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NASA is interested in observing the comet Elenina through their spa... - SOHO Stereo-B

14.03.2011 | PostAuthorIcon Author: Leonid Elenin

As I wrote earlier comet C/2010 X1 near its perihelion will be perfectly visible in the photographs of outer coronagraph SOHO . As I told Karl Bettems (Karl Battams, Naval Research Laboratory ), scheduled for special surveillance in the 4 different filters. Moreover, the estimated technical feasibility of temporary retargeting the spacecraft STEREO-B at the comet, the entrance of their close approach in late July - early August. Maximum convergence will happen July 31 at 13:00 UT. The distance between the objects will be only 7.4 million km (0.04956 AU).The spacecraft can pass through the dust and ion tails of comets. The second option is a bigger threat to the spacecraft. Let's hope that these observations occur and succeed, and the spacecraft without any problems will continue to further work on the sun-synchronous orbit .


Comments (10), "NASA is interested in observing the comet Elenina through their spacecraft

  • Congratulations, I'm sure will be a historical images. 
    A greeting and good astronomy

  • LeonidOSLeonidOS:

    Thank you!

  • Lyndon EatonLyndon Eaton:

    I know you are busy, so i will be brief. 
    1.Do you believe the comet Elenin caused the earthquake in Japan? 
    2.Has the size of the comet been updated larger in recent days? 
    (I heard that the coma was about 28,000 kilm wide.) 
    3.Is there a formula to determine the actual size of the comet object compared to the size of its coma? 
    Thank you Mr. Elenin. 
    sincerely, Lyndon Eaton

  • LeonidOSLeonidOS:

    Hello Lyndon!

    1. No, I can't see the link between my comet in 300 million km from the Earth and tectonic activity in Pacific ocean.

    2. I'm not measurement coma in last days, but do what in the near future. Stay tuned.

    3. No, we can determine size of comet nucleus by measuring magnitude of nucleus. But now comet is very active and we can't precise exclude influence of coma on brightness of nucleus.

    You're welcome!

  • kavehkaveh:

    Hi, will the gravitational pull of this comet cause a major effect on the gravity on earth?sorry i couldn't read russian, i don't now if you have sai anything about this.

  • LeonidOSLeonidOS:

    When we calculate comet path, of course we included gravitational perturbation from the Earth. But this value is negligible. Comet will pass relative far from the Earth. And I think what this is very good :)

  • Lyndon EatonLyndon Eaton:

    Mr. Elenin, congratulations on an historic discovery. I noticed on a video of the comet there was at least one other object that was moving at the same speed and direction as Comet Elenin. Do you think they are asteriods, another comet or debris moving with the comet? thank you for your time, Lyndon Eaton

  • Spike BrownSpike Brown:

    Why is there a brown dwarf next to comet elenin?

  • Leon MajalLeon Majal:

    What kind of software is used to calculate the path of comet?

  • LeonidOSLeonidOS:

    NASA used own Horizons system. Minor Planet Center used own software also. 
    I use ArtemisSIMULATOR for close approach detetions and Russian EPOS package for ephemeris and close approach calculations.


Source : This is a Russian site and was translated using google..

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The length of the tail of a comet Elenina exceeded 900,000 km

(Click above heading to find the source of the article)



Many blog readers have already seen the latest pictures of the cometC/2010 X1 . They tail of a comet's tail extends only 1 arc minute of arc.Is the comet's tail a little or is it just an optical illusion? For their calculations, I used a picture Gustavo Muller (Gustavo Muler) received by him on March 7. Unfortunately, the confrontation of the comet, we could not get her shots on the large telescopes - the camera is out of order seven foot telescope Folkesa (Faulkes Telescope North, FTN).

So, back to the existing snapshot. When approaching a confrontation, when the comet, the Earth and the Sun would be in line (ie, the angle C-C-W will be close to 180 °), the tail of a comet is almost hidden from the eyes of the terrestrial observer, because the tails of comets are directed away from the Sun. At the time of shooting, we saw the tail of the comet at an angle of only 2.75 °! Adopting the length of the projection of the tail for 1 arc minute of arc and solving triangles we see that the actual length of the tail of a comet has exceeded 900 000 km! Although in fact the tail should be even more so as Gustavo used only 30-cm telescope, it is clear that by removing at the same time a comet on a 2-m telescope, we would see the weaker parts of the tail of a comet.

If the March 7 we could see the comet's tail in the profile, its length in the picture would have exceeded 10 minutes of arc! Comet comes into confrontation and we have a good opportunity to get pictures of the coma of a comet. Maybe it will be done and on large telescopes.



