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thought this was quite the thought-provoking read...enjoy!  :agree:

"New Crop Circles Found in England May Offer Proof That A New Earth Is About to Unfold"
Latest crop circles seem to confirm the new Earth prophecy is well underway

News | July 31, 2010

Reported by Scott Mowry

To read remainder of article, click on title found at the following blog link:

 O:-) :earth:

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I thought so too...would be nice if there really was some truth to what they theorize - well, I'm certainly betting on it!

Simone said:
That interpretation makes a lot of sense, thanks!
Really interesting! Thank you!
I hope we see some more circles now that September's weather (here in the UK) is looking promising!
i guess we'll probably continue being presented with them till the harvesting is completed for this season!
It does make sense that the fractals can represent the new earth unfold.

Thanks for posting Maricel.
Your welcome, pleasure! yeah, I think keeping our focus on the areas of fractals and sound frequencies, we'd be getting closer to how this whole conscious thing and the way the universe, actually works.

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