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I was just wondering if there were any k-9 Extraterrestrial races or anything like that out there and if so if anyone had any info on them. Namaste

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Dogs are mans/womans best friend in the animal kingdom. I'm not sure for certain, but do think dogs would accompany many other ET races all over the galaxy and universe. Now If there are intelligent dominating K9, I'm not so sure of. I do believe all sentient races are humanoid.

We can learn much from our dogs. Dogs love their masters un-conditionally. They don't judge us on race or looks. Also, they can sense our feelings. They can see our auroras and know when we are sick.
We can learn much from animals in general. They are well connected to the Earth. Pay attention some time. You will see.


To my knowledge some people think there could be, because some think that Sekmet, an Egyptian Feline Goddess with the head of a Lioness, was representative of a Lyran. This is only what I heard so don't quote me on that! There is another Egyptian god called Anubis, who has the head of a jackal(or just a full one depending on the circumstance). A jackal is a type of wild dog, so who knows. Just so you know I've encountered people who are disagree if you suggest Sekmet is a Lyran, they say that she is only a goddess of this earth and have nothing to do with Lyrans. I don't know myself, I'm just throwing out a theory that someone told me that others have contradicted. Personally my opinion they are both their own entities and are not aliens! Which you can quote me on! Hope that helps in some way.
Just wanted to add that in Scifi there are alot of K9 Extraterrestials, but that is obvious. I just wanted you to know i was aware of that, and realize that some of those species could be real.

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