Comments (11) on "The length of the tail of a comet Elenina exceeded 900,000 miles"

  • Hello form USA .. I am on two web sites that both are concerned over the following question within the theories of Tom Van Flandern and the web site Thunderbolts [electric comet]

    [Quote = 'SpiritualNature' pid = '783526 'dateline = '1299824029'] 
    rphunter, please feel free to copy my long post with my analysis and thoughts on the possibility of earth going thru the tail. I'd really like some minds working on the equations of

    1) what is comet velocity, 2) what is velocity of particles / meteorites coming away from comet from solar wind (typical for this distance from sun), 3) what is velocity of comet getting closer to earth, 4) add 1 +2 +3 to get vector velocity, 5) [b] is this velocity sufficient to cross about half AU (and less depending on day) to meet earth from behind as comet + tail catches up to us if particle is released around Sept 14th's ecliptic 0 crossing (earth-orbit-aimed). [/ b] 
    [/ Quote]

    1] On 16 October 2011, the comet will pass within about 0.23 AU (34,000,000 km; 21,000,000 mi) of the Earth [2] [u] [b] [color = # FF0000] at a relative velocity of 85,000 km / hr [ / color] [/ b] [/ u]. [2] This relatively bright comet can reach 6th magnitude on September-October 2011.



    [B] [u] [color = # FF0000] PAGE 202 [/ color] [/ u] [/ b] [WATCH OUT SOME OF THE BOOK IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE!]





    [Color = # FF0000] [u] [b] RIGHT NOW THE SOLAR WIND IS JUST A LITTLE OVER 400 KM / SECOND [/ b] [/ u] [/ color] 




  • amyamy:

    Somebody please tell me what it means that Elenin seems to be moving under «Intelligent Control». Also what will happen if the coma of Elenin reaches the size of Holmes? I read on MSNBC website that you said the nucleus of Elenin appeared similar to that of Holmes. Please advise me on this. Thank you.

  • LeonidOSLeonidOS:

    About «Intelligent Control» ... we have many crazy people. And they still invent more crazy theories.

    About comet 17P/Holmes. After explosive, coma was expanded to million kilometers. My comet will pass at 34 million from the Earth. 
    Also we can't predict what nucleus of my comet will be explode such nucleus of comet Holmes.

  • amyamy:

    Thanks for the response. I found on MSNBC where you said «I saw an excellent inner coma, which looks like the mini-version of the 17P/Holmes comet after its powerful outburst in 2007,» Elenin told me in an e-mail.

    My question is what can you say are the similarities between Comet Holmes and Comet Elenin?


    If Elenin explodes as Holmes did, Elenin is much closer and may present a danger to earth, do you agree?

    Thank you.

  • LeonidOSLeonidOS:

    Hi Amy,

    How you can see I'ma real person ;)

    17P and C/2010 X1 may similar by nucleus diameter (17P D ~ 3.4 km) but this comets absolutely different. 17P is old, short-period Jupiter family comet. My comet is «new», they not exhaust volatile as 17P. My comet more dusty and gaseous.

    As I wrote in previous post, coma of comet Holmes expanded to ~ 1 million kilometers in diameter after explosion. My comet will pass at 34 millions km from the Earth. So this is not dangerous for us.

  • dcmandcman:

    Has the comet been revised from its original trajectory of .24 AU at closest approach, and when will we know its final trajectory?

  • KevinKevin:

    my opinion, Leonid your posing.An astronomer has LOTS better things to do than chit chat on the web ... lol like I said my opinion though. When nasa will provide us with actual trajectory and actual size of the comet, rather than constantly contradicting what they and you say, I'll feel one hundred percent safe about Elenin. Nasa said there is NO WAY to know the comets trajectory, it's new, its fresh we have NO RECORD of it's pattern or orbit. An astronomer doesn't SPECULATE what will or will not be, when there is no way to tell for sure. An Astronomer would say ... unlikely, but no way to know FOR SURE because that is the clear fact.

  • AnnaAnna:

    Hi, could you please answer Ron question it is a good one Thanks

  • Hi all, I think the universe is a big place, and objects can approach earth from man different directions, so to assume that we will never be hit is ridiculous, the question is when not if. However Comet Elenin, has not been widely mentioned in the media, considering it will get close enough to create a «spectacular light show» that is close! The fact is that nobody truly knows, it is all «best guess» and that is the best answer we will ever get, until Comet Elenin finally leaves us and heads back out in to deep space. As always it is a yes and no answer, it could hit earth if its trajectory is affected by anything along the way, if not it will probably miss us. There are alignment curiosities and coincidences, such as major earthquakes when the earth was between the sun and the comet, perhaps a coincidence, but we MUST always remain open minded, because in «reality» we know little about this universe, we know very little about «reality!» However it is odd the lack of images, press and ambiguity of information available considering the relative closeness to earth as it passes.I gues we will have to sit patiently and wait ....

