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Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy.
-Edgar Cayce-

Edgar Cayce has said in his teachings that Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. It is the fifth- dimensional civilization that is a prototype of Earth's future. Its energy works as an emotional, mental, and spiritual healer for humanity. It is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and rebirth. It functions as a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch describes it as the mid-way programming center used by the physical brotherhoods in this universe to govern the many rounds of experiments with "physicals" at this end of the galaxy.

Arcturus itself is the brightest star in the Bootes constellation, which is approximately thirty-six light years from Earth.

Q: What is the real truth behind the Roswell UFO crash? Did the US "capture" any extraterrestrials? Are they still alive? How has the US used their technology? Why did the UFO crash? Why were they here? Were (or perhaps, are) they Grey's?

Arcturian: The Roswell crash was actually an accident, as the space ship collided with an air plane. The US captured two greys. They died shortly after. President Truman and some people now part of the NSA did recieve contact from another group of off-worldly entities, and the US thought it was a benevolent group, whoops. This mixed group had a few grays, an Andromedan, a few from Alpha Centura, and some others.

The grey's at that time were a dieing race and needed to experiment with hormones of humans (and found success as of now) and so this was their request to the US group to recieve/take samples form animals and people to regenerate their race. They were also like servants to the larger breeds. The Alpha Centurians were the main group discussing technology and gave the US some in exchange for liberties with people and a place to be on this planet. This was against Universal Law and thus complicated the Divine Plan.

So they established many underground bases, the biggest in Dulce, NM. Their so called "liberties" were then expanded beyond what the agreement was and the US group was helpless. (duh!) The US also found out that although they had great technology, and they built some amazing ships, they could not get these ships out of the earth’s atmosphere.

Q: The honey bees are dying on earth and it is currently known as "Colony Collapse Disorder". Bats are dying in huge numbers through a similar situation, called White Nose Syndrome. Explain why this is occurring.

Arcturian: The honey bee's have left many areas that do not support their life; through too much chemicals in the soil and thus the plants. They also left areas with GMO plants for they do not recognize them as sources for their materials. They have also left many areas where the noise is too much, and electro-magnetic fields are warped or distorted. This is due primarily to the Earth's shifting, and also to the HAARP and like projects, and to the cell phone and other such towers. They have also died off due to parasites, small natural percent. Many hives just flew to other non inhabited areas. Large groups of them have died. They are the only insect that Creator made to be on earth. Mankind created all the rest through many thousands of years of thoughts, living and fears. Bats are dying due to the frequency changes of the Earth.

Q: Do people have a sense of humor and do they tell jokes in our next progression of life?

Arcturian: Certainly! It won't be racially or judgmental shaped jokes, but more just silly and metaphorically! Humor is great in the higher dimensions! My spiritual team is a great group of jokers! Never mean, ugly, or distasteful, but yet very funny! They always have me laughing! I would not have it any other way. This is natural even for humans. If you visit the indigenous races on earth you will discover they laugh most of the time! Laughter is primary to creation.

Q: What will be the destiny of those who are not spiritually in tune with themselves by 2012?

Arcturian: They will die. They will reincarnate in to the same level of life they left and continue their soul growth on a different planet.

Q: The Mayan calendar doesn't recognize the days of the week like our Gregorian calendar. For example, "Tuesday" or "Saturday" means absolutely nothing to a traditional Mayan living in the highlands of Guatemala. How can we incorporate the significance of each day in the Mayan calendar in conjunction to our Gregorian calendar?

Arcturian: We don't and can't so we drop the hard edged Gregorian calendar completely. Use a modern mayan calendar if you like. We will not need a calendar after 2012. That is why the Mayan, the spiritually advanced time keepers, made their calendar with an expiration date! There are many lies being told about the Mayan's these days.

Q: What are the best ways for individuals to prepare themselves for 2012?

