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interview with Sheldan starting at 19:44


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An Avatar like a drop of Water, Yes YOU dearest CHRISTINA, so innocent but yet so tremendously full of WISDOM, tell me Greatness.. WHO are you really? Everytime you seem to amaze me in a big way ~*L*~
Is it even possible You Are (already) Aware that you have a special purpose here on Earth ? Because I do not believe in coincidence.. I know you now for several years and everytime, you deliver the answer of truth :-) And you know Sheldan isn't my favorit ... But when my heart starts to pound, I know I must listen ^L^

Namasté my sweet friend CHRISTINA and my deepest wish...   IN LAK'ECH

dear trudy, thank you for your kindness.

you are a wise soul yourself and one with a golden heart!

we are our own teachers and students,

but sometimes we may need the very ones who are not our favourites to serve as a mirror,

to further our spiritual growth.

there are no coincidences and things happen for a reason.

you've had your fair share of trials and tribulations.

no doubt it's been a heck of a ride!

yet, you have remained strong!

never underestimate your own power.

namaste, dear friend of mine :)


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