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My Grandfather bought his family from England to Sydney Australia to manage the woollen mills,but sadly died young, My father inherited his business savvy and good looks and soon met my mother a very beautiful looking woman and very much a party person, their life together was full of drama and socializing. My brother and I had to fit in somehow, It didn’t bother me too much, as I was very independent and had another world that I knew was full of love for me, I didn’t even think to question what this world was, It was just there in my dreams and sometimes in my waking state sort of a presence that was inside of me. When I was 12yrs. My Dads businesses went broke and he left us and the Country, No one in our family discussed this, he was just gone. We were suddenly bankrupt and Mum while having a totally different life was still not the motherly type. She soon remarried and at 14yrs. I left school and went to work. The Nuns at my school I’m sure partied that day as I questioned the judgemental God thing the day I started religious studies. I followed my Father’s footsteps despite a learning difficulty and had my first Dog Grooming salon at 17yrs old, Married at 19yrs. And had my beautiful daughter Carolyn. Divorced at 24yrs. And 4yrs.latter had my Son and best friend Paule.We had a good life with pony club and our animals, all up I’ve had 5 Dog grooming salons over the last 40 yrs.Spirit has often given me little gifts over the years letting me know of the existence of that beautiful world, It was my faith in my intuition and a dream that saved my new born’s life. But apart from the occasional circles or workshops, I was too preoccupied with giving my children the gift of love and self respect for themselves, so they could draw on their own inner wisdom, and they do, I am very proud to say they are great independent thinking, happy people who honour themselves first and then others.4yrs ago I went through stuff with my mum as usual and then when I saw the live animal transport I lost the plot, I denounced my beautiful spirit world and God, Which was a turning point for me as it empowered me, for as a Catholic I was destined to burn in the fires of hell for that! So I definitely released belief in fear. However, what followed was 2 years of an angry person who had no contact with spirit until I had a vision on Christmas eve 2006 and soon after that my old connection with the spirit world started again, but with a new intensity, for 2 years the frequencies that went through me were incredible, I received all manner of inspired thought that directed me to study and experiences that changed my life both physically and emotionally, my healing capabilities and intuition came back but with more intensity. I was led to Blossom Goodchild, her guide White Cloud and The Federation of light. I was told by an astrologer 25 years ago that I have a grand trine and 2 tridolsols in my chart and that when I am 54yrs I will be drawing on past life learning’s to do something very Aquarian, new age, in nature. when I did a past life with my healing circle, I went to a life on another planet and when I recently went to a medium and these frequencies went through me while I was there, I went to a place of pure bliss and as the medium brought me back, I noticed a burgundy vortex with a being at the enterance and a crystal pyramid, My hands were electric, It took 3 attempts for me to sit up, not a good feeling for someone who likes to be in control, but I’m getting better at releasing that aspect of me, and trusting, the more the universe gives to me, Since I was inspired to send Blossom the roses the Federation of Light and White Cloud have gifted me with so much more, I am home. They have assisted me to recognise the wisdom in my heart and the hearts of others, I now know ‘All is as it should be’ and that knowing has caused a peace within, and so I can create the world without, a world of peace of love of joy of freedom. And this is how we all will connect to the one yet retain our individuality and co create together our New Earth.LOL

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Blessings to you dear Kerrie...
Your energies always feel so peaceful
ahhh there you go. ^_^

strangely, my astrologer said the same thing.

-she was bent over calculating my chart-
she: ", aquarius...!"

-then a huge grin erupted on her face, bless her 82-year old soul-

"so you are here to do aquarius' work!"

no timeline given. she just said soon in the future.

then i thought of ellen degeneres and the media, so i thought i would be an entertainer or a media mogul. LOL at the very least a comedian. haha

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