Arcturian: Learn to love yourself fully and release all old beliefs that are not of Love, and learn to love each other, with compassion as a tool for this. Help your body to refine itself, and listen to its needs. Clean water and clean foods in smaller portions is best. There is no one formula as there are so many different body types. Learn to listen to that still small voice within and the voice of the body. This is key.

Q: How much of the Bible is fact and how much fiction?

Arcturian: The Bible is a man written document drawn off oral history. The Old Testament was written to preserve the genealogy and stories told.

It is about 20% fact. It has been translated and rewritten so many times that just one letter can change a meaning. What might have read "there is God" was changed to "there is a God" and that changes everything. It is still a good guide to living life, but it was not designed to live it literally, for then it is confusing and leave much for personal interpretation. It does not fit the present conscious state of mankind and that is why you see so many leaving religions in a non connected way. It has served a grand purpose even with he grips of the cabal trying to distort it. It is natural for humans to take the best and leave the rest! Very well done! This debate currently going on may last another 30 years before it evolves in to a wonderful new way of life, built upon love.

Q: What percentage of the 6.6 billion people on earth will live in this third density (or dimension) past 12/21/2012? Why?

Arcturian: There will be no third density Earth, and no fourth density Earth past 2012. This Beloved Earth is already in the early stages of 5th dimension, with many of its inhabitants are in 4D even lost in 4D. A good percent have already made it to 5D and beyond. Many people have raised their consciousness levels to even 9th dimension.

Those who are on paths of 3 & 4d will move to another planet. Not all have to die for that transition, but most will. The number of those to live on 5D Earth is not set and we are working to bring as many in to alignment with these changes through opening the Heart as we can. Without an open heart, you will not be able to stay. Right now it looks like only 40%, but in the next two years we are estimating that percent to rise to 70%!! We will not interfere with those who wish not to make this rare chance to advance. Many will also choose to die and reincarnate at their higher frequencies to discard this body they have for a new version. There are many paths, all exciting!

Q: Do you have a real job here on Earth (e.g. veterinarian, nuclear physicist, fry cook, bartender)? If so, why?

Arcturian: Right now, no, I work the land and people to elevate their Earth and for my spiritual team. I have worked many jobs all over, with staying maybe a year in most, for the experience of it.

I am now creating a new business to help people in practical ways with new ideas and synchronicities. There will be much confusion on how to translate work & home to the higher 5D way of life. On my planet of origin, we have that experience and so I will share that for the ease and grace of all who I may assist.

Q: Must we all die to go into the 5th density?

Arcturian: No not a physical death, but psychologically, consciously, YES... for we must leave all the old dense thoughts, feelings, etc, behind. We are changing our consciousness. Old densities will not even make it to 5D. They will burn off. Since Earth is already in the early stages of 5D this gives us time to calibrate and move quicker in to this new reality. Take time to refine the body; that is why you have all the complimentary therapies cropping up everywhere. They are tools to take the body to the higher states of being. Use them!

Our bodies our going through tremendous changes to withstand the Big changes. This has been going on for decades, yet only in the last 20 years has the amplitude been turn on to high tilt! Some days we feel great, some days we stay in bed! This is the body moving to a light body. There is not one lightworker ready for the intense shift to happen at the 2012 time. Many are close and there is still time and work to be done.

Q: What is the purpose of the chemtrails in our skies and what is in them? Will thought energy disperse them?

Arcturian: Man-made weapons and science trying to change weather,,, many sources are right about it.

Slyphs are actually neutralizing them. They look like feathery clouds. They have neutralized billions already. My good musician friend Deiter, collects their pictures from all over the world!

When you see the sylphs, thank them!!! They love doing it and they would love out gratitude!

Thoughts do not affect them for they are already in physical form. Just talk to your body about not accepting anything from them and if by chance they do/did, tell your body just to discard all of it without any harm to itself.

Q: Is there such thing as coincidence? Free will? Luck? Fate?

