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Another sign of a false flag is the “iconic date,” often featuring the numeral 11 or multiples thereof. Today is 3/22, the first anniversary of the false flag attack in Brussels Airport. (322, a big time satanic number and date, is the identifier of the Skull and Bones secret society.) As I wrote one year ago today:

As the freemasonic Satanists invoke Isis (or ISIS) on 3/22 (the culmination of the three-day satanic feast of Pelusia) they also pay homage to another female deity: Ishtar, the “goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex.”

And it gets better (or worse, depending your point of view): Ishtar “was particularly worshipped in the Upper Mesopotamian kingdom of As...).” That would be the territory that is currently ruled by … you guessed it … ISIS.

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