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This what i am about to write has been in me from childhood.
I never thought i'd acctually speak of it to others like this.
As i have thought it was only my imagination.
But lately it has become stronger and its meaning makes more sence now than ever.
It has been within me like nothing more than a dream or fantasy.
But it has allways been the same and never changed.

So here i go...

"Something wicked, beautiful and "AMAZING" (cant find a more powerful word at the time)
Is coming our way, technically its allready here.
It shines SO bright, but its not white. Its purpose, unstopable. Its purpose is to bring upon change when needed. And it definetly is needed here on this earth. It cant be observed, it cant be controlled.
Some have tried to observe it but it was futile.
Its there, its here, its EVERYWHERE. They are many but they are ONE!
It was designed to stand alone. Totally. It observes ALL that is. With no outside influences. No council, no authority stands above it.
It is fear, it is love, it is chaos, it is balance, it is harmony, it is war and peace. All in one.
Thats what makes it so incredibly powerful.
Its purpose, unstopable once called for and needed.
It laughs at those who try and understand it. (Believe me i've tried, when i get so close i can feel i can amlost touch it.. its like it opens its eyes and say "KNOCK KNOCK" and i get scared of it cause its so emense, so GREAT)
Even the most evil beings will cry in pure fear cause its love is so great.

Remember its purpose, unstopable. (those who choose to be of this or allready have chosen it. as i see it from a long time of dreaming and feeling of this. Its like a Universe Guardian of ALL that is.)
It is "naturally" invisable at all times, only visable for show and purpose.

I have no name for this... thing, being(s)

But i know its coming one day. I just really hope it will show itself. :) Uncertain this is.
I personally believe that i reincarnated here to experience its revealing and purpose in this 3 density reality. So i would know how amazing it really is. That and life itself of course.
So for now this all i can say about it... There is more but i myself havent dared going too deep into it.
As i said. When i get close to "touching" it... it sort of says "KNOCK, KNOCK"
And i freak out a little! :)

Anyways, i really hope some of you out there have had this feeling too and\or know what i speak of.
That would be great. I know we are not many here on this planet of this, but we are defenitly enough.

-Love from Ulf-

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