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Keeper Of The Golden Light Codes ... And ... Freeing The Mind By Jamye Price ... And ... Remembering Love Is Within You And All Things By Shanta Gabriel

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Keeper Of The Golden Light Codes

Beloved Holy Presence of God, thank you to open all channels of eternal Light in us.
May we be cleared of all Artificial intelligence signals and transmissions of Mind Control, from nonhuman or human sources.

May we fortify and expand all of our spiritual links

May we fortify and expand the Light of God in our heart,
May we activate our inner spirit and Christ shield to be in full unification with the Krystal Star, with the Godhead itself, and with the Ascension timelines, the Aurora time continuum of God, Sovereign - Free time.

May we stand by our very existence, honour, integrity and alignment to divine truth, justice and balance.

May we amplify our pillars of protection to extend to those who seek shelters of God’s Light.

May we release and clear any and all energies, entities, miasms, structures, devices, as well as implants, holographic Inserts and their implants that were creating interference, dark manipulation, weakness or vulnerability in our field at this time.

May we clear planetary miasma influences from the grid networks of reversal life currents that resonate with any imbalances that create vulnerability to disease blockages or forms of disconnection.

May we correct disease, disconnection or pain through any onslaught of miasma created from the planetary field or the larger magnetic shifts, which are directing tremendous amounts of miasm and Dead Energy into the energetic fields of planet.

May we clear the miasma influences from our body: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

May we clear attachments, fragments, personalities, any negative alien machinery or artificial software and their signals or structures.

May we replace with the organic matrix of Krystal Star Double Diamond Sun Body where needed and necessary.

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May we all seal, protect our aura, and reconfigure all neurological components of our system in the nadis blueprint of our central nervous system, as well as our brain and nervous system, physical nervous system itself, to fully run Krystal Star Algorithms, to run the Aurora colors, Rainbow Ray colors.

May we replace the organic matrix of energy consciousness and connection directly with the vital forces of our body to circulate directly from the Godhead & Christos-Sophia body.

May we clear any and all disease implants: now self, other self, in the collective mind, in all combinations.

May we divinely correct the brain and nervous system patterning.

May the God-self, Christ-self take full governance and control as the sovereign brain and nervous system of each being that is in direct consent with their heart and their highest expression of divinity in God consciousness, as God, Sovereign, Free beings.

May we clear all fear, conflicts and trauma contributing to imbalances in the brain and entire central nervous system.

May we repair and restore energy receivers and energy transmitters in the neurological system brain, and etheric nadis through the Krystal Star blueprint and organic matrix, as God would have it be.

May we all be true to the highest expression of our divinity as a God, Sovereign, Free being.

May we dedicate fully, as a sovereign brain, as a vessel of transmission of our God-self and to receive only the messages, impulses and information from electro-magnetic signals that are directed from our God-self, Christ-self only.

May we all connect to Krystallah in the seven cores tones of God: KA RA YA SA TA AA LA.

May we all be consecrated as God, Sovereign, Free and directed only to be governed by the impulses of our Krystal Star God-self, the highest expression of our divinity in this moment, and to terminate any and all manipulation or hijack of our senses from past, present, future in all identities.

May we all correct blueprint structures now in the morphogenetic imprint, correct all memories and influences through the morphogenetic imprint.

With much love and gratitude, we thank our God-self, our Guardian Teams, advisory teams and guides, we ask to extend to each individual as needed and necessary, for their highest expression of support in this now moment, to further their consciousness and ascension process and to remove all obstacles of interference, obfuscation, mind control or direct interference with that person's divine right and ability to coexist in the field of God, as they choose in this moment, in cosmic sovereign law.

May we all receive the help, support, and etheric surgery that is needed or necessary in the morphogenetic field imprint to restore the being to health, balance, sanity, self-determination and the divine right to choose their highest expression, path and mission, and to fulfill their divine purpose as God would have it be.

