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July 9th, 2009 Crop Circle contains Y within Circle as shown to Blossom

The Federation showed Blossom Goodchild a mental image of a 'Y' within a circle in her July 2nd channeling. She asked why they were showing here this & they replied 'you shall see.'

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That's a very complex Y there. hehe.
there are many, many Y's within the big circle & 1 Y within the small circle in the center. yes, very complex indeed.

Melvin said:
That's a very complex Y there. hehe.
A nice one.
..thanx Tranceman.
although I don't believe this one is legit, I checked out that tutorial thing above and it looks nothing like some of the amazing one's we've seen

looks nothing like the Mayan designs or Phoenix birds, not to mention there's actual real pics of people and crowds standing in the circles and you yourself can actually go visit them and stand in them

but anyway I believe the last real crop circle was Mayan/Aztec headdress
I really can see a difference between the Y crop circle and the one done in photoshop. Just look at the way the grass is folding. In the Y you can see the grass follows the circle, the photshop one is just straith like nothing is changed our disturbed.

Just a thought of mine, you can agree of disagree with me, it is just an opion. Why would you say that crop circles made by man are fake. Maybe they are inspired by higher beings to do these things, even if they think they are just making fun out of it or fooling people. Just a thought.

Wish you lots of love and light.
what does the crop circle in the pic have to do with it then, it doesnt have a y in it?
you are grasping at straws
u serious man? I can see many Y's in this crop circle, it's really not that hard. I highlighted the largest one just for u:

Andy (UK) said:
what does the crop circle in the pic have to do with it then, it doesnt have a y in it?
you are grasping at straws
yikes, that's one ugly photoshopped crop circle. looks nothing like the real ones. I can see many differences.

Melanie White said:
k...without really stepping on tons of toes...but are you serious? Is there proof of what I seek or what we all seek? Do you really believe this? Do you know how easy this is to do on Photoshop. I use Photoshop nearly every day. Check this out,

Do people truly believe in this? If so...why and how? Am I missing something?

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