  • JackieJackie:

    Leonid, I am grateful to you for sharing your observations with the world, when the rest of the general media is silent! 
    Keep posting your 'best guesses' based on your scientific calculations and the numerous plausible outcomes. 
    Our planet continues to grow smaller as we all reach across the Ethernet and connect and share. 
    Jackie from the USA

  • John CurranJohn Curran:

    Could there be any relation between this comet and the earthquakes on the ground in the Pacific ring. The same string of earthquakes happened in early 1900's along with Tunguska in 1908.

    I find that the whole situation a bit odd? Please look into this, I believe certain comets can have an electrical effect on our planet and actually attract the comet to get closer than previously thought.This would all be new to science



Images on 3rd Jan 2011


PostDateIcon 05.01.2011 | PostAuthorIcon Author: Leonid Elenin


3 and 4 January at the observatory Faulkes Telescope North (FTN) observations were made ​​the first Russian comet. With the help of two-meter telescope Folkesa, obtained detailed pictures of the coma and tail of a comet. The image on the left you can see a wide comet tail, long about 16 seconds of arc, as well as internal coma size 8h9 arc seconds.At the time of shooting the comet was at 545 million km from Earth (3.65 AU).


Source :


PostDateIcon 20.12.2010 | PostAuthorIcon Author: Leonid Elenin


Posted my interview with news site ""

Institute of Applied Mathematics, Leonid Yelenin, the first in 20 years Russian, who discovered the comet, in an interview with "Gazety.Ru talked about how the discovery was made about its scientific significance and the equipment with which the comet was discovered.

- Tell us about a comet that you opened. How far from Earth, it is now? What she orbital period and what will be the maximum brilliance?


- Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) was discovered during routine survey of the sky on Dec. 10, 2010. The work was conducted at the independent Russian remote observatory ISON-NM, which operates on Asteroid Program of the Russian project ISON (International Scientific Optical Network, formerly - PulKON, "Pulkovo cooperation of optical observers").


Last night, Moscow time left circular of the Central Bureau of Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT).Awarded the designation of a new comet C/2010 X1 (ELENIN) . The orbit of the comet until preliminary and definitely will change, so let's talk about it later, but for now I want to say thank you to congratulate all of us and thank those who helped confirm the cometary nature of the object.

Electronic Telegram No. 2584 
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams 
CBAT Director: Daniel WE Green; Hoffman Lab 209; Harvard University; 
1920 Oxford St.; Cambridge, MA 02138; USA 
E-mail: (alternate ) 
Prepared using the Tamkin Foundation Computer Network

Leonid Elenin (Lyubertsy, Russia) reports his discovery of a comet on 
four 240-s unfiltered CCD exposures taken remotely with a 0.45-mf/2.8 
astrograph at the ISON-NM observatory near Mayhill, NM, USA, on Dec. 10,435 
UT (discovery observation tabulted below). After posting on the Minor 
Planet Center's «NEOCP» webpage, other cometary astrometrists have noted the 
object's cometary appearance. A. Sergeyev (Kharkov, Ukraine) and A. Novichonok 
(Kondopoga, Russia) write that four stacked 300-s CCD images taken with a 
1.5-mf / 8 reflector at the Majdanak Observatory in Uzbekistan on Dec. 11.0 show 
a teardrop-shaped, very diffuse coma of diameter 6 "(total magnitude 19.1; 
magnitude of nuclear condensation 20.7) and a tail of length 10 "-12" in pa 
298 deg. WH Ryan obtained R-band CCD images with the Magdalena Ridge 
Observatory's 2.4-mf/8.9 reflector on Dec. 12.47-12.49 that show the object 
to be diffuse with a tail in pa about 315 deg. RS McMillan, JV Scotti, 
and ML Terenzoni report that five 60-s R-band images taken through thin 
clouds on Dec. 12.5 with the Steward Observatory 2.3-mf / 3 Bok telescope (+ 
90Prime CCD camera) at Kitt Peak in 2 "seeing show a coma diameter of about 7" 
and a tail extending 10 "in pa 290 deg. H. Sato (Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan) 
obtained CCD images remotely with a 0.50-mf/6.8 reflector at the RAS 
Observatory near Mayhill on Dec. 12.51 that show an 8 "coma and a 45" tail 
toward pa 285 degrees.

