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Inner Earth Dracos and the False Light Campaign

by Michelle Walling, CHLC, In5D

We know about the false light in the afterlife that has magnetically pulled our soul into the reincarnation trap

Now we are uncovering the campaign here on Earth that has kept us under a spell lifetime after lifetime so that we can finally break free of the false light matrix.

How many “spiritual teachers” are you still listening to that mention one or more of these names?

  •     Master Hilarion
  •     Order of Melchizedek
  •     Archangel Michael, or any of the Archangels
  •     Jesus
  •     Adama
  •     Lord Metatron
  •     Thoth
  •     Galactic Federation of Light
There have been books, channelings, and articles written to promote these names and many more in the spiritual and metaphysical groups. The messages seem to be filled with peace and love and the very best interests of humanity. 

In truth, these are smoke and mirror, false light beings that have their minions living in the inner Earth. They are posers, reflectors of light, and shapeshifters. They are the masters of deception and are metaphorically, the wizards behind the curtain.

These are the Dracos, Reptilians, Greys, and other beings that have merged with a branch of the “snake family”. Their goal was to take over planet Earth and trap the souls that were here for an indefinite period of time. 

They hide underground because they are not able to live in a high oxygen environment. Some of them took on human bodies and some of them are astral beings that feed off of the slave souls trapped in human bodies. 

They are trying to terra-form the planet and reduce the human population so that they can live on the surface. Currently only the greys that have grey colored spacesuits, those that have put themselves into a human body, and shapeshifters can exist on the surface.

There are many entrances to the inner earth across the planet, including Mount Shasta, Sedona, and the North pole. 

They use allegories, smoke and mirrors, and black magic in order to present themselves and their teachings to us, because they do not have the ability to create for themselves. They are copy cats and tricksters and are very good at doing so.

Their gig was to get people to move to the fifth dimensional New Earth on December 21st of 2012 with the use of CERN. They were almost successful in creating a stargate or black hole that would have sucked our consciousness into the 4th and 5th astral dimension. 

They have a whole team of Illuminati and scientists under their control to operate this technology, but after getting it to 75% power it broke down and had to be aborted.

If they would have been successful in 2012, we would have been moved through the dimensions in our light bodies, as our physical bodies would have been too dense. We would have been led to co-create a new way of living in the astral realms which are tied to the fifth dimension, under the rule of the Dracos posing as loving light beings like Archangel Michael, for example.

The New Age agenda was the biggest tool to harvest and mark those souls who were ready to go to their promised astral realm creation. 

Since they had so many people dreaming of this New Earth, I wouldn’t doubt it exists because a small number of human beings can create whatever they put their intention to. But the way they were going to get us there tells you that it wasn’t in humanity’s best interest, and they would have hijacked that creation for their own wicked use.

I followed a group several years ago who said that only those who wake up and do the work to heal their body would one day “soon” get a light body in preparation for the shift to the fifth dimension, (only with the light body could you move into the fifth dimension).

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The rest of the people on Earth that were not successful would go somewhere else where they could continue their earth lessons. We were not to worry about those left behind because they were all on their own level of advancement. 

Until the time came to make the shift, those of us that were “special” and had healed our bodies would hold seminars in order to heal the masses of people who wanted to be healed. There would be a cost for these seminars, and this is how we would make a living and be able to travel around the world healing people.

THAT was the part that allowed me to always question in the back of my mind, “Why would people have to pay to be healed?” When we got to the fifth dimension, we would be able to manifest anything we needed from the background energy, so why have the money aspect? 

It was eerily similar to the stories of Atlantis with the healing temples. The lore tells of magical healing chambers and how everyone was able to have a young, beautiful body. 

What they did not tell us is that only those that could pay received the healing, and part of that healing included sex slaves that helped one to raise their kundalini so that it could be harvested for energy.

There are many spiritual gurus that have been tricked by the false light beings. They were tricked in past lifetimes and are given tidbits of information about those lives that paint a very different picture than it really was. 

There may be a lot of truth that is twisted and they may have even been told the opposite of what really happened. They used their ego to make them feel special and these teachings are still being carried out like a broken record.

CERN was created to open the stargate to let the malevolent Dracos, Reptilians, and Greys out and to let in more negative beings from the astral realms. The third dimension had once been cut off from the lower and higher dimensions in a quarantine, and CERN would open the gates once more. Their last chance effort with CERN is occurring right now, and they will not be successful.

They did not expect people like Mark PassioWes PenreJordan MaxwellCameron Day, and many more to lead in uncovering the truth of the New Age Deception and the false light. They did not expect that because of the raise in frequency of the planet in concert with the cosmic solar energy that has been helping to raise the consciousness in humans. 

