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I am sorry dear people for the disturbing I do not no know what when wrong !!
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I was speechless beaten ... this image I have seen in my city 's-Hertogenbosch ... I saw the spacecraft late October, high in the air ... it looked like a folded plane and sure enough ...well anyhow... I welcome THEM ... "L"
The vessel has two sections. The smaller section detaches from the rear. I have been getting more visualizations during meditation lately. I saw a ship during my meditation Sunday night. I guess it was astral projection. That was not my intent, but suddenly, I was there, hovering in space over a huge ship. I remember what it looks like, but its hard to describe it, but it was metallic. I saw the smaller section passing over it, like the main vessel was stationary and the smaller ship was going on forward.
Later that night, in my sleep, I dreamed or astral traveled. I usually don't remember dreams too, but this one really grabbed me. In the dream, I knew they were on the way here, for some reason, why I don't know, I felt fear of them. I was under the impression they were coming to in plant us or assimilate us. The next thing I know, a man was greeting me. He had dark hair and dark clothes. He didn't speak but I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to go with him. I still was some what scared but I didn't run. Then he waved his hand and every thing in the background smeared away, like a paint brush on the wall. It was yellow and orange every where. Then we were in a room of total white. We were on the bridge of a ship. I first saw steps leading up some where and a chair beside the stairs. An older gentleman with a long beard was sitting there. There were other people there too, all wearing white. The dark haired man was pointing to the left at something he was going to show me, then I woke up. There was nothing one the ship that I saw threatening. I think the dark forces influenced me to thinking that the visitors were the ones to be feared when it was the dark people of Earth to be concerned about.
I have a strong feeling this was no dream.

Peace love and Wisdom to all
With a setup like HAARP on earth, you know you can be manipulated. Therefore, your meditations are not always in harmony with your vibrations. But the man is pure in that he knows now stands to make and can take away the fear of manipulation ... because the man remains to himself in all its selflessness.
So yeah dear Simpleman, I think you are true, it wasn't a dream :)))
Stay focuse because there is still a following meeting for u to come ...

In * L*ove & * L*ight for everyone to receive
I described the dream or asstral travel the best I could rember. I did add my own perception though. I just thought I should share this.

Thank you for the wisdom, Trudy, I will rember. .

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