2010 UT RA (2000) Decl. Mag. Observer 
Dec. 10.41707 November 1958 06.29 - 0 34 20.1 19.5 Elenin

The available astrometry, the following preliminary parabolic orbital elements 
by GV Williams, and an ephemeris appear on MPEC 2010-X101. It is possible 
that this comet is of short period.

T = 2010 Apr. 1.810 TT Peri. = 181,193 
Node = 319.659 2000 .0 
q = 5.15165 AU Incl. = 1,456

NOTE: These 'Central Bureau Electronic Telegrams' are sometimes 
superseded by text appearing later in the printed IAU Circulars.

(C) Copyright 2010 CBAT 
2010 December 13 (CBET 2584) Daniel WE Green

There are images posted by Leonoid Elenin on the following link incase you want to take a look..



Comments (46) on "Is there a connection between the compounds Elenina comets and earthquakes on Earth?"

  • kingkevinkingkevin:

    So ... your backing up the fact that each times its earth elenin sun it's a big quake?I mean i'm so uncertain about this.Once is coincidence I could see that.2 is odd, but still passable.But three large destructive quakes the last three times it has lined up with us and the sun seems far fetched to call a coincidence.I hear what your saying, and what the gov is saying, and the media .... Oh wait, they're not reporting on any of this.But I understand what your saying that it's not, but the facts and research shows .... It is!So what can one possibly think of the situation?It's extremely difficult to come out with a straight answer anywhere supporting either side.But JPL clearly shows, Feb 27 2010, Sep May 2010, and March in November 2010 as alignments.These three alignments also sparked unknown anomalies like being moved off the axis?Whirlpools?Weird magnetic field?People NEED and want answers.Not what ifs ... they can have those on their own.Thank you.

  • GLPacGLPac:

    So what you are saying is that this year is going to be a bad one when it lines up in September / October.

    What do you think of the theory that there is actually a Brown Dwarf following Elenin (or the other way around i should say) about one month behind?

    Pictures from this Lady "Amy" Them Who posted in the Comments Below the article on this Website: show Elenin, and then a body of Red Mass That looks eerily Similar to the "Hoax" Red Planet Picture That surfaced on the Internet awhile Back.


  • StewartStewart:

    There really does seem a likely link to some of these, and the more I read about the electric universe, electrically charged comets etc the more evidence there seems to be.

  • AndrewAndrew:

    Can someone explain, or post a link to some info that explains the difference between the two diagrams in each image above?It appears to illustrate two different paths recorded on the same date?

  • Leonid EleninLeonid Elenin:

    Can someone explain, or post a link to some info that explains the difference between the two diagrams in each image above?It appears to illustrate two different paths recorded on the same date?

    I can explain.Left side of picture show conjunction with terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars), the right side demonstrate conjunctions with distant giant planets.

  • GrantGrant:

    I very much would like a response to GLP, kingkevin, and Stewart's questions ...

  • Comets do not produce earthquakes and conjunctions are not perfect.

    1.a comet is far away and is small in comparison to the earth has a gravitational influence ridiculously small.

    2.There can be no perfect alignment, as both the comet, the earth, have different inclination angles.

    Leonid I did not need this article, the mind of the conspiracy always tends to relate everything that has no real relationship.


  • KennethKenneth:

    Keep watching the sky for Planet X (Nibiru).There is evidence Google removed the coordinates from their software google sky so that people cannot see it.Microsoft too.But people like you can see it so keep looking for it and keep us informed at your website.


  • Thank you Mr.Leonard ELENIN for this preliminary investigation regarding whether there were conjunctions between comet Elenin alignment with Earth, and earthquakes on Earth ..

    Me myself Already a DID Similar comparisons on My Facebook note "THE STORY OF ELENIN" @https: / /
    I made comparisons between comet Elenin trajectory from NASA JPL orbital diagram, and earthquakes data from USGS.

    In my opinion, yes there were several conincidences between alignments of comet Elenin and Earth with other celestial bodies such as Sun or other planets with eartquakes ..The alignment combinations can be made up of Elenin-Earth-Sun, Elenin-Earth-Jupiter, Elenin-Earth-Venus, etc.

