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Just me or is anyone else seeing extreme bright/blinking/changing color "star" at night?

sorry I couldn't explain well, but for maybe months now I've been seeing either one or a few significant giant bright "stars" (I'm not sure really, but from my knowledge stars don't do what I see, and I can contrast the two by looking at other stars in the sky that look normal)

I was just looking at it a few mins ago, could swear it knows I'm looking at it lol. it's extremely bright, usually starting off blue/white, but it flashes, turns red/yellow, revolves, moves a bit, goes further, comes back

it's there right now if you wanna look at it if you could see it, I'm in central Canada but I doubt it's only my region

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I am in Austin Texas, and I've noticed 1 REALLY bright star and 2 or 3 lesser ones that seem to twinkle blues and reds. They remain in the same place in the sky, even though the other contellations move, which has led me to believe they are in our orbit. I've been saying "good morning" and "good night" to them for months now!!
Yes i've seen something similer but i believe it might be a satelite not sure though it could be a ship. It Flashes a bunch of different colors, and it is far away but it's much brighter than any star out there. I've seen it 2 or 3 times. I'll have to go out and check if it is there tonight Hopefully so maybe i can take a picture of it this time.
venus is exceptionally close right now-its the first thing that will show up in the sky and is brighter than all the stars right now. Of course, thats what I'm seeing and been studying. You all might be seeing something completely different

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