May we clear all memory and influences of falsity, clear all trauma or pain memory and influences permanently and completely.

Beloved Mother & Father, thank you for your Light & Guidances as we cleanse & remove everything that stands between Gaia and Heaven on Earth; as we cleanse & remove each barrier concerning the union of divine feminine and masculine; as all obstacles are removed & pulled out of Gaia and transmuted into pure love.

Joy On Earth
Harmony On Earth
Peace On Earth
Abundance On Earth
Heaven On Earth
Love On Earth
Now & Always 
Let there be love 

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Freeing The Mind By Jamye Price

Blessed Being, your mind is a powerful tool of creation. It categorizes, analyzes, defines, and refines based on information that is known. The mind itself does not access new information; that is the realm of passion, love, the heart, the vastness, the unknown. It is the heart that will reach out to potential.

Let the mind merge with what the heart desires to create.

Do not fault the mind for its perceived limitation, for it serves great function. Instead of perceiving a limitation, look to the mind’s connection with the whole.

As you perceive the beauty in the functionality of the mind, you free it from its limitations and open it to enhanced capability. The mind offers a path to the heart to create its desire on Earth.

If you were to walk in a circle repeatedly, you would eventually wear a well-defined path into the ground. You would observe the seasons changing, the plants growing—life occurring around you. If you walked long enough, the path would be so deep that it would be hard to get off of the path, for its depth would present a difficult climb.

It is the same with your mind. As you think similar thoughts, perceive the past as one way, define another being, define Time, compare based on known information—you are only allowing the mind to walk on the same path. The heart’s creation is then limited.

An open mind creates a path for the Heart by Jamye Price

As you Free the Mind to open to new possibility, you expand its potential to traverse a new path. To do this, begin simply, and practice a daily meditation that takes your mind out of your every day thoughts and helps your mind merge with your heart of Divine Love. Your thoughts and your feelings are your subtle nature. They inevitably intermingle, yet in general you have developed a propensity based on your environment.

Were you supported in your formative years to express your thoughts and feelings in healthy ways? If not, support yourself now. Do you know how to honor your anger and allow it to serve the expansion of life? Do you resist feeling badly, or do you know that any experience can be transformed into a benefit for life? This is how you become an empowered Loving individual.

Avoidance creates an illusion that breaks easily. That is walking the same path until you are so deep that you no longer see the seasons.

To Free the Mind, open it to the heart’s desires.

Open your mind to the joy that you want to create. Open your imagination into the realm of what has yet to be created in your experience and touch it with your heart (feel it), touch it with your mind (imagine it). Feel it. Imagine it. Feel it.

What often closes the mind to new information is “how.” Beautiful mind, that is its function. But when the “how” is unknown, and the being is not heart-strong, the unknown is painful—the mind knows only lack. The shut down begins.

Why want only to be disappointed? Why imagine only to come back to a reality of lack? Dear One, that path can be so well-worn and deep that even the seasons no longer touch your reality. There is no colorful spring or fall. There is no growth or rest. Only walls of dirt, ever deeper, ever more real, becoming the only known reality. Who could convince that being there is more?

Avoidance Creates an Illusion that Breaks Easily by Jamye Price

Time’s gift is that it offers you unlimited potential in every moment. Take the rope of hope that the heart offers, climb it, don’t let it go. That rope of desire is Time’s gift, Life’s gift. It never goes away, for Life itself is bound by Love—never afraid to keep offering potential to you.

The heart wants. Let your mind touch those emotions of joy, desire, fulfillment, sharing, connection, and new potential. As you Free the Mind from the fear of “how,” you open your path to a new direction. As your thoughts and feelings intertwine, you entangle your self with new potential. You become whole in your subtle form.

To help open the mind, begin with a simple affirmation, “I don’t know – yet.” This simple statement opens you to the journey of life. Discovery. Experience. You are discovering the greater Truth of you, the broader Truth of Life. The unknown is becoming known within you. Only to give way to another unknown. The journey continues.