Arcturian:, synchronicity instead. Free will ...yes to a point. Luck... no, situation is created by you., destiny is more like it and you can recreate it, to a point. Your I AM presence, that non-physical part of you that really can only fit a piece of it's emancity in to your head to your heart leads you through your soul path you design before coming in to this life, and so some things need to be worked out and others are changeable.

Q: Are you using free will to answer these questions? After the planet evolves, what happens to our free will?

Arcturian:I am using knowledge to answer these. My spiritual team also inputs for we are a unity. We free share!

Q: After the planet evolves, what happens to our free will?

Arcturian:Earth is a free will zone. So free will survive! Yet it shall be acted on so differently, for we all will know more about the affects of working together as teams and the benefits so no one will be going wild in different ways in the use of free will. We will be lovingly useing it to benefit more people rather than just self. For this will give us each great pleasure to do so.

Q: A lot of people are experiencing a phenomenon called 11:11. For example, I don't wear a watch and I rarely look at the clock, but the few times I check to see what time it is, it seems to be 11:11. Other numbers, such as 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 1:23, 12:34 come up as well. What's up with that?

Arcturian: It is just that we are connected. We feel that synchronicity of that minute, and look up, so that we can smile and say we are all on track. It is a loving reminder in this very illusionary world. I cannot wear a watch for my energy kills them within days. LOL but I too see that on anything with numbers, and I now say a prayer for the world when I see such prime numbers in pairs or triplets!

I can turn on the radio and out comes a song I need to hear too. It may reflect a dream I just had or the thought just that moment in my mind. Synchronicity of the Oneness!

We are on track and we have succeeded where so many thought we would not do it! Earth and most of her people are making this grand shift that is not always available.

So when you see these numbers, smile BIG! You are part of the equation and take full glory for our victory!

Q: I recently had a dream where I stated, "I stargated here from 26 years in the future. I am a master copy of myself." What does that mean?

Arcturian: What does this mean to you? We are stargates just as places can be. You are multi-dimensional.

Q: What will music be like in the 5th dimension?

Arcturian: It will be what we want it to be. We wont' be attracted to discordant beats, rhythms, or tones. We will invent new instruments.... and probably be signing together more in small groups, playing for the fun of it, for we will have so much more creative time. Rap will not come forward, for the beat is too slow and dull. yet maybe some will want to use the higher forms of it with their own poetry. See we all create the world coming, and what is in it. We will be bored with the old music, out grown it, and we will have full understanding how we do create with thoughts and desires, and some just cannot exist in the higher frequencies. I sing most of my prayers, especially when out in nature alone. It just comes! The joy I feel doing it stays with me for days!

Namaste, L&L, R.

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Email from AlienShift for their Yahoo Group at:
Date: 8/18/05 12:06 p.m.


"I come as an Arcturian child to you and share that we hold the keys
the lightbody and of raising humanity's consciousness. We have an
ancient gift with speaking what is needed and assisting others to know
that they are light and are able to create with their light. We are
healers of the lightbody and also have the ability to build other
bodies, such as bodies of light that cocreate in group consciousness.
anchor new energy to raise humanity's consciousness. We bring a new
awareness of energy and the science of free energy to humanity. Our
with free energy offers humanity alternative resources for its energy
needs. We bring forth these understandings for the birth of a new
science of energy resources on Earth. We need assistance to offer this
to humanity and ask that people begin to believe that Godstream
consciousness is unlimited and holds the potential to create a new
resource of energy for all beings, supported and received in harmony
with the Earth kingdoms."

Arcturian children have an immense energy field and have the power to
attune to others all around the world through the antenna-like
of their energy bodies. This allows them to be aware of all energy,
distance or in synchronicity with their chosen focus. Their ability to
give free energy to others without any effort or loss of their own
allows their consciousness to receive blueprints from other children
easily. We share that all children have gifts and that the Arcturian
children, through their gifting of free energy to other children,
receive in return the imprints of those children's gifts. Arcturian
children have awareness of the gifts of other children and use the
imprints they receive to assist others. In this way, Arcturian
use these gifts when needed, then return the imprints of these gifts
through their extensive network of energy filaments.

