your breathing.  Feel your chest move in and out.  Feel the energy running through to your feet, your hands, all parts of your body.  Just BE.  Relax.  No thoughts, just blank.  Almost like a meditation but be aware of any thoughts or emotions that come into your head.  The ego is scared of the Now and will do anything (including put very bad thoughts in your head) to stop it from happening so BE AWARE and simply watch any thought or emotion that comes into your head.  Don’t react to those thoughts or emotions – just watch them.

Did you do it?  Did it last only a second or two?  That’s fine.  That’s all I could do at first (I think I’m up to about 10 seconds or more now).  Understand that us humans have been controlled by the mind for thousands of years.  You’re not going to stay in the Now for prolonged periods right away. But you will very quickly.

You will find peace, joy, and love when you’re in the Now and you’ll feel them too.  Absolute bliss.  Even for a second.  And THAT will keep you coming back for more.

Hey… try it again.  Try it anytime you’re thinking about it.  Try it while you’re standing in line waiting for your Grande two pump mocha, two pump peppermint, 3/4 water, non-fat americano misto at Starbucks (yes, I’m THAT GUY that orders something like that).

You’ll be amazed what you’re going to feel like.

And keep reading… I have some other exciting things to share!

Why am I trying to bang this point home?


This is the reason why all of the Galactics have been telling us that it’s done – we’ve won – because they’re living in the NOW and they are waiting for US to JOIN them!

Remember that equation above?  CONSCIOUSNESS=NOW?  If you’re living in the Now, then you are living in consciousness. And living in consciousness is what brings YOU from what you are right now in 3D up to 5D.  What do you think happens when you’re in 5D?  You SEE the Galactics!  You raise in consciousness to be able to meet them!  You SEE the ships!  You SEE a world with NESARA!

Get it?

How about this question…

What if NESARA, the decloakings, and the arrests are only going to happen if x% of the population becomes conscious (or lives in the NOW)?

Think about that one.  Maybe, just maybe, the Galactics have been waiting for US to realize that we need to live in the Now.  Maybe they need an actual percentage or an actual number of people on Earth that are living in the Now before things can happen! Maybe Jesus was preaching all his life to just live in the NOW.  Be conscious.  Maybe all the predictions around the world – good and bad – are talking about us SIMPLY BECOMING CONSCIOUS?  And what does that mean?


DO NOT worry about the past.  DO NOT worry about the future.  Do you know why?  THEY DON’T EXIST.

Do you know how many people view this site on a daily basis?  Hundreds, if not thousands.

WHAT IF…. Oooooooo, get this!  WHAT IF the Galactics are ready to show up but they need a certain percentage of the population to live in the now and WHAT IF they’re, like, 553 people short of that number?  WHAT IF we, all of us that read this site, started to live in the NOW and BECAME those 553 people.

Would decloakings happen?  NESARA?  Arrests?

You know what?  I’m going to say YES.

OooooOooo!!!  Here’s a good one.  What holiday is coming up in under 2 weeks?  Easter!  Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if decloakings happened at Easter (or even before) – the holiday whereby Jesus AROSE FROM THE DEAD?  What if WE were to ARISE FROM OUR DEADBEAT 3D TO MEET 5D?

I want you to try something for me.  I challenge you to thisFrom now until Easter I want you to try your very best to live in the Now. If you haven’t read the book above, go get it now and read it.  Quickly!

Let’s all live in the Now and see what happens.  I’m not promising anything (obviously) but in the very least, you’ll find absolute peace, joy, and love living in the Now and you will continue living in the Now well past Easter.  You know why?  Because your ego CANNOT penetrate and cause you pain and fear when you’re living in the Now.

You gotta read this…

I have been really concentrating on living in the Now for only 3 days.

Yes.  You read that right.  Three days.

Sure, maybe I have been doing it before but it would have been subconsciously (which wouldn’t be consciously now, would it?).

You know what happened to me in the past three days?  There was an ego problem that was presented to me that I TOTALLY didn’t see.  The ego is tricky like the Devil – “the greatest trick the devil (ego) ever pulled was convincing the world he (it) didn’t exist”.  But because I was in the Now, I was able to realize that I had an ego problem.  I realized this just before I left for work yesterday.

I realized that I had an ego problem it but I didn’t know exactly what it was or how to heal it.  So you know what?  I asked (out loud) for St. Germain to help me learn my lesson Now.  I didn’t want to wait.  I wanted to know what that problem was right Now.

I SHIT YOU NOT but in under 10 minutes, the answer hit me like a ton of bricks.  Seriously!  The answer was in my head in under 10 minutes.  Why?  Because I was living in the Now and where do the Galactics live?  IN THE NOW.

See the connection?

I was so excited it was unreal.  A MAJOR ego problem solved in under 10 minutes JUST because I lived in the Now and asked for help from someone else in the Now!

Try it!  Go ahead!  Be in the Now and ask St. Germain to help you.  Ask Mother.  Ask Metatron.  They’ll all help you because they love you.

Remember – I’m just a regular dude, people.  No special skills here. And I got an amazing growth answer!

And where do you think I got the information and such to type this post out?  Living in the Now.  Because when you’re living in the Now, you’re just BEING.

I need your thoughts!  Comment below.  Let’s talk about this.  But remember – try living in the Now right away.

Ok.  I’m going to bed right Now.

I hope I’ve stirred something deep within.  Let’s make things happen!

We are who we are waiting for!

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Good one, thank you very much. Got a powerburst from reading this :)
Actually this is a very Powerful Post !!!!!! whoaaa amazing.
..thnx Tony.Namaste bro.
The works of Tolle are wonderful in helping one to become fully present.

While I do agree that there are civilizations that are highly advanced spiritually and scientifically I would caution against stepping into a mindset that if we all 'struggle' to become Present we might step into first contact. My experience of going beyond most of my delusions is one realizes they and everyone is already Whole and Complete. Everything is seen and felt as being Perfect and Sacred. There is nothing to change. One doesn't care if there is first contact or not. So if in the Now there are Galatics before me wishing to serve All as I do then so it is. Otherwise I humbly serve All anyway. On the Whole it changes no thing. The ego is struggle and that general feeling of lacking. It is that which clouds Awareness from Love and Infinity.

We are everything we need or could ever want Now. Let go of all you hold of value to realize this. Namaste,
thanks for the post tony... very good message indeed.
i know why this works, because when you worry about the future of feel guilt of the past, it changes our choices we make and keeps us locked in a prision we cant touch or see. Fear of the future and guilt of the past keeps us from following what is in our heart.
As David WIlcock put it: All that has been is perfect. All that shall be is perfect. And all that is Now is perfect.
The grandiosity of that realization cannot be encapsulated into mere words on the printed page.

Simone said:
Thanks Tony, what I understand is...

'Contact' is Within...
Abundance is Within...
Forgivieness is Within...
no need for de-cloakings, no need for Nesara, no need for arrests.

'cuz in the Now, your are in bliss, and everything in the Divine Will is yours already
I like this

paTricia T. said:
I became friends with my ego by being in the now.
Tony, I wrote a piece of rhetoric for you. :o)

The past is forgotten, hidden in lies. The future is unknown, calculated with uncertainties.
It is within the now where one can embrace what is knowing and feel the presence of pure being.
Do you think animals live in the now? I do. I dont see Scooby Doo wearing a watch or bears with pin up calenders on the wall of the den cave. So they live in the now. No fear of the future, no fear to explore to unknown, to experience life with no luggage of the past. Wise elders do say "watch the animals, we can learn much from them"

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