More people are breaking free of the hypnotic trance at an exponential rate! As more people began to wake up, they increased the chemtrail and HAARP agenda, and began extreme government lockdown plans and drills. 

World War 3 and the entire economic collapse have been on the very edge for a long time. It seems like it just isn’t possible that their programs could continue to run, and it feels like something could explode at any moment.

Hopefully it will not get that bad on the planet before a huge shift in consciousness changes the past and the future. In this now moment so many of us are using our own magic of true Source creation whether we realize it or not. 

We are powerful co-creators that have the ability to take over the control of our own bodies and change everything that has happened to us in the past, which will change the outcome of the future.

A few examples of the New Age doctrines that are keeping the false light doctrine fires burning are:

    Love everyone and forgive everyone, for we are all one, and
    Atlantis was a magical time and we all lived in peace and love.

The false light agenda has been to return to the times of Atlantis where we would have the powers and abilities we did back then, and more. Both of these doctrines are truth twisted into tricks. While we are all fractals of our Source, some chose to be positive and to stay connected to Source. 

Others stretched free will and chose to disconnect from Source and need to feed off of others in order to survive. If we forgave the Dracos groups for trapping our souls, enslaving us, and using us as Source energy, then they would not have to return to Source or become space dust for the crimes against humanity. 

If we agreed to return to the time of Atlantis, we would be allowing for another cycle to be repeated within their matrix illusion. So there is always a twist to the truth involved in the false light teachings.

The truth is that our consciousness is trapped within a body that has been under full control of the archontic negative polarity beings that needed our energy as a food source. 

We have been under a spell repeating cycles upon cycles. Those who had the ability to “channel the gods” in other lifetimes have remembered their “gifts” and have received channelings loud and clear from false light beings. 

These messages are still being given today with various people that really are good people but they are under a spell of deceit. Think about this- why would the Illuminati allow such information to be purchased at a major bookstore or be spread around the internet freely, unless it was in line with their bosses’ overall plan?

Innately, we sense the truth part of these teachings but then are led astray by agreeing to something that is going to keep us trapped. Life on this planet has become all about survival, which leads us to want to have a healed body and to live on a new magical planet where we can have anything we want. 

We have free will to choose and they have twisted things time and time again to get us to choose to be imprisoned. It is up to us to choose our freedom from false light teachings and we have reached a good number of people who are realizing this.

Once we accomplish this in this lifetime, the afterlife trap will no longer exist.

Here is the most confusing thing of all. One of our possible outcomes could really have been to naturally increase our vibrations and to shift to a New Earth. When this was seen with the Draco/ Illuminati’s Looking Glass Technology, time travel and timeline shifts were used to insert the deception and confusion that would hijack this experience. 

The original plan of shifting out of their reach still could be a possibility, or maybe we will create something even better than that. The thing to realize is that everything has been hijacked and turned upside down. 

The main goal is to confuse us and keep up from making an informed choice as to what we want the future of humanity to be. Soon the whole truth will be known and this is the only way to allow for a free willed choice to be made.

There is a saying “as above, so below”. If you consider us to be below, then there must really be something going on above, because this world is caught in an extreme polarity. The fight for the Earth and humanity’s freedom is happening “out there” as well. 

We are at the breaking point that will move us into a new reality; just not the way the archons wanted to harvest us. While we may complain that nothing is happening, the truth is that most of the things the negative beings had planned for us have not happened! 

Not only that, but we are seeing their desperation and acceleration of programs to ramp up for the next event that they have planned, which probably won’t happen either.

The more that break free, the less their technology is working. The more that say no to their domination over us, they less control they have over humanity as a whole. 

The more the planet raises her frequency, the less some people are susceptible to their tricks. We are in a transition period of the shifting of control on the planet based on the cosmic war above and within our bodies.

It may be time to unlearn everything you know. Sometimes it may feel like you are losing your mind, but you are really losing the programming that has been controlling your mind lifetime after lifetime. 

Mother Earth is fighting the battle with us and we are gaining the ability to discern the truth more and more each day.

Stay tuned for the cosmic wildcard that will have everyone dancing in the streets in celebration!