They also have the power to know what can or cannot occur through the
energy body matrix of another being, depending on the resource of
energy. They can scan the resources another being holds within and
that being to know what can be created through this energy resource in
accordance with divine law and the energetic resource held by that
being's energy body. Arcturian children need to receive divine
assistance with their abilities in communication, as they often have
difficulty with Earth languages, because they have few terms for
describing an energy system. The consciousness of these children is
focused on the energy matrix and their natural communication occurs
through it. Offering them a language of symbols that has no meaning
regarding energy, such as the letters of the alphabet, often leaves
dumbfounded. The alphabets of the Earth originally held meaning with
energy, but through the translations of many generations, those
have been lost. For that reason, the Arcturian children cannot easily
respond to languages that have symbols without energetic or frequency
* * * * * * * * *
Beloveds, the first five soul pods (dove, Arcturian, elf, lakura and
vermilion children) are also keepers of the Holy Grail and are able to
connect to this sacred healing vessel (the cup of the Christ) to
beings to their paths as Christ children. The next three soul pods
(sapphire, lama and topaz children) also share the gifts of vision
and a
unique ability to see probabilities or the highest potential
possibilities in accordance to the divine laws in life. The last three
soul pods (blue, amber and golden celestial children) share the
to help all souls to anchor in the body and open to their God stream
God consciousness through the chakras and energy body. Each of the
three soul pods also has a deep connection to the flames of the Holy
Spirit. As they grow older, if they open their spiritual paths deeply,
they hold the gifts to activate others on their spiritual paths with
these sacred flames of godhead.

These eleven soul pods of the fifth wave of the new children share a
journey of embracing the light within all and assisting all to open to
their Christ light within and their power of healing themselves. Each
one of them knows that all souls hold the power to heal themselves,
some of these souls are also gifted in offering assistance with the
healing of another. As you finish reading this article, you might wish
to invite some of these sacred Christ-light healers to bless you with
healing. Lie down and call to only one of the soul pods and ask those
children to share their healing frequency with you in divine order for
the highest potential healing and love experience.
This is the channeling from the Arcturians in 1998.

We the Arcturians salute you and welcome you to this glorious vibration.
The Garden of Eden that has been spoken about is a reality.
It is an understanding of the Beauty that we behold in ourselves. It is the world beyond duality. When all is One. When we recognise the beauty in ourselves and we recognise the same beauty reflected in another ,it is paradise.

When we become seperate, we see the points that make us separate, the things that make us different, we then see this as a negative rather than a point of beauty. Like the flowers in the garden, each flower radiates beauty in a different way. It is because we have the different flowers that make this a garden of beautiful flowers.
The difference enhances the beauty of this wonderful garden.

The Harmonic Convergence is a gateway or portal to Yourselves. It is the portal to your Christed Selves.
The 13h Dimension.
As we move through the Photon Belt, we are lifting into the vibration of the Oneness with All Light Beings.This awakening will affect people on all levels. Aware or unaware, we will all lift in vibration.

It is the Awakening of the Soul and Spirit, combining the conscious and sub-conscious. It is the Higher Self moving in and through our bodies. We become pure channels of the Light.
With duality of your emotional state it is important to focus on the positive side of your bodies, (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical) so that this process is made.

In the past it has been shown that the choices that were made in history and on a personal level has been one of separation, meaning feeling separate from other families, cultures, countries etc.
It is now time to find the positive points that bind people together.

It is duality of positive and negative and mankind has focused more on the negative side of nature. This has to do with the understanding of the security of the Creator's love for all. Mankind has used the Creator to feel separate from each other, rather than a means to unite.

Religion was never meant to separate people as the word means to "bind together again". But mankind found a way of separating themselves from others even in the gift of this unity.
So strive to be at one with All people for you are all one - you are mankind - humankind. We made colour a form our beauty and you have seen it as a way of separation.