    In refer to your question, »that on March November 2011, to the conjunction the comet with the Earth remained three days.Is it large or little time interval? »
    This question impress me that when the comet getting closer, then the effect will also be getting more bigger, thus a few days or more before the exact alignment, the 'superposition' of gravity field would already effective on Earth.Subsequently on 11 April 2011 the alignment of Elenin-Earth-Venus (the distance between Elenin and Earth was 1.873AU) had a coincidence with Fukushima earhtquake at 7.1SR.(What a big influence ..?)

    From these coincidences, I think it is not a bad idea to bring along more sophisticated telescopes (on ground, and or on orbit) to get a better empirical data not only visually but also its characteristic on gravity, magnetic, and heat prior September 2011 .

    Keep on the good work ..!

  • AdityaAditya:

    What is the second image in every image?i mean the one to the right?So ... if this thing is really Nibiru, should we start preparing?When will we get to see it with the naked eye, if this comet is REALLY that big ie 3 to 4 times the size jupiter ... or is this comet revolving around Nibiru that is coming behind it, that we cannot see at the moment?

  • DaveDave:

    I also noticed this eq relationship, posted on fb about the alignment only days before the Japan quake.

    Disagree with you Edgar, you cannot know for certain what you say, reason being is that the Earth is a conductor and could be at sufficient charge differential, allowing an electrical coupling to occur.I am not talking about coulomb's electrostatic forces or gravity, i'm talking about a flow of charge, much like the charge characteristics within a vacuum tube.Charge can flow in a vacuum!

    Tell me Edgar what potential difference, and charge capacity might we expect?
    I was in one of those earthquakes listed above, and saw a vivid resonating plasma in the sky above just as the main primary shock wave was generated?For me the correlation is obvious - there are charge couplings occuring.

    There is no need for an exacting geometric alignment either ... when the distance, potential differences, and temperatures etc are tuned to trigger a coupling.

  • Leonid EleninLeonid Elenin:

    What is the second image in every image?i mean the one to the right?

    I already answer on this question.Left side of picture show conjunction with terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars), the right side demonstrate conjunctions with distant giant planets.

    So ... if this thing is really Nibiru, should we start preparing?When will we get to see it with the naked eye, if this comet is REALLY that big ie 3 to 4 times the size jupiter ... or is this comet revolving around Nibiru that is coming behind it, that we cannot see at the moment?

    We can't see this comet by naked eye because this object is relative small comet, not a planet.If comet Elenin is Nibiru, we already catch it without any binoculars and telescopes.Comet coma is semi transparency and such large object as planet can't lurking behind my comet.This is rubbish.

  • Leonid EleninLeonid Elenin:

    Keep watching the sky for Planet X (Nibiru).There is evidence Google removed the coordinates from their software google sky so that people cannot see it.Microsoft too.

    I already answered on this question.And I will post it on FAQ page.

    Please read this

  • StewartStewart:

    What are your views on whether Elenin has smaller bodies accompanying it?

  • GrantGrant:

    Any updates on the comet's size?I remember there being an instance where an amateur astronomer posted his calculations different from NASA and resulted in the forums being shut down ...

  • ArkadyArkady:

    Leonid, finally figured out completely, that the comet is flying is not one - in pictures photo shows 3 other object, ieThe idea is that this is a whole "something") Yes, Leon, you have opened that will be something out of the ordinary, and by this I just proud of compatriot!Naturally, I assumed that these objects and just nothing happens - so whose is the activity?
    Zeitgeist itself is present in the present.But we are all free in our selection.And everyone is better to do consciously.
    Thank you, Leonid!

  • Leonid EleninLeonid Elenin:

    Arkady, I can only completely refute your message.

  • CyrusCyrus:

    Leonid, thank you so much for confronting this pressing question on the minds of so many of your fans.A definite pattern is emerging concerning Comet Elenin and planetary alignments involving both our sun and the Earth.The two largest earthquakes over the past 15 months both occurred during alignments with Comet Elenin and a third alignment on Sept.3, 2010 resulted in the first Christchurch 7.0 earthquake.The coincidense of these large and extremely rare earthquake events happening during an alignment with a single comet also involving the sun and earth three times are too great to be mathimatically probable in my humble opinion.An object of great mass in our solar system, it would seem to appear could only trigger such rare seismic events.Also the closer Comet Elenin has drawn to the interior of the solar system the more and more earth changes we seem to be experiencing with the incredible increase in worldwide seismic activity and also volcanism.So is it really any wonder that people of the earth are questioning if Elenin truly is a comet or a planetary body of some sort?Also during the last planetary alignment with comet Elenin on March 11, 2011 our sun was also extremely active with an X class solar Flare event occurring on March 9 and also several M class and C class solar Flares occurring at this very same time period.The earth also was experiencing a geomagnetic storm of Level-G1 and Level G-2 for three days from March 10-12 as a result of earth directed solar coronal mass ejections.So it appears that comet Elenin may have some sort of electromagnetic effect upon the sun which also directly effects the earth.Only time will reveal if the next alignment on Sept.26, 2011 will bring us even more seismic activity.

