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How to know God, The third Jesus(Deepac Chopra) Conversations with God 1 2 &3 What God wants (Neil Donald Walsch) The Isaiah effect (Gregg Braden)Lifting the veil & With A Little help from my friends (Dawn Hill) White Clouds 1 2&3 Snapshot (ebook) The Bridge (Blossom Good Child) God and the evolving Universe, Tenth Insight ,The Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield) The Complete Kabbalah course (Paul Roland) Sacred Contracts, Why people don't heal and how they can, Entering the castle, Anatomy of the spirit (Caroline Myss).Dancing in the light (Shirley Mclain) Beyond prophecies and predictions (Moira Timms)A New Earth The power of now (Eckhart Tolle)How to let go and let the devine do the work (Lola Jones)( in the dark,The tale of Red Eagle by Ezio De Angelis.Soul Truth as channeled by Theo through Sheila Gillet,The Moses Code,Beyond the Emotional Roller Coaster by Anthony Salerno.

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