When you stop feeling separate from other creeds and realize you are a part of earth, that is a small dot in the Universe, that is part of many beings in the Galaxies, you will begin to see that we all are working for the same end....
Unconditional Love for everything. The Beauty of the stars and planets and the connectedness with the Life Forces on every level and on every planet in the Galaxies. Then the love and energy will flow and you will experience the joy and bliss and truth of your Being.

You are part of the Whole and part of the whole is for each person to bring in their own lessons and share them with the Whole. When one person interferes with another's karma it stops both people growing for a short time. It is then that we guide you through a process to make you realize this. In one shape or another, freeing you again to follow your own path and not that of another. You see, we are all whole in ourselves, and don't need another to make us so.

We find that we are attracted to people that seem to fulfill the part in us that we seemingly do not have and then you lean on that person to fill that need. It is only another person that will bring that lesson up in you so that you can see what is missing (so called missing, it is only remains hidden in your sub-conscious until you bring it out) but you feel that you must help that person from feeling of guilt or duty. These are human traits caused through fear or control over another person.

This is the lesson that mankind faces as it prepares to phase through into a higher frequency.
It is the way in which we open you to seeing these things in order for you to move beyond them. There are many out there that are helping with this progress and your guides will help you through.
The state of your beingness is being raised to a higher vibration so that we can move to another planet and help them.

There are many worlds out there, which will be and have gone, through the process you are going through. It does not make your earth less important and we continue to say to you that your raising of vibration does have a Ripple effect on the entire Universe and galaxies beyond.

Life on your planet is in a process of change and that change can be seen as positive and negative.
There are a lot of negative things that will pass away and a more positive world, attitude will prevail.
It is important that you all lift this world and have visions of this wonderful world, seeing it as one world, united, for it is creating that world, as you would like it.

Thought is reality. The more people realize that, the more we will create a world beyond your imaginations. It is the combination of all people creating this energy to this New World. To bring this world concept is coming into being. So create - love - harmony - peace and everything integrating, for it will come into being.

Leave the past and all it's negative qualities behind for you are to release that from your being, your aura, your ethric beings and out into the Universe. It will be transmuted by your positive thoughts and life will really soar on this planet.

Your body is changing into the 12 DNA strands. We say to you if you are dealing with the Cosmic, The Universe and Galaxies, then you have the 12 DNA strands. Again you humans limit yourselves and think it is not in you.
Again we say create your reality. It is in you for you are all lightworkers, working for the good of all. You would not be in this time and place if it were not so.
Your crown chakra is your seventh chakra and is connected to all the rest. Your eighth chakra is 12 inches above your head but can be bought in closer if you need it.

The ninth chakra is within a few feet of your body.

Once the 9 helixes are formed, this chakra moves out into the atmosphere of earth to become more of an earth chakra, connecting with the gridwork. This is the link.

The tenth, in place will be in line with your solar system.
The eleventh will move into the galactic system and twelfth will be located in the Universe.
The 13th is Inter-galactic and Inter- Universal.

We will explain. If you are receiving information from the ninth chakra you will be in touch with beings on this planet, spirits that have passed over. The guides are in the hierarchy of American Indian guides, Egyptian, Tibetan, Incan, Peruvian, for example.

The tenth chakra is when you are getting information from the solar system, for example- Balin from the planet Saturn, it is interchangeable with the guides who are part human and part alien.

The eleventh chakra you will be receiving information from Siruis, Pleiadies, Andromeda, Arcturians. Balin also works from here, this is also interchangeable with the last chakra as there are many alien and part human guides here also.

The twelfth is from the Arcturians that contain in both eleventh and twelfth and are connecting force.

This includes angels, Ascended Masters, Sananda, Yogananda etc.
The 13th is also with the Ascended Masters, Ancients etc. as it is intergalactic. This is where the Galactic Federation works from.

