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Is it nessasary to use expensive headphones when listing to solfeggio frequencies?

I just use my ipod with the ipod earplugs. I blast it and its loud enough is it nessasary to go buy expensive headphones? I have been using them for 2 weeks and notice almost nothing different tho so i dno maybe i need better headphones? im askin what u guys use when u listen and if you can notice any changes. Thanks in advance for the helpfull replies =)
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As long as your headphones give you a bright sound, they are OK. If you don't feel anything, don't worry, perhaps you are already in a further state? You can always try to ask you higher self what he/she/it thinks of it. My guide told me that for me it was not necessary to listen to it, as I am already used to Hemi Synch and will "activate" myself with those exercises. It's a different method, but we all should do what is best for yourself. Take care.

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