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Just me or is anyone else seeing extreme bright/blinking/changing color "star" at night?

sorry I couldn't explain well, but for maybe months now I've been seeing either one or a few significant giant bright "stars" (I'm not sure really, but from my knowledge stars don't do what I see, and I can contrast the two by looking at other stars in the sky that look normal)

I was just looking at it a few mins ago, could swear it knows I'm looking at it lol. it's extremely bright, usually starting off blue/white, but it flashes, turns red/yellow, revolves, moves a bit, goes further, comes back

it's there right now if you wanna look at it if you could see it, I'm in central Canada but I doubt it's only my region

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I am in Phoenix Az and after the sun goes down I too have noticed objects that twinkle like brighter than stars and with colors of red, blue, white and green and can be viewed with binculars and not all will twinkle like these do and they do give off a light show. And these objects do set beside other stars that do not twinkle or change colors or are as bright. Later I will go back out and they are gone. Nothing but stars that fill the sky. So I see them too and I have noticed them each night as well. I thinks its VERY cool to watch them.
I have also seen this, every night if there is no cloud cover their is one very bright star in the sky almost as bright as an aeroplane's lights in the night sky, i have seen it change colour and also seen the light dim so it disappears then it re-appears seconds later, and this is in a clear night sky.

My friend has also seen this too and rung me up the other night to look at it through his telescope we have a theory that every star you see could actually be ufo's looking over us and have been there for eons?? how do we know any different ;o)

Talking about the moon a few weeks ago it was very low down in the horizon and looked huge!!! its the biggest i have ever seen it took my breathe away when i saw it.
Just a few minutes ago I took these pics.....only seconds and they look different. But there is only one star in the sky at this time 19:04 local time...and no clouds at all....¿?

glad you guys see it too lol, thought I'd say something considering none of my friends really care for it or pay attention

doesn't it deserve some sort of explanation? it's like a light that you don't know being turned on in your house

just got back tonight from seeing 2 of these now, in opposite directions

I'm not familiar with what a satellite looks like in the night sky, or if it's even possible to see it with the naked eye, all I know is whatever it is I'm talking about is visible very easily with no accessories
I see it as well, it appears and stays there for a while and suddenly it’s gone, it doesn’t move like normal star or planet, actually it doesn’t move at all, I am located in Toronto Ontario Canada, the pictures where taken today at 9:00 PM and I am looking to the west

We are also going to get a comet comming into our sights soon as well..

Comit lulin will make a Maiden voyage past earth!!!
Sirius is one of them. Driving back on Chrismas Day ( 2:00 AM) my brother and i noticed Sirius was flashing Blue and Red. Normally it's one of the brightest stars in the night sky and normally shines blue, but we both swore that we saw red which was really weird. Other things we noticed, (i always ask him to verify) was a lop sided glow when the crescent moon is out. I'm from Quebec BTW.

good stuff guys, yep everyone's right on the money with what I tried to explain, good pics

I'd like to see a channeled message about this
last week was driving home from a mates place when this star was so bright i had to pull over so i wouldnt crash my girlfriend was with me so i know i wasnt seeing things it shone really bright then went dull then split into two one white one as red as a traffic light.all the while i was saying to my girlfriend am i seeing shit and she replied i see it two this is no star.
Here in South Australia I've seen at least two to five each and every night for the past 6 months. They seem to have a rythmic pattern but the intensity changes every now and again. Stars do twinkle but these seem to radiate and gain/ lose brightness. They aren't the first to appear to my eyes as the sun sets so I don't see how they can (all) be planets close by but they are the brightest and when I had a video camera zoomed in (while on a steady tripod) they focused into becoming different shapes- diamonds, triangles. I'm unsure if it is the optical illusion of a camea or not but I kept havin to adjust as they moved, seemingly faster than other objects in the sky.
Very interesting!

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