As we sit to Blast Freeing the Mind, we are crossing bridges into new possibilities that have always been in Time’s potential. We are recognizing our infinite ability to Love Life as its creation becomes known to our open hearts and minds.

We are no longer afraid to feel, for any positives or negatives transform into new form within our subatomic nature informing Life. We are powerful, and we are coming online. For stepping onto a new path of Love begins with the choice within. That line has just been crossed. Blast on!

Video - "Solara An-Ra's Triple Heart Portal Ascension Meditation"

Remembering Love Is Within You And All Things By Shanta Gabriel & Archangel Gabriel

This message from Archangel Gabriel reminds us to turn away from outer appearances and find the grounded presence of Love within us and within all things.

The Gabriel Message Card For The Week:

Your Job is to have no attachment to the appearance of disharmony and hold to the Divine  Love within You and all things.

Shanta's Message .....

At its deepest essence, Divine Love is inherent within all things, and Consciously coming back into our heart centers and allowing ourselves to see this as our Truth is a powerful spiritual practice.

Awakening within us all is a connection to the divinity that is the deepest part of our true nature. We are here in this time on Earth to blend our human selves with the most Divine Love that exists in all the Universe.

It is very reassuring when we remember that this Love is always present, guiding us through lives that are changing more quickly than we can comprehend. I know that when I turn away from outward circumstances, come back into my heart and pray for it, there is a Peace that enfolds me in surprising ways.

I have absolute Faith that we are not alone and that we are being led through life's changes by a Love that never ends. With every breath I take, may I and all beings remember this deep and abiding Truth.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for helping me to feel your Love filling my heart and soothing away the fears that rise unbidden in my mind. Please increase my Faith and my ability to chart my life's course with a deep and conscious connection to my inner guidance.

I am grateful that my mind is open to new possibilities and Creative Solutions in all situations, no matter how they look. Allow me to Know truly with every step I take that I am protected and that I proceed with the Grace of pure Divine Love. Thank you God. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

Video - "Ascension Grid Activation 2019-2020" By Solara An-Ra


Archangel Gabriel's Message .....

Deep within you and all around you is Divine Love. When you are free from distracting thoughts about the surface appearance of the world, it is easier to remember this truth. Even if you are in a situation that appears to be upsetting, know deeply in your heart that God's Love exists within all things. When you remember this higher wisdom, the outer world of appearances has no choice but to fall in line with your focus of attention.

It has become a scientific truth in the study of quantum physics that the particles of atomic fields arrange themselves into form when the focus of the scientist's attention is there. Before this focus of attention, the particles were waves of energy with unlimited potential.

Many books have been written which describe this process in detail. This field of unlimited potential, waiting for your focus of attention, is why your thoughts are so powerful. This is why you can create your new reality by holding a vision of what you want to see happen.


The universe will be creating your reality according to your thoughts, whether you are paying attention or not, so having a conscious awareness of the future reality you choose to create is very potent. Imagine a world of Love in your thoughts. Focus your attention on this as truth, and you shall have it.

Know that with God all things are possible. This means it is possible for the world to live in Peace and Harmony, for all people to have enough food to be healthy, and that all can live in joy-filled Abundance. Despite appearances to the contrary, this is Divine Will for all human beings.
Your deepest beliefs will affect this process. It is good to be aware of the subconscious thoughts that run contrary to your future visions. Your thoughts are the vehicle to create a world of Love and Peace for yourself and all others in alignment with this idea.

Know that one of the greatest truths in the universe is that God exists in all circumstances and Divine Love is within all things. Hold your mind on the power of God's Love, ask for a miracle if you need it, and allow this Universal Presence of Love to show you a reality where Harmony and Beauty are all that exist.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:


Your job is to have no attachment to the appearance of disharmony but to hold to the Love within all things.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
December 15, 2019

Video - "2020 Activation Meditation" By Solara An-Ra -


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