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JULY 12TH THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT,BLOSSOM GOODCHILD 'we feel it is now necessary to reveal a little more of the jigsaw puzzle'.


July 12th.

Hello there. I’m in the mood!! Refreshed and ready for a chat. I know you are there because I have a strong sense of you in the right side of my brain! Hello my friends , how are you doing?

We are happy to be ‘chatting’ with you and we are doing very well!

How can I assist you today?

By sitting at your computer machine and talking with us you are already doing service. Yet we understand of your request. It appears that there is much unsaid regarding certain matters pertaining to who we actually are. This now on this day we desire to ‘unfold’.

Oh goody! Please do!

There is assumption that under certain governmental forces that we withhold that which we desire to ‘surprise’. Indeed there is logic in all that we say and do. Yet as the time on earth draws ever closer to our communion with all, we feel it is now necessary to reveal a little more of the jigsaw puzzle. There are those among us who feel that it is not quite the appropriate time to do so and yet we have held council and firmly consolidate that we cannot continue to ‘pussyfoot’ around …as you would say … in order to curb the greed’s of those who desire the failure of our consortium (?).
We are very much aware of the great pressure that the human being is put under in order to fuel their Light and to keep it burning. It is time for things to step up a little … perhaps more than one is ready for … and yet if we do not consider reactions in doing so ... we feel we could be going round and around in circles for a number of years.
We wonder how many of you fully estimate what is about to occur? Indeed we have ventured into pastures more deeply than we ourselves imagined in order for the suns path to guide your way.

I won’t break the flow by an ignorant inquiry at this stage . Pray continue.

There are facets to the predictions that have been opened up in your world. There are those who find it very controversial for us to speak to you in the fashion that we do, and yet we say to those souls, you may be the ones who perhaps need to pin down your hats more than those who find our words congruent with their reasoning and Truths. We would surmise that for many the polarisation of the two mindsets will concur. The aftermath of our visits that are to be brought about in your days ahead, shall allow for much consideration within and without souls of all doctrinations , faiths, and belief systems. For indeed when our presence is made known in its fullness to you … we say to you this … THERE SHALL BE NO MORE DOUBTING.
In our fortitude of knowledge we shall accept the ongoing revelations that will occur. We wonder if our LOVED Ones on the earth plane at this consequential time shall do the same?

Do you feel that your presence here would benefit the whole? A bit of a dumb question I know, but so many are so afraid of what may occur … should there be once and for all undoubtable evidence of your existence.

And yet, is this not why we are to appear? Is this not one of the major aspects of that which is to take place? For too long now … for far too long … your world has been sieged by a plague of disbelief. Disbelief of the TRUTH. Many, for eons of your earthly time have forgotten who they are and indeed WHY they are.
This NEW WORLD that you are gently transmuting into is a world that has been prophesied for as long as ‘time began’. The darkness that has fallen into the very roots of your soil and penetrated forth has had its day. For as the fresh seeds of pure Love are planted, nurtured and cultivated … there is to come to your world an atmosphere such as one cannot imagine.

I accept this … and as I cannot imagine … any chance of a little peekaboo? … If appropriate.

Dearest soul, even with the most poetical formation of words … we would be doing a great injustice to that which is ahead for those who chose it. Even the most paradisiacal (?) islands are minimal beauty compared to that which is there awaiting your hearts.
Follow your hearts as we always ask of you dearest ones. By doing so … the Love that guides you shall lead you into this Higher ground. Whereupon your soul shall feel the warmth of the True sun once again. The doors to your chambers of rest shall beckon your weary bodies to revitalise and return through joy into the strength of one’s inner core. We ask you to KNOW of this as a beckoning call … as the winds of change whisper to the deepest place within your BEING. Listen to its voice … for when you do … there is the recognition of the familiar tone of HOME.
We … of The Federation of Light seek only your permission to assist you as you walk on your pathway home. We desire to be your beacon when the pathway is shadowed by fear. Keep your hearts’ eyes on the LIGHT that is there for each one of you. There are many of us … we are nations from many corners of many galaxies. Our strength is of a magnitude that is unsurpassable.
KNOW OF THIS. We are very much aware that the moves that we are making …. the plans that we are planning … may seem hidden from the view of those on earth who feel so much within their Being that our friendship should be made publically known sooner rather than later … and we would ask benevolently of souls of Love to keep marching … armies of you … and become aware of how each battalion is growing in strength, size and above all TRUTH.
When the correct alignment is upon the entire subterfuge of your planet earth, then what is uncovered and revealed for all to witness … shall be the emergence of ALL THAT IS OF LIGHT to shine upon those who have undergone such atrocities that the average soul simply has no conception of. When these denials of the true Truth are presented … they shall be as an open wound … that needs Light to penetrate into its very centre in order for the healing balm from the Love of the purest understanding to begin assisting its recovery … back in to the Truth of itself.
There is absolutely no escape route for those that have caused the suffering of so many on such a grand scale. And yet is it not for those who are of the brightest Light to offer their Love … their unconditional Love …to such souls who somewhere along the line … lost their way?
Lead them home dearest ones. Lead them home.
We wish to finish there for this day dear friend.

No worries … All is as should be. I’ll read it back and get it posted as I know many are chomping at the bit to hear from you.


Don’t worry … just a saying … meaning … keen as mustard …

Now dear one, can you see what we say when we find what we are wanting to portray to those on your earth plane a little difficult to express!!!

With you all the way there. We have indeed compiled some VERY STRANGE sayings. Having said that … Nanu Nanu!

For more channelings please see my group

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they (if they exist) are speaking of the rapture

There is absolutely no escape route for those that have caused the suffering of so many on such a grand scale. And yet is it not for those who are of the brightest Light to offer their Love … their unconditional Love …to such souls who somewhere along the line … lost their way?
Kerrie said:
Once again The Feds proved to be Masters in communication as the last 2 days they have sycronisicaly and telepathicaly communicated with me and all ending in an email from me to Blossom reaching her momments after she posted the channel They are soooo good!
Nice Post Kerrie:):):)
...good infos. Namaste .
They made it SO CLEAR that they were coming on October 14th of last year. I don't know if they really exist after that event even though i still like reading her channelings to see what they are up to.
did'nt make any sense at all this channelling. BORING hahaha. tell us you coming to save us again
THERE SHALL BE NO MORE DOUBTINGThats some BIG words there.....

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