  • Amy EvansAmy Evans:

    If, and I mean if this Elenin is just a small comet ... how would it have enough Gravitational Mass to our Earth from all the way out there?And if it should have the ability to effect our Planet from that distance, what will it (They) be able to do when it comes closer in October of this year?


  • On average there is a quake greater than magnitude 7 every month.On any given day there is about a 4% chance of a mag 7 + Earthquake (1915 quakes/365 days = 0.041).Given an error range of ± 5 °, on any given day there is also a 5.5% chance of an «alignment».(10/180 = 0.055. 180 ° is a straight line and «10 = the range 0-5 and also 175-180.» During the Japan quake the comet alignment was 175.8 °) These statements make interesting statistics, but not proven science .

  • Leonid EleninLeonid Elenin:

    On average there is a quake greater than magnitude 7 every month.On any given day there is about a 4% chance of a mag 7 + Earthquake (1915 quakes/365 days = 0.041).Given an error range of ± 5 °, on any given day there is also a 5.5% chance of an «alignment».(10/180 = 0.055. 180 ° is a straight line and «10 = the range 0-5 and also 175-180.» During the Japan quake the comet alignment was 175.8 °) These statements make interesting statistics, but not proven science .

    If, and I mean if this Elenin is just a small comet ... how would it have enough Gravitational Mass to our Earth from all the way out there?And if it should have the ability to effect our Planet from that distance, what will it (They) be able to do when it comes closer in October of this year?

    Kevin, thanks for very interesting statistics.I absolutely agree with you, science can't explain influence comet on Earth.I'm sure that this is not the gravitational influence.
    Electric Universe?Perhaps there is no relation at all.

Amy EvansAmy Evans:

Thank you Leonid:)

Leonid EleninLeonid Elenin:

You're welcome, Amy.


You can do a few control comparisons with other comets, for example with 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann.:)

Does answering the wacky comments here leave you any time for stargazing?:)

Congratulations to Bulgaria!

Ems DEms D:

Hi Leonid

I'm wondering what links are with Nasa on your comet's find.Do you agree on data?

Also Asteroid 2005 YU55 arriving shortly after the comet is 400m in diameter approaching at 0.85 lunar distances.That makes it a quarter a size of the moon approximately and 15 per cent closer than the moon.Knowing the lunar tidal effects please can you identify if you consider that gravitational effects particularly to tides may be caused by this object.

Re 2005 YU55

  • Ems DEms D:

    Hi again Leonid

    In relation to geological effects I wonder what are your thoughts on this object.A spherical asteroid discovered in 2000, 2000 PN9 was at closest approach on March November 2011 at a distance of 0.116AU: the day of the Japan earthquake. 20PN9; orb = 1; cov = 0...

    This object was approx 2Km in diameter ie almost as big as the moon but at a greater distance.

    Here's the data on this object where its size is described and roughly spherical in appearance. ... 25 .. 169B .

    Thanks for considering this


  • DrewDrew:

    YU55 is interesting because it passes inside the earth and moon's orbit around the time we should be passing through the tail of Elenin's comet.

  • ThomasThomas:

    Dr Elenin, Your site is very interesting and resourceful, thank you for your openness, allowing this amateur a front row seat to this amazing event.Congratulations on your discovery also, your contribution to Astronomy is very much appreciated.Bravo!Sitting on the edge of my seat in Virginia Beach, USA

  • RmanRman:

    ummm ... Ems D, I think you are mistaken on the size of the asteroid YU55 in proportion to the moon ... The moon is about 3476Km, at 1000m/Km that makes the moon's diameter around 3476000m ... 
    So YU55 is 400m divided into the moons 3476000m would equal = 1.150747986% (rounded off) the size, so actually the fractional value of yu55 in relation to the moon would be around 23/2000ths of the size of the moon ... 
    Now to be sure I'm no astronomer or expert in this field but I would figure that so long as it stays out at .85 LD (approx 346,722 Km), YU55 will have no gravitational influence on the tides etc ...

    Oh and thanks for your updates and information Mr Elenin!!!

