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JAN 30th THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT ~ BLOSSOM GOODCHILD~Have we not said in past days that our ships are of enormous proportions and that one needs ships within the ship for means of transport.



Have we not said in past days that our ships are of enormous proportions and that one needs ships within the ship for means of transport.



It is 6.30am. It feels like a good time to channel. Let’s see if you are about.

Indeed we are … always. Although would it be true to say that many would question these words. Working purely on the premise that we cannot be seen … It is assumed by many that we simply are not there. We would beg to differ.

It is understood though by many that you are of a different vibration and therefore because of the vibration we sit in, we are unable to see you with our eyes. I have heard recently of a man who saw a vast ship and yet those around him could not. Does this mean then that only those who have raised their vibration to a certain level will be able to see you when you choose to come with you Light show? I am aware that we need to raise our vibration ... yet II have always thought that when you do the big display it would be for all to see no matter what level of frequency they have or have not risen too … in order to assist in waking up en masse ... in order to shift the vibration to where it needs to be …!

And you have thought correctly. Those that are able to ‘view’ us now, are simply being given a sneak peek. There would be little point in us presenting all that we have to just a few. That is not of our intention at all. You see many, although sleeping now, will recall instantly who they are when we display ourselves in your world. It is nothing more than the memory cells remembering what they already know. This is why so many of you are drawn to these words because they are connecting with the Higher part of your souls that already KNOW all that is to be. Would you like us to elaborate?

If you wish and yet that sounds pretty straight forward to me.

Then we shall leave it there. And turn your thoughts to other matters concerning that which we deem to be of interest to your race.

Ok … I would like to ask about something if I may. It is concerning what we term ‘Google earth’. Many times very strange shapes appear ... of sometimes vast proportion, sometimes very small. It is has been deduced by folk who study this that these shapes are covering up something. Back before Oct 14th 2008, if my memory serves me, you said it was you. Can you talk to us about this? I certainly get excited when I see the shapes about. Other times there is nothing there at all.


We would endeavour to explain that which might proof to be a little complex. For like many things , we could give you once again the simple answer ‘yes it is us’ and yet we feel this would not satisfy your needs.

Correct! The thing is, sometimes the shape goes almost half way around the world.

And your point is?

Well, I imagine your vessel (s) to be huge but that seems a bit ridiculous.

Why? Have we not said in past days that our ships are of enormous proportions and that one needs ships within the ship for means of transport.

Yes. And I will accept your word then on the size. But how is it that sometimes there are a few much smaller shapes? And also the shapes vary in the way they are presented.

There is no complex reason for this. It is simply that smaller ships are ‘breaking through the barrier’.

What barrier?.

The time warp.

Excuse me while I just take a jump to the left, and then a step to the right!!! .... Now would be a good time to elaborate!!

What is presented to you on your google earth is far from what is actually there. Indeed the TRUE image is purposefully being blocked by certain equipment that tracks us. It certainly would not suit those who wish to keep us hidden away to allow these TRUE images to be present. In certain senses this accommodates our needs also. For it is not yet time to reveal that which we Truly are. Although we would say, it is drawing ever closer.

Well, no offence ... but I am happy to leave that be now. From our point of view we have been told you are coming for so long and that you are coming soon …. I am now in the place of peace in accepting that when you come you do, and how glorious it will be. Until then we have a job to do of living, loving and enjoying ourselves.

How happy we are to hear your perspective. For we have wanted nothing more than that of you all along.

To return to the subject … it is rather ironic that we are blocked out in this way. For it is actually doing us a favour. It arouses interest. It allows those of a more scientific lean to investigate weather patterns etc and indeed it is an anomaly to a vast majority. We would suggest that you keep an eye on this particular phenomenon.

Phenomenon seems an odd word.

And yet it is the one we choose. Just keep watching on a regular basis and you will know why this word was chosen.

Someone also asked me to ask you about the objects orbiting the sun. And apparently the images are now being censored. Any enlightenment on that? ….

None whatsoever.

Oh! Any enlightenment on THAT???

It is of our choosing to leave some things to be discovered in the way they are designed to be discovered. Not all things … But some. Do you see that if we were to reveal all , if we were to give answers to every question that was asked there would be no room left for discovery by its natural means. You have always picked up on the notion that it did not feel comfortable to ask the myriad of questions that are requested of you to ask. This is suitable with us also. For we are not here … we do not come to be of service regarding these matters. Although the minds of you upon earth may query many things that are baffling you … it does not mean that we are here to provide those answers for you. There is a matter of allowing all to unfold as it should and this we take into consideration when we are conversing with you. Those questions that we are happy to apply are those we feel are congruent with that which we feel useful at the current moment of your time.

