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Science has conceded the error: More than one lab has in fact shown that cell phone radiation can cause DNA breaks. Back in August, reporter Gretchen Vogel claimed that Hugo Rüdiger at the University of Vienna medical school was the only one (see September 3, below). Now, Vogel allows that a team from Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, had previously observed DNA breaks in cells exposed to GSM radiation.

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Hello everyone, if you do a search on the net you can find some products that you can put in your cell phone to diminish radiation. I also believe that health food market sells them too.
Hi Nina

I don't know anything about crystals, but I do want to learn. I tend to believe it can do something - but I must be honest and say that I feel bit sceptic when it comes to holding back the cell phone radiation... but hey, who knows. So if you should know any helpfull sights, please email them to me.

Nina said:
You can also tape a crystal to your mobile phone to absorb the negative emanations - Black Tourmaline and Aventurine come to mind, but I'm sure there are others.
Love and light,
I am pretty sure only the Black Tourmaline would be strong enough to do the job, but it has to be cleansed (to get rid of the negative energies that stay within the crystal) frequently; because this crystal doesn't destroy or transforms the energy/radiation, but absorbs it. I use a Black Tourmaline between me and my computer for more than two years now, and let me tell you: it makes such a difference!! I used to feel very depleted after using the computer for a few hours. Now I don't feel any of that.
Love & light to all
Just deviating a bit from the mobile subject...

My opinion about the books on Crystal Healing:

I also own "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall, and I love the layout and pics, but I have to say that Judy Hall is seen as a (kind of) charlatan in the (serious) crystal healing community. She does not write from her own experience, but takes information from various authors and mix them all together. My ex-teacher winces every time someone pronounces "Judy Hall".

One of the best books I read about crystal healing is "Crystal power, Crystal Healing" by Michael Gienger. He is a geologist that became a crystal healer after extensive studying, and only wrote the book after a 4 year group study on the healing properties of different crystals.

The other book I suggest is "Crystals, Strong and Beautiful" by Lettie Vantol (my ex-teacher). It is written in a very easy to understand way and it is more of a general idea about crystals and crystal healing than describing properties of particular crystals.

Love & light

p.s.: Nina, I love your description of programming a crystal. Spot on!!
Nina said:
Hey Simmy
My teacher also recommends "Crystal Power, Crystal Healing" by Michael Gienger. And of course, "Love is in the Earth" by Melody....but it's so big! And if you want the pictures you have to get a separate book....expensive too. I think I will have to get the Michael Gienger book....
The Crystal Bible is a good starting point for beginners I think, but I know what you mean Simmy... My excuse is that I am still a beginner really ;-) (having only started getting into crystals less than a year ago).

Love and light to you.

Hi Nina,

"The Crystal Bible" is a good starting point indeed! It was my starting point. It made me fall in love with crystals and want to know more. Because of it I ended up doing the two year course in Crystal Healing.

But if you can, buy Michael Gienger's book. It gives you a lot of scientific information as well.

Love & light to you

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