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I wish the GFOL would give us a sign, one that the whole world would see. Not to make me more of a believer, but the rest of the world. It would give mankind time to discuss them, ask questions, and once and for all lay to rest the question " Is there anyone else out there?"

Many people will have a hard time grasping it all, Religions all around the globe will be challenged. Mostly it will make people think, open their minds, and hopefully embrace the Love and the Light that this earth needs.

Do you think it would be a good idea or a bad one? Your thoughts...............Thanks Mosher

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yeah it is a good idea, but who knows what their plans are ... let us hope that something good unfolds soon ..
peace ...
I understand where you are coming from, but I've come to the conclusion that they are not to be trusted. They are liars.
im starting to doubt there will ever be a show!!!
there is one BIG problem which everyone seems to be overlooking.
GFOL (their name)....
why would aliens from hundreds of lights years away be named in ENGLISH?????

why not arabic, dutch, spanish, alien etc
I think disclosure needs to happen first.. Then a mass showing.. All though I would LOVE to have them show up right now.. I think if we have disclosure first that will give the norm time to soak in the info and then they will be more open to first contact..
I agree with Tina, there can not be a mass showing yet, the people of the world would go into mass hysteria they are not ready for it!! For example i watched the film "cloverfield" and even with the awareness of there must be alien life forms out there, I got a bit scared watching that film (im not afraid to admit that) lol
Imagine a person who is totally wrapped up in there own world, only thinking about their job, their home, family and only looking at life being on Earth, what would their reaction be to seeing ET's for the first time??

Disclosure would be the first step of many, many steps, we just need to be patient what is the rush??
can someone please answer my question, THEIR NAME!!!!!
they are english words

aliens would not name themselves in english
I believe that they will show themselves, but I also think that they are waiting for the right group of people to be in power before they can enter in contact with us.

Imagine them showing up before Obama can become president?? Bush would do anything in his power to place fear in people's hearts and have Obama lose his chance. This is a very delicate situation. That's probably why they didn't show up on October 14th.

A few more months or years is not that long to them. :)

Adam has already answered your question, Galactic Federation of Light has probably been translated from the language that they use for us to understand as they were communicating with an english speaking channeler.

Just be patient my friend they will show soon enough.



Andy (UK) said:
they are english words

aliens would not name themselves in english
so if they are channelled off an arab would they speak arabic?
I would think that the answer would be yes but i'm not a channeler so wouldn't know for sure.

I am watching this video with Alex Collier:

It explains why a "good" race would not intervene with us because of the law of free will, the only way that they would show up and help us is if we was not able to help ourselves, as Alex says "we need to stop looking at outside help and start to grow up and take responsibitlites of our own lives".

Andy (UK) said:
so if they are channelled off an arab would they speak arabic?

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