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Is the world clinically insane or is it just me?

Saturday, 26 January 2013 11:28

This is a report at the Huffington Post and you see this all the time in newspapers worldwide:

'Sir Bradley Wiggins has belatedly unleashed anger at his former idol Lance Armstrong, labelling the cycling cheat a "lying b*****d".'

Now, what do you think he said? Lying so and so? Lying possum? Lying low? Lying in?

Well, being an adult with a modicum or even smear of intelligence and going so far as counting the * thingies between the b and d, it is my assessment after contemplating for, oh, the best part of 0.5 seconds, that Wiggins has called Armstrong a 'lying BASTARD'.

So what's with all the b*****d?

I'll tell you. It is the fake, fraudulent, hypocritical and self-deceiving morality that puts asterisks in words like b*****d and f**k while happily supporting wars that leave human beings, often children, with limbs and flesh scattered all across the street.

That's fine. It's 'fighting terrorism'. That's a moral and just war, isn't it? But quoting someone saying bastard or fuck has to be symbolically covered over, for symbolic is all it is, to preserve the illusion of fake nose-in-the-air morality. Newsrooms in which fuck, bastard and more are the common language must protect the mystique of morality by throwing in a few ******s.

You see it's okay in this self-deceiving 'moral code' to think bastard and fuck because what else goes through anyone's mind when they see b*****d and f**k except bastard and fuck?

But so long as you don't read bastard and fuck in full the moral high-ground is retained. They are, after all, 'responsible and principled' publications.

It is hilarious and pathetic and the moral version, in its own way, of saying that you are pepper-bombing cities of civilians to protect the lives of civilians.

We have a rather different moral code at

I find war, killing and violence of any kind grotesque and immoral and the programmed sensibilities of language rather less of a priority.

Call a b*****d a bastard and a f**k a fuck, I say. There, did anybody die, lose a limb or see their children blown to pieces?

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At What Point Did We Start Accepting Our Insane World As The Norm? Zen Gardner

At What Point Did We Start Accepting Our Insane World As The Norm? Zen Gardner

Everyone on the planet should read this, and those in governments should be forced to answer. And who says I accept this personally? Some things I have to do to stay out of jail or fork over additional money to the government extortionists, but I avoid or keep to a minimum everything else I can.


Ever wonder when it was that we all started submitting to the terms of life as we are subjected to on a daily basis? When did we start accepting the poisoning of our water supply with fluoride and other toxins? When did we start saying it’s ok to pollute our food, the planet and ourselves? When did we start giving away our freedom of choice and giving it to the government? When and why did this happen to humanity and how could we let it happen?

There are many theories, but definitive answers are difficult to find. If you look back at history, such instances of absolute illogical behavior are rampant. The common theme appears to be that the masses are always in agreement to this behavior and they simply let it ride. It seems that mass mind control programs have been in operation and affecting people for tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. Our present day reality is a reflection of the culmination of this mass mind control and what we have come to accept as normal. It’s psychotic to sane observers but completely normal to others.

Take healers as an example. They were historically stoned to death for their ability to drive away a variety of illnesses from countless people. Then there was the slaying of medicine men and women who had the ancient herbal knowledge to heal and cure hundreds of diseases.

What about the raping, killing and torture of entire communities and cities, peaceful and otherwise that did not fit into the grand scheme of plans for conquering rulers as their quest for occupied territories expanded? Sound familiar? That’s because it has happened for tens of thousands of years while the world watched and let it happen, just as we do in present day.

What about wars or the utter lies put forth to convince the masses that we must kill millions of people to achieve a specific peace initiative as dictated to us by our government officials? That we must invade countries under the guise of peace keeping, when in actuality the motives are far more sinister. When did the assassination of human beings become a right of passage, where these values and belief systems based on violence became such an important and accepted part of our culture?

When was the first time a consensus was reached by religious groups that deemed it was a sin for boys to masturbate? What was the discourse of the people who examined this approach and then accepted it? Can you imagine? A sin for young teenage boys raging with testosterone to act on one of the most natural and primal functions of their bodies as they passed into puberty marking their entrance into manhood. Any man knows that it is an impossible request, yet these same men created these mindsets. Unfathomable!!

