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Is the New Flu Strain in Mexico Related to the Weaponized Strain of Flu My Source Told me About?

Last month two sources gave me information that could spell a lot of trouble for all of us.

One source told me that a weaponized form of bird flu had been released.

The other source told me about the plan for millions of Mexican refugees to start flowing over our borders.

Also remember the article I wrote many years back, about the new world order's plan to wipe out a large portion of the population... the article was called, The Great Dying. And the Admirals who told me the story said that millions of dying people from Mexico and South America would be crawling across our border to escape the sure death that awaited in their homelands.

Are we seeing the beginning of their Final Solution?

this liks here :

Here's the Interview With The Source Who Says the Elite Want a War In Mexico to Resettle up to 50 Million Mexicans (views: 1525)
Rayelan -- Sunday, 8-Mar-2009 01:09:11

Lab Released Contaminated Flu Virus from Plant in Austria - It Contained Live H5N1 Avian Flu Virus - Remember the Elite Bankers Who Threatened to Release A Weaponized Strain of Avian Flu? (views: 848)
Rayelan -- Wednesday, 11-Mar-2009 02:40:21

Elite Bankers Threatened to Release Weaponized Strain of Avian Flu - Military Coup Against Bankers in Progress (views: 820)
Rayelan -- Tuesday, 10-Mar-2009 02:11:15

Elite Bankers Threatened to Release Weaponized Strain of Avian Flu - Military Coup Against Bankers in Progress (views: 12419)
Rayelan -- Sunday, 8-Mar-2009 00:36:23
Reports out of Mexico earlier today had death stats at 20, this has now been raised to 68

Mexico Says as Many as 68 Deaths Tied to Flu Outbreak (Update3)

Bay Area health officials brace for deadly swine flu that has killed at least 20 in Mexico.

Possible Swine Flu Outbreak At NYC Prep School...

Most fatal flu victims aged between 25-45...

Swine flu could infect trade and travel...

Schwarzenegger has 'rigorous' plan...

WHO ready with antivirals...

The mysterious respiratory illness...

CDC says too late to contain...

60 DEAD: Mexico City launches huge vaccination campaign...


Heighten Risk of Pandemic...

Concerns in California, Texas...

Mutated from pigs, transmitted to humans...

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Yes I believe this strain is man made, I know flu strains can mutate but this strain has mutated too quickly, it is now airborne and even the cdc say that it may be out of control, following this closely on tv, but not too closely to distract myself from everything else that is happening, I myself will not take any vaccine jab as I believe this is just another ploy to inject more victims with live flu strains, these are my beliefs, if you wish to be vaccinated then please do as your head says.....
ya no vaccine for me either,just been reading this virus has human bird and pig DNA thats one well engineered flu strain, and its been released in mexico,its so blatant that it seems like a declaration of war against the people,theres even a report of a flight attendant in new york in observation,i dont like to imagine the kind of people who get up to this stuff but i do know that what goes around comes around [karma]
Mother Sekhmet even spoke of some coming comments to be spoken by Admiral Sananda and Captain Ashtar and St Germain which we will find very exciting. "No Dates/No Nukes", and still and yet the evidence is forcing actions to come forward NOW. Expect nothing; Expect Everything! All the alarms are ringing round the planet and will not stop until the arrests and actions occur. The cabal and all their henchmen/women are in major panic mode and trying anything and everything to stave off the War Crimes indictments which are about to be un-sealed and served. The truly desperate black operation in Mexico in which 68 people died from an engineered virus was a 'WMD' insertion that will quickly be neutralized. There is no need for fearful reaction here. It is all well in hand by GForces.
Swine flu is here in New Zealand, newsflashes on the t.v all evening. This was made in a laboratory by black ops, just as Josev and others are saying; the idea I think is to create fear and distraction as much as it is to murder millions. We knew this was coming, they (channelers etc) told us this would happen.
I don't even know how I feel about this, I only know I need my kids to be safe.
If I'm honest, right now, a little part of me is excited. Sick or what?
I mean, we've all been waitng for something to happen, something to snap people out of they're frickin apathy, well this might do it.
Maybe God really does work in mysterious ways and we are being given a great big, unmissable, reason to consciously manifest love and healing in the world. Then again maybe not. Confused and bemused.
I'm the same, a little scared but also a little excited, strange. We needed this to happen in some sort of sick way to show us what we already knew was going to happen, I told people months ago about a bird flu type outbreak, they are now saying OMG you were right, my only worries now are all the other things that are due to happen, but it needs to happen for it all to keep us on the correct timeline we are in

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