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As many people start to wake up, me included, im finding that many are haveing an urge of energy to make a difference.
Wanting to take action as a notion from within. As our history has had revalutions before, resalting in violence,? The mission,
doesn't seem to me the right thing to do. It's important to acheive personal balance and carry on as an enlightend being.
Of a conscious level of love. Reason being we're here, to bring a positive manifestation foward in this time on our planet,
and the universes existiance. We know we were created of everything, that of which is everything...we really wont know
until we experiance it all...what our true bodies where meant to be..

My point, this is just another reality in time, whith which we know we can change the future by the now. Clues our
history left in time..what's to be excpected, some of which not sought for..intuitions of instinct, a higher sense of
knowledge always to attain..a fraction of maximum potential...but the way is love...

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At last, something that makes a little bit of sense to me. A drive for difference with love...And in a way that is open, pure, and honest by removing the power of hurtful words by choosing to ignore them. By seeing the world as a mass of human beings, all infinitely wonderful and infinitely horrible as is all of nature. But by loving that duality and embracing it as necessity, perhaps gleaning a worth while future. it's this waking up I don't understand. I don't ever remember being any different then I am now... Just having bluer eyes.


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