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The whole world is reeling from the shock of the attacks in Mumbai.These attacks were aimed at our people, our prosperity and our peace. But their top target was something else: our unity.

If these attacks cause us to turn on each other in hatred and conflict, the terrorists will have won. They know that hatred and chaos feeds on division. They also know that as radical extremists, their only hope of disrupting society as a whole is turning the rest of us against each other.

Let's deny them that victory.

Let us be united and spread positivity throughout.

Peace. Namaste.

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I know you may be from different countries .. But .. I think that we need to awaken as one ...
oh .. i did not know it was already posted ..
It is so tragic, I only hope that people understand that a terrorist attack is an attack out of desperation and not out of evil. Hate is fear, and seeing as how the Muslim world hasn't had a voice in the world for so long the only thing they are able to do to get attention is an attack. They vent their fear thought attacks and we as a people have to start to understand them if we want the violence to end. Remember desperate people to desperate things.
Bro .. with all due respect ... why should v understand them .. ?? i mean, i know they are desperate .. but ... these attacks are crazy ... !!! i mean WTF man ..?? i didn't personally know any victim .. but still, a friend's friend was a victim .. but all said .. i don't really know now what to do !! its sad, very very sad .....
Peace,Love & Transmutation to higher planes to all the soul's who have sacrificed for this Ascension.9-11,Tsunami,so many other events,& now this.Love Light & Laughter to all.

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