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I was having a talk with a few members here about how fast the site is growing, and what can be done to help keep the information organized. I wanted to start a thread on ideas any members may have to make this site run more expedient, and smoother as an interface, or other ideas that may make a difference in the expression of information. So please post suggestions here, and maybe Brad could consider them for the site. :)

Here's a few ideas:

More user/admin options, such as:

1) anyone can add tags to anything

2) a way to duplicate or move a page from the forums/blogs/videos to a specific GROUP (please please please please) as it would seriously help in organizing.

3) a search bar on the main page that would search blogs, forums, groups, etc. all at ONCE. This is a MUST!

Other things that would be nice

4) digg, reddit, technocrati, stumbleupon, etc icons to distribute these pages and articles to those sites
5) emoticons in the forums and comments
6) signatures allowed in the forums

just some thoughts. hope you all throw your two cents in :)


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i think only ning admins can make that little miracles happen :)
sounds like a plan :)
I totally agree with your suggestions P.A.
Anyway, Brad is doing a great job!
Saviors of Earth is one of the best Light Workers pages I Know, that's why it's growing so fast.
L&L to all.
I also totally agree ... gr8 ideas .. !!
Also it will be a very good idea to include a world clock with the local times of the different countries.
that's great Tony .. hmm, can you do something for searching in sub menus .. ?
yup ... ill try my best ..

Tony said:
.--/ Living in Peace \--. said:
that's great Tony .. hmm, can you do something for searching in sub menus .. ?

I think that no matter where you search it somehow scans everything. At the moment I am looking into categorising the 500+ discussions where appropiate. I will look into sub-searches asap. The ning network help function (found at the bottom of every page) has valuable information. If you could please take a look there too, if you find anything then please get back to me. I am going through all this in a sequential manner but if you can point me in the right direction then i will look into it immediately. With 500+ discussion i will be categorising for the next few days probably. ANy category suggestions are welcome. For now I look at started topics and see how many replies or subdiscussions there are, if enough then i make that a category.

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