  • CyrusCyrus:


    On average there is only ONE 8.0 magnitude or larger earthquake per year, so please calculate the probability of their being an alignment with one single comet and the earth and sun during two separate massive earthquakes which occur only once per year? And then figure in the probability of a third alignment occurring during a 7.0 magnitude earthquake over a 14 month period of time?

    Just because so called modern science at this time cannot explain the correlation between Comet Elenin and the apparent seismic events which have manifested doesn't negate that there is a relationship. Astrophysicist, James McCanney has written several books on comet theory and electromagnetism which appear to better explain such a relationship. Since modern science isn't able to explain the apparent relationship that these alignments are exerting upon the earth, then it would be most prudent to look for alternative theories outside the mainstream of science by learned individuals with the education, knowledge and experience to intelligently offer up alternative theories. I believe that James McCanney from Cornell University is such an individual and that we shouldn't dismiss his comet theories especially when his alternative theories about an electric Universe, possibly explain what we see happening with Comet Elenin in relationship to the increase in seismic activity. It is my opinion that there is not a casual relationship between these events.

  • Lyndon EatonLyndon Eaton:

    Thanks again Mr. Elenin for taking the time to answer these questions. I agree with you, there may not be any relationship to the comet and earthquakes on earth. This could easily be coincidences. I am still curious about the size of the comet, and other objects that will approach us at the same time. It is also quite compelling to see the comet go in front of earth around oct. 22. i wonder if the tail will have debris in it that would enter our atmosphere? Thanks again for your difficult research. Lyndon

  • JasonJason:

    Thank you for posting. Having looked into the dates with my limited knowledge of gravitational effect, orbital resonance etc the only thing I can see with any kind of regular occurrence is Jupiter being in alignment, in several cases with Sol, Saturn, Uranus and other planets - and in other cases with Sol and comet Elenin. There seems to be a lot more involved regarding gravitational effects causing earthquakes than just the alignment with Elenin and the Earth. I'll be looking into solar events around these dates as well. have a great day 

  • Lyndon EatonLyndon Eaton:

    You brought up the Nibiru / Planet X subject in the FAQ, and stated that the comet would be gone a year before the planet was suppose to arrive. Experts reveal there was a different way to count the days for the year, and many of them believe the real 3,600 year period ends around Sept / Oct of 2011. This is the main reason researchers keep commenting on the coincidence of the comets arrival. The truth is, there is no scientific facts to prove that planet x even exists, or has any connection to the end of the Mayan calender. This is still educated speculation. But there is compelling coincidences between the Mayan calender ending, and the research done by historian Stitchin on the 3,600 year cycle of destruction. It may not be exactly 3,600 years, but could vary each cycle, and could be something like 3643 years. No one knows.

  • CyrusCyrus:

    Let us not forget that a succession of three large earthquakes have occurred with three consecutive alignments of comet Elenin, the Sun and Earth and that two of those alignments occurred during the two largest earthquakes of the past two years.

    8.0 and larger earthquakes only happen once per year on average while last year according to the USGS there were 21 7.0 - 7.9 earthquakes globally, so the chances of this happening by coincidence are small.

    However what we are witnessing is a definite pattern of rare and strong seismic activity happening during three consecutive alignments involving comet Elenin, Earth and our Sun, and such occurrences shouldn't be lightly dismissed.

  • travistravis:

    elenin orbits around the sun on this end .... what does it orbit around to send it back?

  • Where are all the comments? There was one from Amy that you answered about effects of comet being too small to explain these anomalies, implying something more massive behind it.Where is it? Your blog shows 32 comments, and I know the following (WITH YOUR REPLY) used to be here -

    «April 22, 2011 at 21:06

    If, and I mean if this Elenin is just a small comet â € | how would it have enough Gravitational Mass to our Earth from all the way out there? And if it should have the ability to effect our Planet from that distance, what will it (They) be able to do when it comes closer in October of this year?

    Amy »

    What's up? :) Where are the 14 other comments?

  • Sorry comments have reappeared!!!

    I know it wasn't my cache, so just heads up - may be something buggy with the comment display.

  • NickNick:

    Hi Leonid,

    you are doing a great work! 
    Now you are studying the possible influence the comet should have on earth when aligned with sun.

    Do you know that there is an alignement in the famous date 21/12/2012?

    what can you say about that? coincidence? what a lucky shot! don't you think?

    keep up the good work and let us know


  • Ems DEms D:

    Hi Leonid

    Please ignore my last post. Too late at night for my Maths! Rman is absolutely right.

