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Integrating 999, Preparing for the 6th Night. September 16, 2009 Lauren C. Gorgo

A quick story...

Back in 2002, during an obscenely challenging time in my life, I awoke one night to a very stereotypically archaic monk-like ethereal being with a white beard and white wavy hair, standing at the foot of my bed. (yup, that's the image...burlap robe/ hood/ hemp rope...very Obi Wan Kanobi-esque ) At any rate, he called himself Saint Peter.

Though I grew up Catholic, I really had no connection or affiliation with religion, so this apparition..while fascinating... made very little sense to me.

From the amount of pain surrounding my life that year, I thought only two things could be happening: 1) he had come to escort me to the other side...(Note: I was definitely reading Betty Eadie's "Embraced by the Light" at the time : )) ...or... b) I needed to quickly prepare myself for a Jedi sword fight.

Come to find out, neither of those held any water.

For three consecutive nights and at the same exact time, this saint appeared at the foot of my bed, gently alerting me to his presence. For the first two nights he was silent, just kind of looked at me solemnly... not in a creepy way, but in a very loving and concerned way.

On the third night he spoke.

Telepathically I received these words..."It will all come to an end in the SIX year".

Of course, he then vanished into thin air...just like any Jedi master would... leaving me to decipher, with my very own fear-based thoughts, what in god's holy name that meant.

Because this was long before I had consciously accepted my role as a galactic emissary for the participating star nations, I had no idea what was happening to me or my life, I just knew it was something big, nasty and completely out of my human control.

And just like you may be thinking, I definitely explored all the scary scenarios of gloom first. I had no idea what this SIX year was...and I grew to resent it very quickly. It relentlessly and oppressively loomed over me, and because I am a pretty practical thinker...well, as practical as I can be while communing with Apostles, for christ's sake...I just didn't understand why it had to be so mysterious and obscure.

Once I finally released those tempting fears of impending doom... and took quasi-control of my thinking... I realized that this gift I was being given was just one tiny breadcrumb on a VERY long trail that inevitably I would have to sniff out....alone.

(Stay with me here, there is a point to this story)

It wasn't until last year, in November of 2008 and with the help of some amazing Mayan astrology reports, that I finally made the connection between that cryptic message from Saint Peter and what was... according to the Mayan Calendar...Day SIX of the Galactic Underworld (November 13, 2008, to November 8, 2009) The galactic underworld is described as a "wave movement of shifting energies of time."

... (Now bear with me as I take you through my thought process...)

It not only became clear to me that the end of the intense suffering that I (we) was (were) experiencing...and still are to a large degree...would culminate and expire during this tumultuous yet miraculous time, but that this seemingly insurmountable suffering was actually the rite of passage required to initiate the legendary leap in consciousness we were attaining by forcing us to ask (beg) for a better way.

In other words, (and unbeknownst to me at the time), while pondering the cruelty of ascension one day, I finally understood that it wasn't until this large soul group of wayshowers were "screaming uncle" that the possibility of ascension could even take place...that in order to have anything at all, we must first ask/intend/will/pray/command/etc... and as things go in a polarized dimension, the only way to really ask...and I mean REALLY ask... for something much better is to experience something much worse. Come to find out... much, much worse.

So what's all this mean?

Basically, what I've gathered from some of the masters of the three galaxies that I communicate with..Pleiades, Sirius, & Andromeda...and coupled with my own heinous journey over the last few months, after the midpoint of the Sixth Day, which was around May of 2009 we were given a series of codes to unlock and release enough 5th dimensional energy to enable the full grounding of our multidimensional self into form. (you getting this? May was when most of us felt like we were hit by a school bus, precipitated by that little triple conjunction...Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in Aquarius... that I squawked about in early spring)

According to the Pleiadians..."the changes in frequency that your planet underwent during the time of the triple conjunction were changes that created the energetic template for the foundation that you are now able to step onto. In other words, those changes are responsible for prompting each wayshower to step forward in your leadership roles as true galactic emissaries."

This passage of time (the last 3-4 months) was so crucial for us to walk forward, while fully conscious and in faith of our higher purpose, because this was/is the period of completion for the activation, rewiring & attunement of all 12 layers of multidimensional awareness.

And now we are literally on the cusp of the entrance into the Sixth Night (11/8/09), and according to the starbeings, this means three very important and exciting things:

1) The end of left brain dominance...aka, patriarchy/separation consciousness.
2) The fusing of our telepathic connection to each other through the 5th dimensional grid system which will enable us to connect with and support each other abundantly in the creation of a new earth.
3) The physical manifestation of our divine inspirations.

I am being shown that the sixth night offers the awakened of humanity an unprecedented opportunity for the mystical experiences of enlightenment and to work directly with the forces of evolution to fulfill our individual and collective purposes as wayshowers for the ongoing dismantling of mainstream society...especially socioeconomically speaking...for the purposes of coming together in unity thinking and action to cocreate a sustainable world of peace, cooperation, collaboration, transparency, harmony, wholism, interconnectivity, abundance and balance with nature.

