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2012!!!! Many things are said to be coming, Bad, Good, a whole new world in our lifetimes. Can we, as a group of believers, change enough peoples minds on this planet to make it a good thing for the Human race? No one knows for sure what's going to happen, but I believe that it could be end of the planet and everything on it. That being said I think the only way we'll be able to change this outcome, is with some help from the federation. Is it not one of their goals to "SAVE" us, if not from our own governments, than from ourselves????

Any thoughts would be great...........I'm searching for answers!!!!

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torz said:
WEll this is a really interesting thread and one I had wanted to bring up a few days ago, so that to the original poster...
There have been some stunningly insightfull and honest answers to your question and they have all helped and at the same time confused....

I don't know what is going to happen and I don't think we will ever find out..... my head is in a spin right now and I am veering from fear to love every other day.... it is like a roller coaster.... but i feel this is all part of whatever grand journey we are on at this time....
Yeh its damn scary at times and when it gets bad i try to think of going back to a time when I was sleeping soundly.......... but i alwasy choose to be right where I am now and not still sleeping the soundless sleep of the many millions of other humans still currently are...... unaware of what is to come.... it shocks me, what it will do to them is not a vision i want to have right now...... my own hold on this is tenious at this time, with other things going on around here too....... So if anyone has anymore insightfull thoughts on what may or may not happen then I, for one, would be most grateful for your input......

Torz xx

Torz, I've read some of your blogs, and you seem to be the type of person who's done allot of research and soul searching yourself!!! There are so many questions I have about this place we all call home (Earth)? About what I should truly believe in? Relegions give people faith, a sense of being, a sense of place in this world. Wether or not we believe in their systems of faith or not, it gives these people MEANING!!!!!

That being said, am I to believe that my life's meaning is to spread love and light to everyone around me? Everyday when I go to work, out, shopping,etc.... I am a pleasant, polite person who opens the door for people, says please and thank you, smiles at everyone I see. And yet most of what I get in return is horrible. People with long faces, rude self-centred people who don't even respect the ground they walk on. I guess my point is, It is not people like us who need the awakening, it's the rest of the world whose being told what to do that needs an eye opening experience to awaken them.

E.T's finally showing that they don't bring harm, like all the media portrays, but love and a will to help the people of earth reach that next level of enlightenment......................Namaste.......Mike
Hi Mosh, things are getting crazy eh? Trying to get people to believe (especially those we care about) makes it even more scary. Not having the support and common beliefs of them, makes you worry for their future. Believe me when I say...those of us that are truly on the right path have nothing to worry is our destiny, our evolution, we have surely been provided for. All those non believers and negatives will carry on with this destructive path. We are guaranteed to lifted out of this destructive mess of a dimension. Love heals all, check out this article for some inspiration:


[This is the same problem we have with Masaru Emoto’s experiments where water freezes into beautiful crystals in the presence of positive emotional energy and / or creates discordant structures in the presence of negative emotional energy — as featured in "What the Bleep Do We Know" and other sources.

Some of these experiments involve water that was stored in tubes with writing on them that said "I love you" or "I hate you."

We have not yet seen conclusive evidence that Emoto has found a way to insure that the person operating the microscope, observing and photographing the crystals as they form, isn’t mentally affecting how the water crystallizes in real time, thus producing the desired results with his / her own intent.

My question goes unanswered
Hello brothers and sisters of light
It had been a difficult task trying to enlighten the people around us, because scepticism had been part of our lives for so many years, and in this days with the help of the media spreading the negativity 24/7, creates this environment of fear, but that’s why it was designed for.
The main factor for the awaking is to believe in human abilities that where considered as part of science fiction or fairy tales, something magical; therefore the doubts appear, because our logical minds wont accept anything out of our reality
Since I was a kid, I’ve try to help others in anyway possible, because I was motivated for a inner feeling that have been there all my life.
The same feeling motivated me to try to change the situation of my country trough the political way, this activity force me to leave my country and seek political refuge here in Canada where I live
If you ask me about any improvement in my country with my actions, I will tell that nothing happened at all, so all the beatings, torture, energy and being separated from my family it was for nothing, no results, and this situation is lived for many others, just because we found the same obstacle, no faith.
Once you find your mission in this life, there is not stop, and now I decided to follow a bigger goal, to participate in the creation of a new world.
Since I learn and got involved with the light, I have seen results, miracles, I have seen people cured from cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many others diseases, I’ve hear about other miracles trough people who practice yoga, yorei, reiki, in conclusion from all kinds of workers of light
Day by day, more and more, we have more followers of this path, that’s means the light is getting stronger, therefore if is possible to heal persons with serious illness, we can heal mother earth
2012 for me is the date when the solar cycle comes to and end, the energy will be in its highest level, and is at that moment when we the workers of light all united, will state the version of this new world, and we will see the change.
I believe, they believe, you will believe


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