Now all these guides are able to move through the vibrations as they too progress in their own path.
It is for the purpose of Guides to teach of the earth ways and the oneness of this density. So in order for them to teach this they have to come into that form to feel the vibration on that level.

They, at the same time will be, as part of his whole, being an Ascended Master who understands and is receiving information from Great Spirit, guiding it through to a level of understanding as one of their lives they had on this planet earth.
You are all Whole and have everything inside you; you are your own Universe.
You are capable of creating a World, a Universe.

Use that part of you that is from Great Spirit to give you the information from all the beings you are, to help you on your path

To a greater understanding of this earth and help it heal itself.

Third dimension is dense, it deals with emotions, fears and control and it belongs to the Third chakra.
You are to move into the fourth dimension, which is the heart chakra, and understand and be everything that is within that chakra.
But you have the ability in this time to move up and beyond all of the Chakras.

Study the Chakras and understand. Understand.
It is interesting to note that when we read auras, we are also seeing what energy is working with us at the present time.

If you were to watch someone channeling you would notice certain colours with certain beings that are working with an earth channel.
We must close now. The light is with you and we, the Arcturian are with you......... we are the light and you are the light.


The earth has been going through the photon belt for a while now, the last
time was during the Atlantean period...we are ready to be birthed into a new
spiral in the Universe...this should be complete by the year 2012.....

We will have shifted into the 5th dimension by then....
It is interesting to note that the spiraling effect we are going through in
fact is also what is happening to all the planets and stars in the

Our universe will be closer to the Galaxy of Andromeda, a star
gate just to the left of us will bring light beings from other galaxies and
therefore our knowledge will be that of an expanding nature.

I would not be at all surprised that being of other planets will physically be greeted on
this planet earth...if we get our act together and not be in the lower side
of our natures and shoot anything that we don't know and understand.
There are many light beings that are far more advanced than us and will be able to
render us enable to cause ourselves any more damage,
But freedom of choice happens to be our lesson, what we do with that choice as well.
Those that wish will see more of the Universe and it's wonderful light beings and
others will be oblivious to this, working in the lower side of their
natures, but they will not wish to see, awaken... if you like.

It will be the choice of further development of ourselves as individuals and
Ourselves as the Light Beings that belong to the Oneness, .those that take
the lighter steps will in fact help the vibration lift overall...

Sounds complicated but is very simple we all belong to the same vibration of
the Christ Consciousness and in that way we are connected through genetics.

As you know the genetic effect goes through from generation to
generation...the children today are far more intelligent as before, with
the inner knowing....
Hi Steve,

I know that sounds pretty blunt but it could be a fact we might need to consider.

Namaste, L&L, R.

Steve Skywalker said:
"Q: What will be the destiny of those who are not spiritually in tune with themselves by 2012?

Arcturian: They will die. They will reincarnate in to the same level of life they left and continue their soul growth on a different planet."

Can't say as I like the sound of that
I think that here is where we come in. All of us here (Brads helpers lol), ascending, we are the ones making it possible for everyone else to ascend as well. We are shining out all the necessary energies to make a huge change around us.

And, yes, the ones in too havy frequencies we may not be able to save. But their souls will not die, only their bodies. And the different planet in their case will be The New Earth.

As they can´t make all the decisions by themselfs we are going to help them with their new looks...lolx2!
Just think, we get to decide how Bush´s new lighter body shall be..hahaha.

We, on the other hand, are going to make and shape our new lighter bodies and move on to where we want to live, New Earth or other.

Lots of Love and Light.
hi ravi!
i found this on net DMC - Channelings - The Arcturians

Do you channeling also?
Channelers say that children will go automaticly to 5D.why is that and if the parents wont make to there, wont the children be lost? What about children who are teenagers? And how do you (or me or enyone) know what ( or how much knowledge, meditation...) is enought for 5D?

Do you have arcturian energy?

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