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michael tsarion on the vatican, its symbolism and the new age movement which is a creation of the vatican...(at 17:32 mark)


Even if you are a “NEW AGER” – I’m really sorry to have to break the news to you – but you’ve also been lied to for quite some time – and fooled badly! The NEW AGE – was started by (guess who) the JESUITS – as a last ditch effort to “re-collect” any souls that may indeed be trying to break free of the holographic matrix that is holding us prisoner! Read this taken from page 368 of: THE GRAND DESIGN EXPOSED by: John Daniel

——A brief history of the New Age movement —— received it’s modest start in New York in 1875 with the founding of the Theosophical Society by Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. But what New Age literature NEVER tells you, is that Helena Blavatsky was a “front”, or an “instrument”, for the Illuminati Freemasonary, and was initiated into the Carbonari by Mazzini in 1856. Blavatsky’s successor, Annie Besant went on to found a Co-Mason lodge for women, and by 1924 hand no less than 442 lodges.

——In 1875, Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society. Among some of the members were high dignitaries of American MASONARY such as William Q. Judge, Charles Southern, Thomas Edison, and Albert Pike – Grand Master of the Scottish Rite for southern jurisdiction USA. Albert Pike if you remember was a blatant LUCIFEREAN!

——Blavatsky died in 1891, but the organization continues to prosper under the direction of her two successors. First was Annie Besant, and then Alice Bailey! Alice Bailey’s work for the “new age” was stunning! She organized the Arcane School, the New Group of World Servers, Triangles, World Goodwill, and others. In 1922, the LUCIFER Publishing Company was established to publish all of her works. The name was quickly changed however to the LUCIS Publishing Company and continues to this day.

——Lucis Publishing is affiliated with both the United Nations and the Wainwright House. The Wainwright House is an open to the public conference center giving seminars on “core” programs in health, psychology, business leadership and global issues. In 1991 the Wainwright House featured a Lecture Series of – JESUIT Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

——The Jesuit theology and philosophy is well taught there and at least 5 faculty members that year, also belonged to the “American Teilhard Association”. Many of the members of the Wainwright House faculty are also professors at Catholic Universities. Yet, it is supposed to represent the New Age!

——What Rome has been doing right under our noses is to bring the whole world to a crossroads, and it is being done on TWO FRONTS. From one side – the Traditional Catholic Church philosophy – From the other side – the NEW AGE movement! Few people have any idea just how many of the worlds ELITE are actually part of the NEW AGE! ——

This is a photo of Helena Blavatsky taken with the supposed “Ascended Masters” Kuthumi, El Morya, and St. Germaine. Yet, the Internet is just full of early black and white photographs taken of her standing or sitting next to Albert Pike – a known Luciferean – and also photos of her taken with Aleister Crowley – also an known Luciferean! What am I missing here?


Here is Helena Blavatsky with Albert Pike – and below please find a link to Albert Pike’s Book on Freemasonry! He was a 33rd Degree Freemason! You can read the “entire” book here if you wish – I’ve tried — much of it is “in code”.


I really like this post Christina .
for quite some time ,I suspected lots of channeled messages. Dark ones are indeed very clever on deceptions.
...but lately ,much more clarity is sinking in , indeed,  ...and higher & critical thinking is working .
..we are getting to the real sense, and clearer & clearer view is opening ,for us.
....much real love & blessings :) .

we all have been duped big time, besimi.

the dark ones are master manipulators!

the key to freedom starts with non-consent to the vile and horrific agenda of those cowards!

love and blessings your way besimi.

58.5) However, Prime Creator has truly given YOU free will…, and “they” can’t do ANYTHING to you without your consent if you REMOVE IT BY SAYING SO.

58.6) That’s how simple this is. Declare your Freedom, and remove your consent. By giving them power over your Consent, you gave away EVERYTHING.

58.7) “GET THAT” or be their slave by your own CONSENT forever.

58.8) The Government Corporation is secretly under the control of the Vatican by both CONTRACT and by TREATY, so it has to do what the Vatican says.
The Vatican is secretly under the control of off worlders by Contract and Treaty, so it has to do what the off worlders say.

58.9) Only You can choose to stop all of this madness by removing your personal consent. However, be clear that your consent is AUTOMATICALLY GIVEN in advance for everything the Corporate Government or the Vatican wants to do to the world, or to you, due to the franchise Contract you agreed to by using a Driver's License, etc.

58.9.1) You fell into a trap through your own unwillingness to TAKE personal responsibility for your life and gave it away to others who asked for it, because you trusted them. To get out of this, you have to grow up really fast, and completely be responsible for yourself. If not, you will be their slave.


Channeled Messages: Who’s Really Talking?

Besimi said:

I really like this post Christina .
for quite some time ,I suspected lots of channeled messages. Dark ones are indeed very clever on deceptions.
...but lately ,much more clarity is sinking in , indeed,  ...and higher & critical thinking is working .
..we are getting to the real sense, and clearer & clearer view is opening ,for us.
....much real love & blessings :) .

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