    Thanks for providing more details on your discovery


  • MarkMark :

    Yelenin you make these people mad. 
    You are such a funny guy.

  • Leonid EleninLeonid Elenin:

    Hello Bogdan,

    You can do a few control comparisons with other comets, for example with 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann.

    This is absolutely different comets. 29P is short-period, «old» comet. They have distant perihelion and practically circular orbit. I think what current passage near the Sun is first for my comet. This is very long period comet with the near parabolic eccentricity. 29P is more larger than my comet, perhaps in ten times.

    Does answering the wacky comments here leave you any time for stargazing?

    I'm answer on question when I have some free time. I love my site and try to answer to all. But, can't do that. If I skip something question, this is not a reason for make new conspiracy theory. I physically can't answer on all questions : (

    Bogdan, thanks for congrats and for very nice program - Stellarium.

  • kingkevinkingkevin:

    It's not a conspiracy ... what I said actually happened. I never said it IS causing earthquakes.What I presented was factual information, stating that it seemed odd with each sun elenin earth alignment there are huge earthquakes. Science knows VERY little about space as we've seen in the last three months with all the larger than befores and different than befores, I think my observation and question were completely legitimate! Wanting to get the best possible answer from someone who knows a bit about it is all.

  • LangLang:


    How big is the comet? What is it orbiting around?

    Thank you

  • StewartStewart:

    Is it true that when Elenin passes it will obscure the sun from Earth? 
    Thanks Stewart

  • AdityaAditya:

    So if this is REALLY nibiru ... when wud we be able to see it by the naked eye? i mean if it was really THREE TO FOUR times the size of jupiter, it wud be seen by now as it is THREE TO FOUR TIMES CLOSER TO EARTH than jupiter, and if u look carefully, HAARPS electromagnetic device (its called something) 's graph is very high compared to other days on the 11th to the 13th

  • CyrusCyrus:

    Back in Dec. of 1981, Astronomny Magazine wrote an article intitled «Search for the Tenth Planet»

    The article pointed out that soon astronomers would be probing the outer reaches of the solar system in search of a large planet that would explain the 160-year old mystery that would account for the wobble of Uranus. Something was exerting a strong gravitational pull as was first detected in 1821 by French astronomer, Alexi Bouvard.

    The article went on to explain that the US Naval Observatory was using computer data in order to find the best target zones to search for the (elusive) tenth planet.

    The NY Times then wrote on June 19, 1982 that the US Pioneer space probes would be used by scientist to search for a tenth planet lying in the outer reaches of our solar system. Stating, «That persistent irregularities in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, suggest some kind of mystery object is really there ... and it may lie five billion miles beyond the known planets».

    Then on Dec. 30, 1983 the Washington Post declared, That the US infrared astronomical satellite has discovered «a heavenly body possibly» as «large» as «Jupiter» has been found with in our solar system in the direction of the Orion constellation.

    We no longer hear from NASA, anything more about this infamous tenth planet?

(For Source link click on the above heading)
PostDateIcon 10.04.2011 | PostAuthorIcon Author: Leonid Elenin
Image taken on 8th April 2011

On April 8, our next Observatory were carried out observations of Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) . Analysis of the results of observation indicates the rapid growth of the coma. In addition to internal, compact shell of gas is visible in the picture and produces over discharged outside the coma, its diameter is greater than 1 arc minute of arc, ie 80 000 km! It is possible that such rapid growth is associated with coma "overlay" on her dust tail of a comet, which, after the confrontation and remains invisible to the observer on earth.

Brilliance of a comet as abroad exceeded the 16 th magnitude and assessment Artem Novichonka was 15.4m. Such an assessment podverzhdaetsya first visual nablyudzheniyami comet obtained Jakub Koukalom (Jakub Koukal) and Juan Gonzalez (Juan José González), April 4 and 5, respectively. It is worth noting that another well-known visual observer of comets Hale, Alan (Alan Hale), who became in 1995 co-discoverer of Comet Hale-Bopp , was unable to discover a comet Elenina April 5 in a 41-cm reflector ...

From left sealed and one more event - the convergence of the comet and asteroid 4336 Elenina Jasniewicz . Here the proximity of objects that are shared by only 11 arc minutes, not an optical illusion, but a real, physical proximity of the two celestial bodies. At the time of shooting, the distance between the comet and the 6-kilometer asteroid was only 1.495 million km (0.01 AU) that exceeds the average distance from Earth to the Moon (LD) only 3.9 times. The maximum convergence of the two objects took place a few hours earlier, they are closer to 1.12 million km (0.008 AU).

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