There is so much that is left undone …as you would say … and this is how it must be. In your world ... in these delicate times there is taking place a shift in energies that is confusing the soul. Those ‘in the know’ are finding it difficult enough. Those in the ‘don’t know’ are feeling very downhearted about ‘The Whole’. The turmoil present on land and within the self is a direct result of the unfolding of the masterpiece that is known as The Divine Plan. If in the deepest place of your knowing you KNOW that the DIVINE is THE ONE TRUTH … THE ONLY TRUTH … then we ask you to TRUST in this tapestry as it unfolds.

We have spoken before about a jigsaw. We use this again as it suits are explanatory purposes. Sometimes, one cannot find the piece they are looking for. They search and search, going over old ground. They become intensified in their mission , giving more concentration the longer the search continues. And yet … if one moved the focus to another area, began to look for a different piece that they might discover more easily … they could then add more pieces that ‘fit the bill’ , which would then in turn reveal more of the outcome of that particular ‘scenario’ … which would then give one a greater idea of what they were actually searching for in the piece that they could not find before.

That makes sense somewhere in my head!

It may not make sense in your head but your soul understands it perfectly. This is what we mean by that ‘KNOWING". When words are inadequate, because the understanding required MUST come from the Higher part of the soul. For that is where the KNOWING rests. It is not always important to ‘get it’ on a level of understanding on the earthly vibration. For as the soul sees it fit to bring that understanding to the forefront of the earthly self it shall do so at the most appropriate time.

I have no idea how we got on to that!!

By allowing the flow of what is dear lady. That is how.

Funnily enough I thought you’d know!!! Are we to continue for a while longer? That felt like ‘an ending’ and yet I am happy to carry on if you are.

That is all we would like to say for this communication. As you have been hearing in your head lately ... Often it can be of use to know that ‘less is more’.

A very intelligent director taught me that in my youthful days. Yep, I can definitely ‘feel’ today’s session is over. These are indeed strange and wonderful times that we are living in. I feel that this New Year is ‘forcing’ us to show to ourselves what we are made of. Man or mouse … sink or swim type of thing. And through the tears of frustration sometimes … I laugh … because I KNOW that when I get to my death bed … assuming there will still be one in the future … none of these molehills that are presenting themselves as mountains will matter one jot … but how we chose to deal with them and our attitude regarding them will be the most poignant thing on my mind as I take my last breath … laughing as I go … thinking ‘wow what a ride!’.
Many thanks. It is as always … a pleasure to have the honour to speak with you .

The honour is reciprocated.

Too kind! In Love and thanks. Roger over and out!!



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Thnx Kerrie. Is nice to read Blossoms channelings.
...much love Great Girl:):):) .Namaste.
Thank you, Kerrie :):):)
thanks Kerrie... ima have to check google earth more often :P
I'm reading a story about a man who was kidnapped 10 days by the Galactic Federation. Beautiful and sometimes very sad information. This Michel Desmarquet from Australia was 10 days taken in 1987 by a part of the Federation. They come from the planet Thiaoouba (Golden Planet) and its inhabitants are all highly developed hermaphrodites with a length around the 2 meters. I wonder...
Thank You Kerrie and Blossom, as allways your information brings a lot of joy to my heart :)))
Thank You very much for this link dearest Kerrie
I read his story and my heart tells me it is all true, he gives so much important information for us earthlings. Again Thank You :)))
Please Kerrie tell, you make me curious *?*
Dear Kerrie this is an enriching experience for your awareness. And there is no coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. Because mankind is not aware of the great danger, too much noise ... is bad for our spiritual development. But what the future brings us ...?

Indeed, music and colors are our future dominate. Music will sound according to the Universal Laws, noise from the nature or at least imitated. Our Planet Earth is being attacked mainly by excess noise which is produced every day. The man is distracted by the sounds around him. This will eliminate the concentration to himself again...
And the colors? The colors are going to come when the event sees the enrichment of the spiritual growth among the people on Earth.

Great moments in the offing, but it only requires concentration, so ban all the noise out of your life, and come to yourself, even better come to your Higher Self.

In Gratitude I send U Love&Light and... Laughter :)))

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