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very interesting crop circles with symbols that look like Mayan glyphs. I would recomend going to earthfiles page and read info on these two crop circles.


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yeah if there is alien writing on crop circles, its gonna be huge coz its gonna be a direct message bordering on being desperate for humanity to understand.

i went to do an automatic writing and contacted the inner earth beings. they said to 'look to the moon and see the changes happening on the moon surface. there is going to be a big display of astronomical proportions. the time will come to bring out the moon's truth. tomorrow it will start, very hot, very big. more melting"

im sorry the auto writing wasnt very clear and im not sure im 100% or even 70% accurate. i hope channelers will help shed more light on these crop circle writings. I feel like i could read them if i maintained inner calm
sorry if i posted in the wrong area, but i thought this was very interesting stuff and i did not see any one post it yet :P....
and yeah it looks like we could see something on july 6 or 7 and the return of quatzacualco? I recommend reading the third part of the analysis that explains more of the Mayan symbols.

there is a third part to this and here it is:
I moved it to crop circles ;-)

Simone said:
Thank you, I hope this is not deleted, better put it in a topic ... very interesting analysis, so we're waiting for something BIG on July 7th ha?

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