Just as we have always known, we had to blindly go first to pave the way so we could become the visible guides and proof that the next wave of awakening souls will be grateful for, just as the invisible guides mentored us through our own very dark night.

So where are we now?

We are being divided. Not in the sense that we will not have access to the dismantling world, but that we are being removed and protected from feeling it...long as we use our vibrational discernment. What I am seeing is a centrifuge of sorts...or a separation container by which we all enter and are spun out and placed according to our proper vibrational output. I imagine this is the metaphorical separation of the wheat from the chaff that I have been seeing since the August eclipse, only now we are physically going through it and feeling it acutely.

In essence, we are being completely disconnected from all that no longer serves us, hinders our authentic expression, or dampens our light in any way. If we were puppets on a string under the puppeteer of karmic contract, then all those strings have now been rapidly severed to enable and encourage all the rising leaders to step into their rightful place. This also amounts for any creepy feelings of floating around in silence and confusion as we walk in between worlds while simultaneously plugging into the new crystalline grid that will sustain us from here on out...and luckily where all our soul brothers and sisters of like-vibration telepathically reside!

This ban or network of like-vibration is how we will come together in leadership and with acute clarity of purpose, regardless of the state of the rest of the world. First by creating communities of like-mind (physically, but also via the internet), networking, and brainstorming on co-creative projects and endeavors and then by beginning the physical implementation...the actual construction of new earth technologies, policies and social dynamics that will support the individual creative visions for the collective whole of humanity and new earth.

Physical Happenings

We are headed for (and in the energetic window of) the Virgo (earthy/grounded/healing) new moon on the 18th, and this means we are wildly grounding our big ol' multidimensional selves into these (what used to be) tiny bodies and the earth.

At every turn, and whenever I forget the magnitude of these back to back celestial and cosmic events, I am hearing..."slow down, rest, be still, breathe"...and though I really had no idea that this period following 09/09/09 & 911 would be so physically taxing, I am being shown that this transition is mammoth, especially from the perspective of the Mayan Calendar wherein this date played a profound role in the heavenly plan and directly leading up to the birth of our very new world.

So yes, this is another REALLY challenging time and though we may have NO IDEA whats next and where we will land, seeing the bigger picture can sometimes help us to remain in peace knowing that all is perfectly well. In fact, if we can deeply trust this process without fear, we will be given tremendous opportunities for deep healing through this new moon.

As always, we have the symptoms of the shift to also contend with...some of them pretty extreme this time. From what I can see, there are a lot of things happening at once, kinda like a grand finale of symptoms where every major gland and its correlating energy center is being calibrated simultaneously and therefore pushing out any remaining density pretty rapidly. It feels like we spent so much time tending to our prior galactic & planetary roles that we forgot about our own finishing touches and now we are rushing to meet a deadline.

For many this has amounted to unfathomable flu-like fatigue, weakness, and overall aching (interesting perspective shift to note the rise in mainstream swine flu pandemic hysteria), soreness along the spine and around major detox organs, upper back pain (between the shoulder blades/behind the heart), neck stiffness/soreness, indigestion, lower back pain, lower intestinal discomfort, weak/sore/aching joints & legs, sinus pain, VERTIGO, dizziness, headaches, allergy symptoms, heat flashes/overheating, heart palpitations, anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, frustration, weird dreams, sudden bouts of crying/sadness, rage/anger, pressure, lack of forward movement, blocks in financial flow, etc. Even your pets may be having a rough time of this one, mine have been sleeping for weeks, only waking up to eat.

On the positive side, you may also be feeling energized and hopeful, centered, grounded, more focused and ready for your new beginnings, excited and bursting with feelings of anticipation as we enter into another phase of the unknown. And since we are still in the very structured and practical energy of Virgo, you may be right at the tail end of those many organization and clutter cleaning projects that you started prior to the 999 shakeup.

Basically, our bodies are still aligning with the new & true, integrating from all the shifts that we survived over the summer months and now these most recent events... and it hurts...a lot. And though we still have some major portals to traverse (new moon,equinox,11/08 & 11/11/11), I am hearing it will more or less be a downhill ride to the finish line if we can let go and float.

Keep in mind that the end result will be magnificent and will include even greater connection, creativity, clarity of purpose, new insights and awareness of our galactic roles and new positions, people & props put in place to support us as we take on our new J O B's as fully embodied leaders of a new paradigm.

In the meantime you can greatly assist the grounding process by staying rested, nurturing yourself daily, stretching your body often, avoiding overexertion and laughing whenever possible.

I find when I have nothing to chuckle at, a good look in the mirror will always do the trick ; ))

Until we meet again,

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