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Lightworker 303: Beam Me Up – Begin Ship Assignments (“Operator, Initiate Docking Sequence” – Matrix Reloaded)

Lightworker 303: Beam Me Up – Begin Ship Assignments
(“Operator, Initiate Docking Sequence” – Matrix Reloaded)
by J’Tariah EnRa El of the Starship Phoenix

Trinity intones in Matrix Reloaded: “Something has been happening to those in the Matrix. They’ve been mutating, changing in ways the machines never predicted. [They] seem to have psychic powers.”

You believe you have already awakened. You are well on your way, yet you haven’t quite woken up fully to your intergalactic life. As you gradually escape the now-dissolving Matrix – your life will synthesize to a 5D through 12D reality – comprised of your entire multidimensional Self upon the ship you are assigned to.  Like Morpheus utters: "If you’re able to accomplish this mission, we’ll phase back into the ship. Stay in contact."

What you perceive as "reality" is a system of holographic projections, which have been mechanically droning on for eons. As Neo exclaims, "It’s not real... You’re not standing there. Step out. I can do it. You can, too." These holograms get temporarily interrupted every 26,000 years by Earth (Shan/Gaia) re-entering the Photon Belt. 

Because of the conclusion of a radical holographic experiment (see  Mechezadek’s 2nd Flower of Life Book) coinciding with the current Photon Belt re-entrance, ALL holographic transmissions are being jammed to a screeching halt now. Like Razor shrieks: "The Matrix, sir. The coding is going nuts!" Reality’s Matrix is now dissolving to the point of all of us – as one – simultaneously achieving freedom.
What does this freedom mean? In the near-future-now, you will be fully multidimensionally AWAKE and living in your ship amongst your star family and star-craft co-workers.  You may be questioning yourself at this point: What type of ship am I on? What is the name of the star-craft I am assigned to? What job am I training for, upon the ships? These are all good points to start from, as this is where your adventurous QUEST begins.
There are multitudes of star-craft forms/styles in the Universe. Categorized by shape, here are just some types of ships:
Merkaba Lightships: These ships appear as shimmering purple, green or golden stars that zig-zag in movement. The majority of these scout ships are Arcturian, Pleiadian, Sirian, or Andromedan.
Oblong / Cylindrical Ships: The majority of these spacecraft appear as enormous cloud-like apparitions. Most of these gigantic star-craft are affiliated with the Ashtar Command or the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance as well as the Galactic Federation.
Spiral Lightcraft: These appear as coiling slowly-moving space vehicles. Nearly all are created and run by Orbs from all systems.
Triangular Space Vehicles: These are three-sided, often with yellow or white lights. Most of these are either data collectors or scout ships, but much larger ones carry a full crew. These spacecraft are manufactured in the Orion Systems but are populated by beings from all over the Universe.

Whether you're near-future-now is life upon a lightship, an enormous space-station craft, or within a starship heading planet-bound, you are already assigned to a specific vessel. There are a vast number of ships which may be your future home, and here are names of just some of them:
Alpha Starship
Starship Athabantian
Starship Capricorn
Starship Empresa
Starship Narcissus
Starship Phoenix
Starship Rainbow
The Dove
The New Jerusalem
The New Zion
(Plus the Flagship Nibiru, Flagship Pelegai and their sub-ship fleets)

While you believe you "sleeping," you are – in fact – being trained for your life upon your ship. You are now attending ship-side schools aligned to your skill-set, talents, plus your higher self’s requests, as well as your Starseed races’ specialties.


In dream recall, you remember sitting in an amphitheater or in a classroom or perhaps taking tests. These memories are from your current ship-side training. Once you leave the Matrix – and are fully trained and synthesized into your One Multidimensional  Self  – you will be engaged in a job / mission within your long-term space home. Although general job areas were summarized in Lightworker 202, here are just some of the many specific space professions you are possibly being trained for currently:
Astrogator / Pilot: controller of ships through mind projection induced by bio-elements or trance methods;
Astronomical Artist: co-creator of 5D-12D sculptures, paintings, and inspired compositions;
Chronicler: detached historian with diplomatic immunity from the Galactic Federation;
Cleric: pan-spiritual ritual leader for multi-world-sourced ceremonies;
Crystal Programmer: data and emotional crystal psychic retriever and recorder;
Earth Cultural Emissary: envoy for planetary customs in social or diplomatic endeavors;
Empath: psychic specialist in the areas of medicine, diplomacy, counseling, and time-line predictions/projections;
Interplanetary Medium: telepathic sender / receivers between space vessels who work in pairs;
Jedi: (trainee for 20 plus earth years before service) impartial diplomatic quasi-martial kinetic-psychic agents  – who work in teams often in perilous assignments  –  answering only to their own organization;
Performance Artist: singer, musician, poet, or other boredom-buster;
Space Gypsy: free agent taking various jobs including trading information/objects on multiple ships;
Subspace Sound System Sculptor: designer of atmospheric mood-enhancing sound waves;
Xenologist: sociologist specialist in specific planetary cultures; as well as,
Xenobiologist: planetary bio-system specialist in specialties within either flora or fauna.
All of these posts/jobs involve training you are undergoing presently as well as on-the-job training once you are fully realized ship-side. Just like Morpheus says: "Reload me." In the now, force your inner "Self" to wake up to all of its multidimensional aspects! Make every attempt to be lucid while your projected body sleeps: talk to whomever you meet in dreams, as are your trainers, teachers, or helpful star relatives and co-workers within your ship.

Now that you know some glimpses of your near-future-now, here is a symbol – which you can meditate upon – which will accelerate the ship-reality melding of your Multidimensional Self:

Meanwhile, WAKE UP -- shake others awake -- and remember to connect to your current ship reality…so log in now:









About the Author:
J’Tariah EnRa El is a Walk-In from Sirius B, who has spent eons working with the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance as a Chloglian Sirian-Pleiadian Hybrid. Currently, she is a published poet and auther as well as an artist with 6 gallery showings.  Her Lightworking includes being a PR specialist for Sananda’s Eagles at She resides in the Lower Left Coast of the U.S. with her child, two cats, a possum and a skunk.  Her new post-Matrix website can be found at  In the near future -- her upcoming articles will cover exciting multidimensional information, including: future home planets, intergalactic cultural understanding, how to interact with non-organic life forms, and more!

Lightworker 101: )
For Lightworker 202:

Distribution Information:
You are free to distribute this essay only if you do so in its entirety including both the article and graphics plus the “about the author” bio with the article links. Thank you and enjoy your new Freedom.


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Cool!!!  Thank you!

All that's left from the title of this posting is,"beam me up scotty!"

Why a New Jerusalem? What's wrong with the old one ;-)

And in heavens name WHY a New Zion?  I think the world is in deep gratitude when we get rid of all those bastards of zion :-)

thank you ^L^

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