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Today was made official the old "secret" practice of listening mobile phones, privat messagess, following e-mails and so on. We have a new Law allowing that.
What next?

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It's criminal and an envasion of privacy. But like you said, it's an old secret and they've been doing it for years. They've just given themselves permission now. I think we're going to see a lot more of that kind of thing coming up in more countries. A fear tactic for those who've been under the impression they've had the privledge of privacy, when for years now no one who's technologically connected in this world has really had privacy.

in fact i wonder if we're having privacy over here, right now, as i type this message. LOL

i know when i was searching on an online map website for secret places to gift before my gifting sessions,
my computer TWICE mysteriously opened up my anti viruses programs in a very weird popup box TWICE to close the browser (this has never happened before in my years of using this notebook)

i maintain my innocence! i was merely searching for maps...!
"No one may Interfere or participate in the life experience of another but through invitation by fear.This is law"!- Abraham Hicks-Solution?,continue to raise your vibration and move out and beyond Fear.Love LSM.
M, That does not feel right ... But I don't think that even matters ... someone told me that governments already did this on a large-scale, but secretly ... but because of this public declaration, they'll have a lot many new ways now to exploit us, or so to speak ... i heard windows live is also invading our privacy these days ... And this is our government in action. The government that was elected by us!!. Also, now this gives private businesses and copyright holders the right to get personal information on people who have used a given IP at any given point of time and such large businesses can act above the police and law in questions regarding personal integrity on the internet ... Wtf is going on ..?? :-x
But still, everything said, let us hope for the best, we don't have any other choice ... :-/
as always, peace, love and light ..
.. Abhimanyu ..

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