Circumcision is one that still baffles many. When was it that men (and women) decided it was ok to actually start cutting the skin of babies’ and young boys’ penises in an attempt to curb masturbation? Again, why was there always such an interest in curbing masturbation and why resort to such barbaric rituals in an effort to reduce this natural instinct in boys? Why does it still continue today when there is absolutely no accepted and established scientific evidence for any benefits?

Laws which undermine a man or woman’s sovereignty are another surging topic of debate. At what point did government start demanding (and have the people accepting) that land owners are required to pay taxes on the property they own, live and subsist on? Or require people to submit half of their income to the government? When did this become acceptable without dispute, and without massive civil disobedience?

When did the first license plate law come into effect that required citizens of a state to pay for the “right” to drive their vehicle? No validation sticker, no vehicle privileges they say. And the people accepted this? We need validation from the government to drive?? Why would people ever even rationalize and then accept such a decision made by governments?

What about seatbelts? Sure, they save lives, but should that not be the choice of those who wear them? When was the first time that a populace accepted a law that allowed a peace officer to take away our freedom of choice to wear or not wear a seatbelt, and demand a fine for their masters if we opposed the enacted law? Seatbelt laws are especially ridiculous since not wearing one would typically only harm or kill the person that made that choice and nobody else. Seatbelt laws are a clear demonstration of why the police only have two objectives in our society, to enforce laws and generate revenue for governments.

When was the first time that farmers started saying “yes” to pesticides, fungicides and herbicides to control crops? When did the first farmer or group of farmers say “it’s ok to poison our crops” for the betterment of production and the expense of health? One might also ask when and why the first farmer decided it was ok to plant genetically modified seeds, in essence toying with nature at her expense and our own, without any regard to the consequences?

On what wisdom did any regulatory agency, run by some well-intentioned scientists, ever deem it appropriate that the way to keep people safe from foods was to pasteurize, homogenize, irradiate and destroy all the nutritional content of food and beverage? Find salmonella, or bacteria? No worries, let’s fry the entire food supply so that it never happens again. What? On what planet is this logical and why do we continue to allow these regulations?

At what point did conventional medical wisdom accept junk science which fabricated conclusions that things like chemotherapy, radiation, mammograms, CAT scans, vaccines and pharmaceuticals in general were things that would benefit the health of people? And how was the entire medical profession in mass agreement as these harmful medical interventions were implemented? How did they manage to convince millions of well educated professionals that this was the way to advance human health? Why was sheer ignorance the hallmark of medical practicethroughout history?

How did the acceptance of putting chemicals into our water supply, whether it be chlorine, fluoride or other artificial chemicals not found in naturally occurring water, become widely accepted across the world without massive opposition? In fact, protecting the public from hazardous chemicals seems to be completing lacking in our society. We have more chemicals today than we ever have in the history of our civilization, and we know it’s killing us, yet we keep adding more toxins every year without any objection from those in regulatory positions.

At what point did we start criminalizing and imprisoning populations for possessing plants in nature, especially those which have had and do have powerful medicinal properties. In what sane world would we declare that marijuana, one of the most powerful medicinal plants in the world has no accepted medical use? How did we ever come to accept that a person who grows marijuana plants is more of criminal and should receive a longer mandatory sentence than a child rapist?

The list of insanities could go on forever. Obviously, the when and how all of these things happened are part of historical record, but we never really question why, and when we do question it, the answers never make sense. The ends never justify the means.

When we look at history we realize that only through the exact science of incrementalism has all of the above been possible. This relies on many small changes enacted over time in order to create a larger broad based change. World powers have embraced this systematized knowledge and applied it to the gradual deterioration of human health for one purpose – control.

We need less followers and more leaders to reverse this trend. We are stronger than this and we are certainly a species that has enduring qualities. We need to effectuate change not through political processes but through ourselves.

So my two questions are: How long will it take before we reverse the insanity, flip the coin, turn the page and stand up for who we are, what we are and embrace our true ownership of this planet, nature and ourselves as universal sovereign beings? Isn’t it time?

Marco Torres is a research specialist, writer and consumer advocate for healthy lifestyles. He holds degrees in Public Health and Environmental Science and is a professional speaker on topics such as disease prevention, environmental toxins and health policy.

anti war song "who is your god" starting @ 2:20

wars generate loosh...

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