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LAUREN C. GORGO ON COMET ELENIN/NIBIRU -there is nothing to fear

"There is a comet referenced that is actually not a comet at all, but a celestial body that houses a very advanced civilization.  There is also that which many are calling 'the comet of destruction'  but we assure you it is not in the way that most think.  This comet is the prophesied "harbinger of peace", and toward that end it will create changes and upheaval, but not in a way that will destroy the earth."

What's also interesting….besides the fact that no one has any solid idea of how all this will unfold…is that back in February, I received a message from a group of archangels  who talked, in no uncertain terms, of the return of a 12th planet that they refer to as "Nibiru" (another target of sensationalism, so please refrain from hitting the panic-button) and how this directly impacts our 12th dimensional consciousness. They mentioned that:

"in the coming days, there will be even greater awareness of the implications of Nibiru's presence in your solar system, and those who have fully reconnected and activated their 12th dimensional human-galactic genetics will be brought into alignment with the energies and beings from this celestial body."

They also mentioned that:

"... the yet-to-be-officially-discovered-planet is, in large part, responsible for setting the new consciousness course for humanity, and will enable the 12th dimensional field of perceptual reality to be projected into form…a dimension which they refer to as the field of mind-body connection.

Like all planets, this 'new' planet on its way to our awareness is the macrocosmic expression of our microcosmic experience on earth….the 12th dimensional cosmic interplay required for the full integration of spirit into physical form

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This is probaly one of the more positive beliefs of awareness that I have heard ,how ever it goes I feel it will be a ride of a lifetime to experience.And one thing for certain after it has passed there will be in the new reality great changes everywhere and in all living creatures.ThankyouTurquoice for sharing.

I knew it.

(Nibiru) 'is, in large part, responsible for setting the new consciousness course for humanity ...'












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