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Has there been a wave of ufo sightings this july 4th 10? There are quite a few videos on youtube for this day. I would say that half  or most are Chinese lanterns. Chinease lanterns are more an orange light and flickers as the flame flickers. But i think a few are not. More so, i was out that evening in Retford in the UK. It was a still and clear night. Over the corse of the night i think i saw 3 ufos for myself! They were all bright white and moved across the sky, seemingly moving faster than any planes i saw, and not in a straight line. One of them also seemed to dissapear into space from view!

Did anyone else here see any?

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This is very similar to what i saw.

I was out camping and saw this too!!!!! took like what felt like a very short amount of time to cross the entire horizon to horizon!!!!!! amazing... would love to know what or who it was!!!
i actually saw something too but it was like a faint star moving slower... i think what most would call a satellite if anybodies seen those and know what im talking about. i always thought they were interesting anyway. ;)

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