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Just me or is anyone else seeing extreme bright/blinking/changing color "star" at night?

sorry I couldn't explain well, but for maybe months now I've been seeing either one or a few significant giant bright "stars" (I'm not sure really, but from my knowledge stars don't do what I see, and I can contrast the two by looking at other stars in the sky that look normal)

I was just looking at it a few mins ago, could swear it knows I'm looking at it lol. it's extremely bright, usually starting off blue/white, but it flashes, turns red/yellow, revolves, moves a bit, goes further, comes back

it's there right now if you wanna look at it if you could see it, I'm in central Canada but I doubt it's only my region

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I'm southern Alberta, but we have cloud cover right now, so I see nothing. What region of the sky are you viewing it in?
Yes..I see it here in Mallorca (Spain) as well and it's something really strange....that nobody talk about.
You can see it from all over......
I don't remember haven't seen any star (planet like Jupiter or Venus) like this before....
I Checked at Stellarium and it seems it's Venus....exactly moving the same throuthg the hours....but the satrange thing it's thas flashes and turn color like you said.
Last week I took this pic

Just to compare....I found this other pic of Venus taken by Magellan Sonde and share by NASA's strange how it flashes and change colors......I was driving yesterday night and it was in front of me....getting even bigger.
yes, i can see it too ... it seems it's venus ... but it's acting a bit strange ... almost clinging to the moon and then moving in all directions ...
why does venus look like that and not the mustard colour that ive been subjected to since a kid? ohh the liess.. LOL
i think the only way to really know what up there is to go up there...
or buy a good telescope to see for yourself..
Haha yeah my friend your are not alone i notice there is some star i never saw before that have a kind of blue like colour some of them are soo brilliant and change colour verry weird .. i came form quebec /canada
Yes...I also think it's a ship but in front of Venus......
This is another pic taken 2 months ago......just compare with the trees.....

And observe there are also some chaintrails.....

We have been seeing this object, just as you describe (sometimes it vanishes, then reappears) in our Southern Hemisphere, south west night sky. Whenever I see it, I get the uncanny feeling that 'it' knows I'm watching. Cool though.
I have the same feeling....
maybe it's a new venus. has anyone gotten any messages on that? perhaps we should ask someone to channel it for us. gee RL... you really know how to get a crowd going lol
Been seeing it for quite a while now.

I first noticed it around New Year 2001. It was blinking and changing color, and for a while I thought it was part of the fireworks display.

Ever since, it's been there mostly every night, sometimes obscured by cloud cover but even then able to send at least a few rays of light down to where I can see it. The way it is positioned, according to my measurements in the North-West quadrant of the night sky in the North-Eastern hemisphere, approximately appearing at West by North West at approximately 78 to 80 degrees above the horizon from my vantage point, it seems perpetually visible throughout the night, unhindered by city lights or tall buildings.

As for the lunar cycle right now, I must say I'm noticing a few discrepancies to what I have always considered to be 'normal'. Truth be told, I never took the time to map the progression of the Moon through the sky at my new address, so I'm not certain if it is exactly where it is supposed to be, or if the orbit is slightly skewed. But I have this strange notion that either the Moon or Earth have 'tilted' slightly.
I don't have anything worth taking a picture with that's worth looking at. but I see that color shifting star too. it's weird because all other stars are there, white, some shimmer but all white clearly white. then comes this, shifting color so it sticks out easily in the night sky. I'm pretty sure it's not venus though cause I can see venus opposite of where that color star is. (almost 180 degrees, maybe 160 degrees away from it.

And is it just me, or has Venus been in our sky for a while now? like 8 weeks maybe 10? long for a planet to stay in the same planet sky view point.

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